xb6 downstream registration

I am unsure what the setup is outside in the box, due to COVID I didn't watch to see what the Tech was doing outside during setup. However, I had an issue a few nights ago where the modem failed to re-establish a connection, stuck on Upstream Registration (green flashing light). I'd definitely check Shaw.ca/updates as I know there's a lot of corrective maintenance going on in Calgary affecting multiple areas. UPSTREAM: Flashing Green: Registration: None. DOWNSTREAM: Flashing Amber: Registration: None. Are you bridged? Description: Harmony Xb6 Xb6eaw3b2p. Thats a key question at this point?

This can slow registration of the XB6. That's a question to ask the tech. Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum.

If so, that might explain the high upstream levels, as in the cable isn't in the greatest of shape, not failed, but certainly not in new condition. I am on a conference call for the past 2 hrs and it dropped me for about 2 minutes. And, ask the tech to check other modems on that same local tap. From some googling I found that the blinking orange light on this modem router means "downstream registration". I was bridging to an Eero and not unifi hardware but still had similar issue. Note that you didn't have any upstream channels running, and the downstream levels dropped by about 16 dBmV, and, you only have 15 SC-QAM channels running and no OFDM channel running.

‎05-14-2020 Just ask!

And there are posted steps to bring speeds back to full. Provided a new modem and that would not connect also.

To check that, the tech would have to check other modem signal levels for your immediate neighbours who are also connected to the same local tap. @danewfie personal opinion, all of your downstream signal levels are too high. Or a different device if available (phone, tablet, etc).

This topic has been marked solved and closed to new posts due to inactivity. Ask the tech to add relevant notes to your file to indicate the level of failure. What he or she needs to do is check the signal levels at the local tap, which should be within view of your front step, and at the side of the house. I have Comcast Xfinity, called them and said everything was good on their end. 08:39 PM Yeah I'm getting the reduced speeds and disconnects as well.

The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers. Later this week I"ll have that checked on. This is the result. [Innovation Credit Union] I think the techs have a challenge on their hands to drop the downstream levels without driving the upstream levels up to a point where the modem starts to shut down upstream channels as the total output level is maxed out. Fwiw, consider keeping a notepad log of the signal levels. Edit:  Your signal levels should be fairly stable. The 7 dB ports would keep the upstream below the failure point at 51 dBmV. Was the cable out of service for a length of time, possibly years? The unused splitter ports should normally be capped with a 75 ohm terminator to prevent any signal reflection at the unused ports. It could only lock (2) upstream channels, and got frequent T3/T4 timeouts. I had the hitron previously which had no real issues once I had it reconfigured for passthrough instead of bridge mode. Technicolor CH USA Inc. Stay safe and stay home! Curious if you've fixed your problem at all. Is it something I can buy and try out or something the tech needs to do in the box? The tech should be able to make some headway with that. The two port splitter will drop the downstream signal levels by 3.5 dB and push the upstream levels up by 3.5 dB. Maybe we can figure out a solution or have Shaw fix it I have an XB6 in bridge modem with a Netgear R7000 nighthawk WiFi router. In the end, only a power cycle worked for me. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one.

Is there a possibility the modem isn't working as intended and a new one could fix it? I've only talked about it on these forums. Yes absolutely everything is blank except for the ip addresses which I crossed-out for privacy. The three port splitter usually contains one port at 3.5 dB and two ports at 7 dB. When trying to connect, the upstream and downstream lights first go solid, then the internet light blinks, then the internet light goes out and the upstream and downstream lights start blinking continuously. The ground block is usually connected via copper wire to the external electrical meter box, which in turn should be connected to the house ground. So I'm not sure what Shaw has been pushing lately, but I've had a noticeable number of nights where the modem has gone offline usually around 1AM MST for various periods of times. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data), Creating this thread to track issues with the XB6 Modem. In the modem status screens it doesn't change how long the connections is live? The one thing that the tech should check is the condition of the ground cable where it connects to the ground block, and to the clamp that is typically used at the electrical box. Take Xfinity XB6 as an example here. 08:01 PM.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News and questions about Shaw products and services. There is some seasonal variation, but its not very much. My thinking here is that replacing the cable and then adding the correct attenuator would result in a decent balance between the downstream and upstream power levels. Fwiw, the XB6 modem uses an OFDM channel for the downstream data, but I don't know if that channel is used exclusively or if the modem runs a hybrid mode, combining the DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM data with the DOCSIS 3.0 SC-QAM data. Either that, or the connectors at one or both ends of the external cable are in very poor condition. Technicolor XB6 Gigabit Ignite Internet Random Speed and Disconnects, Re: Technicolor XB6 Gigabit Ignite Internet Random Speed and Disconnects. Creating this thread to track issues with the XB6 Modem. I see that its missing a number of channels but look at those power levels. Instead the data indicates high signal levels and high signal to noise ratios. Downstream and Upstream Lights Blinking No Internet, Model: CM400-1AZNAS|DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Re: Downstream and Upstream Lights Blinking No Internet.

Once everything stabilized, I did a speed test and ping test. I've been using the XB6 for 4 months now and have it running in bridge mode with a Samsung Connect Pro. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Note the replacing the cable could be a pain if the pedestal is sitting on your neighbours yard. ‎05-14-2020 So assuming that I have the same issues where I get connected at a slower speed it doesn't explain the random disconnects I am getting. I personally don't think these are acceptable numbers, but I don't know much about the new cable parameters. ‎05-15-2020 @danewfie you have severe problems with your external cable and/or the connectors. New XB6 Technicolor CGM4140COM Modem - Range Issues.

Blue (flashing--up to 2 minutes) WPS pairing mode Tech dropped by today, tested the line outside and said nothing wrong wrong. 02:12 PM I'll keep a log for the next couple days and see whats up but every hour I roughly have a different level. ‎05-14-2020 Technicolor has been tapped for the 'XB7,' a new, speedier DOCSIS 3.1 gateway with 802.11ax (WiFi 6), MoCA 2.0 and IoT radios that's a big leap over the current-gen XB6 D3.1 gateway. Any thoughts guys? Technicolor XB6 Gigabit Ignite Internet Random Spe... That's what we're here for! It was an odd issue, but definitely appears that the XB6 modem was acting up. I still have a ticket open and a tech visited my home yesterday. I'd keep a print out of your cable signal levels, before and after so that you can show the tech what happens when the cable and/or connectors fail: 1.  limited number of downstream DOCSIS 3.0 SC-QAM channels with power levels ranging from -18.9 to -3.5 dBmV, 2.  no downstream DOSCIS 3.1 OFDM channel. For example, Twitter images would stall for quite a while, YouTube videos would take a while to start, speedtest would take a while to establish a connection, etc.

I am underground wiring. @danewfie if you had a two or three port splitter handy, and some time and patience, you could try an experiment by installing the splitter.The two port splitter will drop the downstream signal levels by 3.5 dB and push the upstream levels up by 3.5 dB. - edited [ipv6] Cisco 2851 Router Scripted Config Example, [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 servers are down for me, Ukiah, CA area, « [Signals] I get it - 16 24 28 but 31? All of the above seems to imply some kind of upstream signal problem with the 23.7MHz and 17.3MHz channels (other upstream and all downstream signals look great). Inside, I have the one wire coming in to a pass through f-81  so i can connect directly to the modem. Channels 1 to 32 are DOCSIS 3.0 SC-QAM channels while channel 33 is the OFDM channel. My apologies in advance to your neighbour. Internet came back and it rejoined the call but here are the modem stats during that time. At what point are those numbers acceptable and when are they not? Every day I'm talking to Tech support to look at the modem and the first one just reset modem. The bigger question at this point is, is there a larger issue afoot that affects your immediate neighbours or perhaps a larger area. My MAC address is registered and the technical support at Time Warner can see my modem online, they can even reset it. If you had a powered amplifier installed, I'd remove it and repost the signal levels, just to see where there at. How to restart the Gateway. RogersMoin. 09:23 PM Thats the cable that you are connected to via the F-81 connector. Just ask! 01:36 PM I wouldn't expect to see any variations within this short period of time.

Older versions on this can block newer upstream channels. 10:59 PM Green (flashing) Upstream registration. Программируемый контроллер SIMATIC S7-1200, CPU 1215C 14DI, 10DO, 2AI (0-10В) , 2AO (0-20mA). ‎05-14-2020

I was thinking maybe the cold weather is a part of the issue, as we havent had this issue since we installed back in September. ‎05-14-2020

For now, I wouldn't worry about that, I'm more interested in whether or not the addition of an attenuator might temporarily resolve any disconnects.

I left my modem plugged in for hours, just in case. Shaw Arris XB6 Modem issues tracking thread, Display posts from previous: All postsLast dayLast 7 daysLast 2 weeksLast monthLast 3 months6 MonthsLast year, Sort by AuthorPost time For official Shaw support, please visit https://www.shaw.ca/contact-us/, Press J to jump to the feed. Edit:  If that condition still persists, call tech support and ask the Customer Service Rep to run a signal check on the modem. There are foward path attenuators that only drop the downstream levels but I don't know if Rogers uses them or if Rogers only uses the typical attenuators from Antronix: https://www.antronix.com/products/other/attenuators.aspx. But the ping test failed 100%. Registration: NotStarted Cable Modem HW Version: Vendor: ARRIS Group, Inc. When the tech visit is complete, you should have a reasonable balance between the downstream and upstream levels and no disconnects. Clamp Multimeter with 0.01 DC Amp Resolution (from the actual clamp) and Min/Max Function - $37 shipped, Fragrancebuy.ca Anniversary sale is LIVE NOW, [Bhphotovideo] Downstream registration. - edited This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. The 7 dB ports would keep the upstream below the failure point at 51 dBmV.


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