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The video was driving me mad and I had to stop. I live in Dubai where many of the local Arabs speak conversational and even sometimes fluent Hindi (Dubai imports in many Indians for local work, and allows others to temporarily 'immigrate' here - I am the result of that) and there are even a fair amount of Brits here who are somewhat capable in it - the thing is you'll never see "Arab speaks fluent Hindi" or "white Brit speaks fluent Hindi" videos on YouTube. They are making language content for people who know nothing about how learning a language really works, the same type of people who comment on things like, "That's incredible! What was the point of this exchange? stand out in YouTube. I have problems with some of the retroflex sounds, but other than that, most of Hindi's phonemes are comfortably pronounced by English speakers. It feels very humiliating and gross to see a white guy who's well off to have all this money travelling this world, hiring dozens of hours of tutors in two days, and picking up conversational phrases in a few languages trying to come off as big and grand in the presence of people who not only speak great English, but also their Indian language (and possibly several, that too). And there’s the whole part where he booked at least 100s of dollars worth of lessons and then was all “whooaaa studying Hindi on a whim to make some clickbait is soooo exhausting”, I wish he didn’t get the idea to suddenly start “learning” other languages, Anyways my fear with these videos came when I read a comment saying "XiaoMa speaks better Hindi than those Indians do English!".
Without knowledge of Devanagari you're going to struggle learning how to pronounce words properly. One of the main things that bothers me is that the people here 1) I'm not sure whether he's secretly filming people or not, it isn't clear from the video, but there is a clear ethical line when people secretly film others for profit.

Typically, nasalised sounds in Hindi (which are common), such as हैं (are) are written in Roman as hain, i.e. About. If you do click on that link, make sure to dislike the video, More posts from the languagelearning community. It is an Indo-European language and there is a significant amount of overlap in the vocabulary. There isn't really anything we can do about it. So, I don't really get why so many people in a real language learning community like this one actually care about these. Before he started to do those "I learnt Spanish in a month" videos, I liked watching his videos. Sure it's cool that he's able to communicate in the language, but it didn't sound like he was very good at it. Devanagari is not difficult to learn.
I think overall, he needs to rethink what he does because it comes off as somewhat exploitative of the diaspora. 2) He's targeting shoppers and workers in his videos. They make too much money off of these to stop because of a vocal minority like us. I've heard his Mandarin isn't too incredible, all things considered, and he misrepresents the amount of time he put into learning it in videos. (I also don't want to get into the fact that Hindi isn't exactly the "lingua franca" of India, nor is it even the national language, and that there is very very strong opposition and hate towards the language in significant parts of the nation - which some of the people in this video seemed to be from). For some reason it's only when he got to the whole "white guy speaks (asian language)" thing with a language of my own country did I start to understand the weird racial undertone. He's just doing it for clickbait and I think the community just shrugs it off. I don't want drama to enter the polyglot community but honestly people need to not only turn their backs on people like this more, but also call it out for the weird racial and fake stuff it is, instead of promoting this figure further and further (I'm looking at you, Steve Kaufman, who featured him on his channel). -Excuse me, ye kya hai?

He knows Chinese, and that's mostly what his channel is based on. Maybe I should start a YouTube channel and have a 'white Brit speaks fluent Hindi' video. This time he has not claimed to make great progress, but his progress is surprisingly horrible.


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