youngest kpop trainee, @lilycerra:disqus Main Vocalist: I am able to hit the high notes, do the adlibs, and sing the chorus I wouldn’t be the face of the group or the visual.I am in the unnie line among my friends.I can be the leader cause I have a dominant voice and I speak in behalf of my friends when trying to defend them.I wouldn’t be the center either cause I don’t think I am that capable or talented.

JIMIN’S NOTES WERE AT THE 5TH OCTAVE. Main Dancer: I LOVE dancing. vocalist im good at hitting the highest notes and in my group im the main voacalist when a compititions start Leader- Probably not I’m not serious enough, Vocalist- Definitely Main because of my voice range and strength, Rapper- Most likely sub since I can rap just not that well, Dancer- Of course! (I know there aren’t many second visuals), we can’t talk about the 2nd visual as an official position. Main dancer- I can dance the best in my group of friends and I think that I’am not that bad. I tried out for my school’s choir and I made it. – He debuted under the reformed version of 5LIVE, better known as Day6 on September 7, 2015. But i will say that i am pretty good at dancing at my age. Young K Profile and Facts; Young K’s Ideal Type Young K (영케이) is a member of Day6 under JYP Entertainment.

Pffft. Koreans consider Jin’s look as the best in the band (you can clearly see when they are invited to shows, even the BTS members said the visual is Jin). Main Dancer – I love dancing so much!!! Dancer – Pfft! Privacy Policy No one can hit the high notes as good as Jimin does, its very hard.

The centre- Hell no I hate all the attention. BEST CENTER – JB Some trainees start as young as 11 years old, but many don’t get discovered and join a company until they’re in their late teens, so don’t despair if you’re a little older! Dancer – I am pretty good at dancing but my facial expressions aren’t so good. He’s had a lot of credit as a songwriter in Day6’s discography. I think you’d actually be the most sympathetic member because you seem to have humor. Leader: I’m the only one with my sh*t together, Me: i am the leader,the rapper and the face of the group. – Young K and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan were roommates as trainees. Lead Rapper – i can’t because I’m base Main dancer : well , for me , i think im really good and great dancer , im being honest It does help if they’re main vocalist, main rapper, or main dancer, but in some cases, they’re only lead, or less (A Pink’s center, Naeun’s, positions are lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and center). Yes, Seulgi is lead vocalist, but Irene is simply a sub vocalist. Also, I think there would be high chances that I would be the face of the group. =.=. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Main rapper-cause i can rap fast and learn raps easily especially from kpop idols mv’s – He lived in Canada for four years. I try to update information right away but please be understanding & keep in mind that I won't be able to be the same fast every time. rapper: sub-rapper at most Center – Ever though I hate attention, my powerful stage presence says otherwise…, Leader: NAH!!! the example you gave are both Centers The Sub Rapper Main Dancer-i luv dancing =3 my friends and family say I am and I’m also great at learning choreos quickly. But if my friends done something wrong, they would get scolded. Thank you :) – Forums: lilmeowmeow ♡, Kpop Girl Group Profiles I choose this as my vote. Some maknaes became popular for being the complete opposite, “the evil maknae”. (Ex: BTS – Jungkook, Twice – Nayeon), but YG say they choose Jisoo to be leader.Cause she can rap,dance and sings. Lead Dancer: Ive been dancing for 10 years but i wouldn’t consider myself at the professional level Sub-Vocalist-I think I’m great at singing,but those high notes…they are my enemies.My voice cracks every damn time on those.I’m literally-just skskkskskskkks ChimChim is blessed with incredible talents. Kpop Discographies They’re all fucking amazing and deserve everything they’ve got let’s just leave it at that. FotG – I be the one to speak and stand up for others. – He’s an only child. Main rapper: little possible I’m not trying to boast, Main vocal – Just Vocalist or SuB Vocalist visual – lolol nooo lead/sub rapper Jungkook Last year, I was in choir and the I tried out for a solo, and I made it. thanks for this article because I was always mistaken the center and the face XDDDDDDDD now makes sense, i wish i saw this when i first got into kpop. Maknae because I like being the youngest so I am not expected to do much The Main Dancer is usually the member with the greatest dancing skills. Main rapper – I love writing songs, and my rapping skills are good. THE VISUAL Just use a voice that you feel comfortable with. Leader – I’m responsible with my duties but I’m still not fit enough to be one because nobody would listen or take me seriously. Rapper: Yup, Been rapping since I was 10 (so four years by now)I’m average at rapping Center- People say that I can dance awesome and they say I’am pretty. – Birthplace: Ilsan, South Korea. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups

Lead rapper-i’m good at rapping but far from being great. Am not that pretty, not that tall. Jungkook Main Vocalist: I am actually a pretty good vocalist. Minzy has revealed a list of rules and a letter to CL, both of which were written when she was a trainee. Leader: Ehh don’t know if I can handle that , mate. in Kpop that is also considered as a position. Face of the group/Visual – since my friends always chose me to be it Center – i mean if you asked me to be center, i would but if someone was the center i would be totally fine with it got7’s youngjae, exo’s kai, bts’ jungkook, For years being a kpop fan, I was so confused between the centre and the face of the group that I convinced myself both are the same position . . Sub-Vocalist: I can sing okay, I’m working on it. it’s good to have dreams tho lmao.

. maknae: I would love to be a maknae, but I was born in January and I the oldest in my class :’D – He is really good at dancing. Before K-pop singers were stars, they were trainees. He’s not known for his singing though, which makes him a “normal” vocalist/sub-vocalist. I always manage to shut them up. Visual: My friends says I’m pretty but I’m kinda shy and quiet in public I’m also amazing at rapping, but not outstanding OUTSTANDING. Leader: Yeah im the only sane one in my friend group, and im able to handle the attention People say I am good looking, but I find others more attractive, so it is a no for me. I’m the most talkative and social and I can goof around. Trainee life can be doubly difficult for singers who come from different countries and cultures. dancer cause im main dancer, leader-sure why not. I am pretty young, shy and I guess I am cute? Maknae, cuz i just want to be the youngest Lead dancer – i know that i am good at dancing, but i’m not the best. BEST MAIN VOCALIST – YOUNGJAE Cause i really bad at dancing. Young K (영케이) is a member of Day6 under JYP Entertainment. center: I don’t think I could be the center, but I think that my unique appearance, eye-catching short height, good dancing & vocal skills would allow this… dancer- YAS I TRAINED LONGER THEN ALL THOSE BTS MEMBERS(i think) i train like 7-8 years Dancer – Responsible for dancing Birth Name: Kang Young Hyun (강영현) I could do a great job. Thanks for these helpful explanations! Face of the Group: No Thanks, I’m a bit Introverted face of the group – maybe- i dont think so tbh Leader: NO THANKS because where I grow up, people tend to put the leader at fault whenever the group does something wrong, even though the leader has nothing to do with it Be it because of their good-looks, or because of their dancing talent or because of their popularity, a particular member is always placed in the center, getting the most attention. Leader- Nope definitely not Because whenever I done something wrong, they would give me a chance. the picture is the [gorgeous] maknae of twice, tzuyu.

RM (my biaswrecckkkeerrr) dances in the wrong directions and Jin (my biaaaassss) isn’t powerful enough. Sub Rapper: I can’t rap fast but I can rap, good but not great. maybe if i were in a kpop group i’d most likely be the maknae since i’m an 04liner owo, it’s is myyyyyyyy dream to be a kpop idol but it is so impossible…if i wpuld given a chance i would like to be the ‘main dancer’ ooff another impossible thing and i would like to be a ‘main vocalist’ i know i have the most impossible dream in ky state i have no talent but it’s free to dream and i would like to be a lead rapper cause i dont know maybe this one isn’t impossible because i do speak fastlol and the best thing and the most possible is me being the MAKNAE ooff lol i am even the youngest among the Junior hogh school in my school so maybe i would get a chance to be lol, Omg, same like for everything you just said owo. Leader – I can be serious when I want to and I can do speeches and talks and all.

Maknae – Again because of my age btw i am 12 years old. Poll: Who Owned ATEEZ’s ‘The Black Cat Nero’ Performance. lead vocalist: maybe yes, if I improve my vocal skills a little bit. Center because I’m always do perfect style Suggestions, About Us

I’ve been complimented numerously on my looks before, and I’ve been told I look like an ancient Egyptian kind of girl (I’m Sub Saharan African). The Lead Rapper is supposed to be the 2nd best to the Main Rapper. Sub rapper: I can rap, but again, not too advanced in this area. First, we have BoA, Yunho, Heechul, Minho*, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, CL, Fei and Jia. maknae- i cant deside that m age will do that. -Main Vocalist. Maknae-cause i’m the youngest in our group…(i’m the evil maknae), I could be the- Lead Dancer: Because i good at dancing and like to lead “Many male idols have a hard time reaching those notes”, well obviously. Ps, not an Army, but I do listen to a lot of BTS songs since No more dream. Not bragging but I have potential in singing skills. Many people still mistake the terms. Being a tenor is something you are born with. LOL What about you? Main dancer:I have been dancing since I was 5 .I am pretty flexible and I am not stiff. Face of the Group – eH i guess ? I’m not being boastful but I think I can be the leader, vocalist, rapper, dancer, center, and definitely the maknae.

Lead Dancer- I am good but not too good at dancing I’m way too shy for the second and way not at all skilled for the first. Disclaimer – He’s also a songwriter and composer. (EX: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun) Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite?


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