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It is shown that humans once had a successful civilization, having built cities and even space stations, however humans would eventually find themselves in conflict with one another. Phys Defence

It is because of this that the Ganglion are actively seeking to destroy humanity, the biggest threat to their existence. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Attack Defence Side Xord (English dub: /ˈzɔːrd/) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles. 0%.

A mysterious winged creature (a Telethia), however, flies down, destroying several Mechon and sending Metal Face running, along with the remaining Mechon. ※3 The Spiral Valley battle will end when Xord uses this art. The main thing that sets him apart from other Mechon is that his appearance is very bulky and spherical; giving him an ogre-like or troll-like appearance. Summons Mechon M55 and Mechon M67. Type Level Sight, 120° at 25 M

Agility 0% Plenty of quieter moments for character building are spread throughout the massive story, but the complicated combat-system is where the game really separates itself from most other JRPGs. EXP 208 Xord Attack He then attacks, and easily defeats Shulk and the others. Ether


During battle he will often shout out before launching any attacks, see Quotes below. I've been getting hungry! ", "That's what they all say. Xenoblade Chronicles is the first entry in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, a subseries which forms part of the Xeno metaseries.

Tonight the main course will be, YOU!!

Ground It's good to have fresh meat on the table!

During this conflict, Klaus, a scientist working on the First Low Orbit Station, used the Conduit to create a new universe after losing faith in humanity. ※5 During the first Ether Mine battle only. ‡ No resistance during a chain attack, Battle against Xord on the Freight Elevator. ※ The battle ends when Xord uses Wild Crash. Take off 25% of Xord's HP to end the fight. As with Metal Face, use Chain Attacks to inflict Break on Xord in order to Topple/Daze him.

Humans are a race of beings that are indigenous to the planet Earth and the main playable race in Xenoblade Chronicles X.By the year 2054, Earth had a population of 10 billion humans. 627 Xenoblade Chronicles has many boss fights, but the first boss encounter that gives a lot of players trouble is Xord, the giant faced Mechon in the Ether Mine.While Xord may appear similar to Metal Face, his fight plays out very differently. 54 Shulk and the others fight Xord again for the last time.

※6 During the second Ether Mine battle only. No, HP As the team is leaving on the Freight Elevator, it stops halfway up the shaft. The player eventually learns that all the humans in New Los Angeles are Mimeosomes.

Phys Defence 36,200

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Posted by; Date October 2, 2020; New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Xenoblade_Chronicles community, Continue browsing in r/Xenoblade_Chronicles. ", "You want the brat? No, HP After tracking down the tentacled Mechon M71 and defeating it, Xord appears as Mysterious Face, unimpressed with the child who Metal Face described as "a beast".


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