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Toph and Sokka would have been a dream come true. She shoves the picture Chen was crying at in Chen's face, saying he will never be the Phoenix King that Azula wanted, and that he should do a favor to his people, and leave. ", "I feel like Sokka and Yue were a far better couple than Sokka and Suki were. ZUKO TOOK A LIGHTNING BLAST FOR HER. He tried to push his own belief system onto Katara, he let her do all of the emotional labor in their relationship, and he kept kissing her despite the fact that she was not interested. The sad thing is he didn’t even get definitive evidence that Iroh and Zuko are firebenders. Fire and water, yin and yang. Chen sneaks out of the palace in a hood and robe, not even leaving a note to anyone. Azula deserves some redemption, too, dammit! The servant, however, loses his balance, and accidentally falls on top of Mitsuki, dragging her to the ground. Chen tries to argue back, but Mitsuki tells him he's just wasting his time. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

I don’t exactly dislike Mai as a character — she was strong-willed and a skilled fighter — but they never actually had chemistry, and their romance never developed.

Mitsuki, calmly but clearly, tells him if he makes a mistake like that again, she'll make sure that he is killed.

Whereas the other elements are all outside the Benders that manipulate them, Firebending comes from within. KEEP READING: Avatar: The Complex Relationships Between Humans And Spirits. Quanlee is unsure, saying Chen is the rightful heir, to which Tam Mee makes fun of her. ", "Katara should have used blood blending and not have been afraid of it. Chen sits in his room, staring at a picture of him and his father, Yin Lee. Categorization . He then thinks about a fight between Yin Lee and Azula, in which Azula told Yin Lee he's turning their son into a "weak, spineless fool".

He hesitates for a moment, but then finally leaves.

", "Toph and Mai should’ve been endgame. But, these traits are what point to her potential to be an amazing Bender. The Crystal Catacombs, when they sought out Katara’s mother’s killer, and going together to fight Azula. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When she and Katara had that huge argument, I totally took Katara’s side.

They honestly would have been really cute together, and they would’ve been good for each other. They hated each other for 80% of the show, and Katara would NEVER marry into the nation that's responsible for her mom's death and the genocide of her people. I don’t think she should’ve faulted Katara for trying to keep everyone in line. It would have brought the whole story full circle as it began when Aang let his personal feelings get in the way of his duties by running away and accidentally turning into a human icicle, so it should have ended with Aang putting his duties as Avatar before everything else. Mitsuki walks by Chen, giving him a wicked smile, both upsetting and angering him. It's really dumb to wish that Zuko and Katara got together. Jet should have had a chance to change and realize he is in love with Zuko, duh. Uncle Iroh is not the wise, kindhearted old man that everyone makes him out to be. Aang taking away Ozai's bending is beyond stupid. The aggressive pragmatism displayed by the other Fire Nation citizens of Ty Lee's time was a result of the country's hundred year long imperialist campaign. Jet is the most underrated character of the entire show. It's never been clear in Avatar: The Last Airbender just what influences the development of a person's natural ability to Bend. ", "Energybending was a total deus ex machina. The production of lightning -- and the redirection technique for it Iroh developed -- further emphasize that point: the flow of energy within the body is what the Bender manipulates. One of Mitsuki's friends, Tam Mee, cartwheels over to her, gives her a hug, and tells her she was "awesome". Chen yells at her to get out, but Mitsuki challenges him. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He remains true to his values as an Air Nomad, but Ozai still holds political and military strength without his bending. See more ideas about Avatar, Ty lee, Azula. For Vaznock, go here. Sokka is the glue of the squad, but no one gives him any credit. The two of them worked so hard in all three seasons just for the final focus to be on their uncomfortable, forced relationship. She has some redeeming qualities, but so many times she’s rude and uncooperative. ", "Iroh is a terrible mentor.

She had zero personal growth and remained a whiny baby the entire time. Chen fights the current and travels to shore, realizing he cannot turn back, and that he is now a deserter of his nation, ergo a traitor. Her falling apart leading up to her coronation after the desertion of Mai and Ty Lee is the most compelling part of the finale. As Chen runs away from the palace grounds, he takes one last look at the palace. Bubblier and friendlier than her associates Azula or Mai, Ty Lee stood out with a charismatic personality that often contrasted with the villainous ends she initially served. Chen watches as Mitsuki happily walks out of his room. Chen then has a flashback, in which he is sitting on his father, Yin Lee's lap. Mai also feels bad, though she excuses herself from the throne room. Chen's eyes start to tear, and her remembers Yin Lee's funeral, in which he lost the only person who ever truly cared about him. Katara is actually an incredibly selfish human being. It …

", "Mai loves Zuko more than she fears Azula and is an awesome character. ZUKO TOOK A LIGHTNING BLAST FOR HER. ", "Katara was the WORST character in the whole series. With it, she could have been the best. Zuko's story is so focused on his emotional journey and development. Azula watches proudly as Mitsuki showed off her amazing skill. Azula then tells her daughter, Mitsuki to demonstrate what she's learning.


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