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So I send an email to customer services, get automated response aannnnd nothing else. [active] =>

Detailliertere Informationen zu diesem Thema findest Du unter unserer Privacy Policy. ) [1] => /image/hvz/2020/slider/YT_WEAR_Update_webshop.jpg You feel totally scammed.

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) [2] => [subPages] => Array They just ignore you. Great components for the price. Have since taken bike to showroom/ workshop in Guildford and received excellent customer service and personalised bike set up.

Thanks Adam and team @ YT Guildford.

[description] => DATA PROTECTION The bike ride brilliantly.

( However all in all, it is worth the wait.

) Shame as I had thought highly of them till now. Straight out the box, faulty Fox 36, first warranty claim.

Indeed, that is more or less what happened.

After I sent the bike back it stood for three weeks without them unpackaging it, not until I got them on the phone to demand a status update.4. [parentID] => 0 They have had my bike for 8 weeks now, and still no clue on if/when it will ever be returned to me as I cannot get a response out of their workshop/customer service.Absolutely appalling customer service. Customers service is non-existent.

Paint is rather soft and delicate.

My chainstay of course cracked again about 6 months later. So bike had to be returned to Germany (a lot of hassle) where it remains since 31st July. And did I mention, my Jeffsy is an amazing bike. Really bad customer service, what a bad joke! [4] => Array

[target] => Originally I had spoken to Chris in the office upstairs about a secondhand Capra that I was considering buying. [description] => RETOUREN Dadurch kann es leider zu Verzögerungen an verschiedenen Stellen kommen.

[mapping] => Before you place an order on YT Industries site, the first step is that you need to choose the right wheel size, riding style, and your personal preferences. We chatted through the various options and tried a few different bikes for size (turns out an XL was a better fit than the L!!!)

[link] => (

My advice to anyone buying a yt decoy is don’t be taken in by the showrooms or nice people which they are- if your bike goes wrong you are left without a ride and no idea when or if it’s being repaired.

You can opt out from the email list at any time. [active] => YT Industries – Pilatus Campus, 91353 Hausen, Germany – rated 3.5 based on 208 reviews "Got my bike with in one week of placing the order. [2] => Array I discovered them when they were allready there for some time. Get Deal 76% Deal.

I ordered a spare part 2 months ago, and I can't use the bike without it... Of course money already booked off my credit card.Never again a YT bike!!! Array ) [childrenCount] => 0 Promises this company makes on customer service are unfortunately fake.Update:Got the bike back after 10 weeks. [group] => gBottom2 [id] => 4 My challenge now is to somehow get a refund.

[childrenCount] => 0

On the first one I had 5 warranty claims (related to suspension and dropper). [target] => I bought a second bike from them, my 2019 Capra Al Comp, and here begins the real nightmare. [group] => gBottom2 Wie alle Shops setzen wir Cookies ein. [parentID] => 0

[parentID] => 0 Put an order through at beginning of OCtober for £5200.Emailed 6 times since. In short, they seem like a really decent, honest and professional group of people who love the brand and genuinely want to help their customers. The hard work is done YT, just sort out your service!...End of update...Ordered and paid for bike 3 weeks ago. (

[id] => 57

[0] => Array [mapping] =>

Exceeded my expectations. They have been the most responsive company I’ve ever done business with. [target] =>

[link] => [childrenCount] => 0 Avoid avoid avoid!!! [target] =>

I got a fast reply to my email with a shipping label, sent the bike back, and they dont answer phone calls or e-mails since then.

[link] => atsdRma/ We bought our son is 26” Jeffsy bike at the peak of Covid. All available Yt Industries Promo Codes & Coupons free verified.

I have been trying to cancel my order & I have to say I have never experienced anything like it they do not respond to emails & wont answer the phone. The wonderful tested & worked Coupon Codes for May 2020: $4 off Enjoy Free UK Return. No one answering the phone (tried to call them at least 20 times, waiting around 45 mintues at each occasion), no reply on my emails. Safe to say that production knew about this as the original frame cover was modified so that it would fit into the wrongly drilled holes.3. Overall email reply time is ca: 1-2 weeks and phone que is approx. Bottle mount dont fit because the holes in the frame was drilled wrong. 100% Success; share; GET DEAL . This company is a joke! [childrenCount] => 0

[childrenCount] => 0 Clearly very knowledgable too and after chatting further about the virtues of the various bikes: Izzo vs Capra vs Jeffsy etc he suggested it might be helpful for me to pop in and try out a few bikes.

) But interestingly my YT online account still says 'The order is in process'!

The fault was on the battery which is custom only to yt.

Tried to contact customer services who after being on hold for 3.5 hours told me to go online and fill out a warranty form!

Melde dich für unseren YT Family Talk an und erfahre als Erster von: Mit Klick auf den Sign-Up Button, bist Du damit einverstanden, dass YT die Angaben, die Du über deine Person machst, für Marketing- und Werbezwecke nutzt.

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) The reason given for lack of communication and updates from Germany was a change in logistics software. ( [0] => It Is Valid For The Entire Store Using YT Industries Discount At The Checkout To Get A Great Discount Plus Free Delivery Service On Your Orders From YT Industries. Quality of the bikeframe is on par with big brands.

He was friendly, courteous and kind.

[link] => Got a new bike via YT, was a bit late arriving but nbd. Wie ihr sicherlich mitbekommen habt, senkt die Bundesregierung ab dem 1. [3] => Array

Wenn du mehr über Cookies erfahren oder sie deaktivieren willst, klicke hier. ( ( Amazing customer service at YT Mill.Adam and Felix in the UK service centre and showroom were absolutely fantastic. It's just not for me. If you do some research you can find hundreds of capra owners that had the same issue even 2 or 3 times and lots of horror stories about their customer service. ( ( ( But I also ordered replacement mech hangers..not in the box, no notice of back order, in fact no despatch note at all?

) [subPages] => Array 3 months later comes the worst: chainstay. Bad after service - Spent £4.5k on a new Decoy which is a beautiful bike. Update as of 21st Oct: After speaking with the helpful staff at Guildford they assured me they could view my order and it would be shipped imminently.

YT sent another one.2.

( Bought the YT jeffsy with the Jeffsy-specific bottle mount and water bottle.1. We had a problem with the bike - my fault - and within 24 hours they had me completely covered with a solution. [childrenCount] => 0

I've upgraded the start rating to a 2 but I am still puzzled as to how horrendous the customer service is, then the product is so good.

[subPages] => Array [0] => ) [childrenCount] => 0 [parentID] => 0 Up To 50% Off On Caps . Then I was notified that the replacement frame is out of stock. [id] => 48 [active] => After several e-mails back and forth.

[active] =>

( FRAIS DE PORT OFFERTS: pour vos commandes de Pièces / Accessoires / Textile : • dès 50€ d’achat pour la France • dès 150€ d’achat pour l’Europe

[subPages] => Array

If I could give this company a 10 for their product and customer service, I would.


Don't let the sparkly showroom in Guildford fool you - feel sorry for the staff there. [subPages] => Array ) [2] => Array

[0] => index Never Miss The Chance. I get they are direct to public so you can't expect the service of buying from a shop, however - hire an admin or two, temporarily if need be and respond to customers.There was little indication of such a backlog at hthe point of ordering.

Very happy with the customer support pre sales q&a as well as delivery and quality of the bike. [description] => WIDERRUF

Poor Service given then market is bouyant so margins should be good. ( (

[active] => [1] => Array )

[id] => 7 [mapping] => gBottom2 I've sent multiple emails an tried calling them. I had to send my full frame back, and 6 weeks later I got my frame back with new chainstay on It.I was told that they gently replaced It for me, but It was basically my fault (which is not, and they know It ).

[mapping] => [active] => [link] => [1] => Array They arranged a demo on the Capra and the Decoy which was second to none. ( [4] => Array

[0] => Array

( Bike is useless for an entire season and no one even picks up the phone.

[parentID] => 0 Du stimmst der Verwendung von Cookies zu, wenn du auf unserer Seite surfst. Be in the know with our family talk and the first to get the word about: Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and won’t be shared with any third or even fourth party (in accord with the YT handshake policy). [group] => eUsBottom2

[description] => GREEN YT [subPages] => Array

Take Up To 10% Off Outlet Shop With This Great Offer From For A Marvellous Discounted Price. My buddy who is beyond a bike enthusiast helped me build it and just couldn’t believe how well the bike was packaged for shipping, the the attention to detail that was apparent in how it was mostly built in the factory. ) [2] => /image/hvz/2020/slider/SHRED_webshop_header.jpg Stores; Categories; TOP Coupon; DEAL ; YT Industries Coupon Codes. No matter if the bikes are good, but when you don't get any information about your orders or help if you need it, it is simply unacceptable. They handled them reasonably well, besides that I spent on total about 5 months without beeing able to ride my bike. [description] => AGB

Get Deal £899 Deal. [link] => [link] =>

45min for Phone inquiry. [mapping] => ) I then received an email a week or so later from DHL with a tracking number and the package arrived within about 5 days including the weekend. I can't fault the bike or quality of components. All rights reserved. )

They are not a new set up like they want you to believe .. YT are known for creating amazing bikes but there customer service is terrible.

50% off All orders . Wir sind in Fort William zum dritten Young Talent Camp. [mapping] => gBottom2 I would be very apprehensive ordering another bike off them after this. Have been riding it now for about 200KM and its been a blast. They do not respond to emails or calls. ) ( [target] =>

To be able to use YT USA in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. [group] => gBottom2 Come on YT - sort it out!I'm cancelling my order, regardless of the excellent value the spec offers. I've tried waiting on the phone for 45 mins+ each time to their German number but I can't get through - 'it's quite busy right now, please hang on and we will be with you in a moment' is the ever looping voice I hear. [3] => /image/hvz/2020/slider/IZZO_webshop_Live-now.jpg

No customer service whatsoever. [subPages] => Array They do not reply to e-mails and it is almost impossible to reach them by phone.

[subPages] => Array ) 1, Events von der Rampage bis zum YT Familientreffen mit den Pros zum Anfassen, Sales, neuen Produkten und Infos zu neuen Verfügbarkeiten, und Geschichten aus der Welt der globalen YT Family.


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