zheng yecheng and zhao lusi
Jiu Yun is sleeping with Qin Chuan when the unsealed forces in his body responds to the demonic powers looking for him. The Demon King asks Jiu Yun if it is worth it to let Qin Chuan light up the lamp when he will be destroyed as the wick. Zi Chen regains his memory on Yan Yan. Madam Qing Qing speaks of her suspicion about Qin Chuan to Xuan Zhu and about a spy lurking among them. Jiu Yun notices Qin Chuan among all the new servants. Jiu Yun informs him that it is lost. Bai Zing Ji is smashed into pieces and dies. Xiao Yan is a genius child who suddenly loses all his powers. Er Meng still has feelings for Qin Chuan. He threatens his father’s men to turn back to Dali. Jiu Yun saves her. Jiu Yun presses Qin Chuan on her motive at Xiangqu Mountain but she feigns ignorance. Zi Chen, Er Meng, and Mei Shan are holding the shield to block the attack. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Love of Thousand Years” is a Chinese historical drama on the theme of immortal and monster. Er Meng will smuggle Qin Chuan into the palace as a maid. Your email address will not be published. Qin Chuan awakes to find Jiu Yun gone. She lived her entire demon life in a loud and brazen ... See full summary ». Qin Chuan also runs into Fu Jiuyun (Zheng Yecheng), a handsome, suave young sir who would teaser her mercilessly every time they meet. Wow 10 lifetimes!!!! Xuan Zhu meets up with Qin Chuan. Use the HTML below. Jiu Yun’s time with Qin Chuan is interrupted with the news that a kid’s spiritual power has been sucked. Oooh, the costumes (mostly both of Zheng Yecheng’s) and sets look pretty.

Zi Chen knew nothing about the rebellion. The boy is actually Jiu Yun in disguise. His first movie was "The Cosplayers", in which he acted alongside with Ma Tianyu, Lin Yuan and Guo Jia Ming. She is told that the holy lamp can help her get rid of monsters, and she runs into a immortal who falls for her.

Jiu Yun meets Qin Chuan on the way to the Demon King. But Qin Chuan asks her to stop being naive as the issue is not about them and she has no intention to get anyone involved. Yan Yan’s maid is Cui Ya but she keeps calling her Ah Man. Zi Chen replies that he has not seen her but is suspicious. Jiu Yun appears to save her and knocks the Crown Prince unconscious. She reunites with her ex-lover Zuo Zichen, who has lost all his memories and is now romantically entangled with Xuanzhu, a noble lady from one of Yan’s vassal states. Simultaneously, vines from the demon statue attack Qin Chuan, Er Meng, and Zi Chen. A mussel seeks out Qin Chuan and they find the stone inside. On nesili aşan ve bin yıl beklemeye dayanan yasak romantizm, fantastik, intikam ve macera üzerine bir hikaye clickia tv ile sizlerle buluşuyor. She knows he is the Crown Prince. Jiu Yun is unable to match the Dragon King’s power. 2 thoughts on “Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi wrap up filming for upcoming fantasy romance drama” Julianne says: 03/30/2019 at 9:28 PM Omg the lantern wick is triggering mostly from the god-awful ending for Guardian. My god, if you’re going to forget your roots, you should still have some EQ, okay? She steals the spiritual lamp.

Jiu Yun notices Qin Chuan among all the new servants. Jiu Yun tells Mei Shan that Qin Chuan wants the spiritual lamp. It seems the relationship between Yu Zheng and Zhao Lusi are fine as she left him comments under the post. But it is a complicated melody. The Dragon King of White River visits Xiangqu Mountain Master. He claims Jiu Yun has told him to look for her and heal her from the Demon King’s spell. It is the same painting that Gong Zi Qi had given Yan Yan earlier. Qin Chuan explores the mountain again.

Mei Shan advises Qin Chuan to wait for Jiu Yun. He tells Qin Yuan to leave as he doesn’t want to see her again. Bai Zing Ji overhears their conversation. Zuo Xiang tries to repair his relationship with Zi Chen. Steward Zhao meets Jiu Yun to tell him that Madam Qing Qing has been making enquiries on Qin Chuan. When the exiled princess witnesses the slavery of her people, she promises to save them by searching for the spiritual lamp. Zi Chen recovers his eyesight with the master’s treatment. Jiu Yun catches Qin Chuan trespassing into forbidden area. But Qin Chuan tells him not to try to persuade her to forget her mission.


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