wyoming antelope regulations
After the initial drawing is completed, any person may purchase up to four (4) limited quota reduced price doe/fawn antelope licenses. This is a family owned business who's dedicated to provide an antelope hunting experience that will last a lifetime. Please reload CAPTCHA. No person shall enter upon the private property of any person to hunt, fish or trap without the permission of the owner or person in charge of the property. Muzzle-loading Firearm means a muzzle-loading rifle having a barrel bore diameter of at least 40/100 of an inch and a charge of at least fifty (50) grains of black powder or equivalent; or a muzzle-loading specialty single shot handgun which has a barrel length of not less than ten (10) inches, a bore diameter of at least 45/100 of an inch and which propels a projectile of two hundred forty (240) grains at not less than five hundred (500) foot-pounds at one hundred (100) yards. Hunters are not required to obtain special archery permits for harvesting small game or game birds with crossbows. The Compact recognizes the suspension of wildlife license privileges of any person in his home state whose license privileges have been suspended by a participating state. Special Archery Seasons means seasons that delineate the dates and hunt areas for the taking of big game or trophy game animals with legal archery equipment, in which a hunter with the proper hunting license and an archery license may hunt in addition to the regular hunting seasons in accordance with the limitations as set forth in Section 4 of Chapters 5 (Antelope), 6 (Deer), 7 (Elk), 8 (Moose), 9 (Bighorn Sheep) and 24 (Mountain Goat) and Section 11 of Chapter 3 (Black Bear). It is prima facie evidence of a violation if a person uses an artificial light in an area that may be inhabited by wildlife while having in his possession and control any device for taking wildlife. Time limit is exhausted. timeout Since 2009, with hard work and good weather conditions we have averaged 95%+ on our Archery Antelope. It goes without saying that you of course need the proper licence prior to hunting. The crossbow hunter must be equipped with a crossbow of not less than ninety (90) pounds draw weight that has a minimum draw length of fourteen (14) inches (from front of bow to back of string in the cocked position), and a positive safety mechanism. Wyoming Hunt Area 15 Antelope Maps, regulations and land access information. When an antelope, deer or elk is shown to have been killed on federal or state land, the licensee shall detach, date, and sign the landowner's coupon and mail or otherwise deliver the coupon to the Cheyenne office of the Department. Here you'll find everything from baiting restrictions to guides, archery hunting, motorized vehicles, and more. Hunters or anglers who acquire a lifetime conservation stamp or a conservation stamp authorization from the Department’s computerized point of sale license issuance system shall not be required to meet the signature provision. To find species specific hunting regulations, check-out the "Hunting Information" in each species drop down menu on the left or click here for elk hunting info, here for deer hunting info, or here for antelope hunting info. Please Read our Privacy Policy, Access and Vehicular Travel on Special Lands. For big game hunters the following firearms and ammunition may be used: • For the taking of moose, bighorn sheep, elk, mountain goat, and black bear, hunters shall use any centerfire firearm of at least .24 caliber and with a cartridge at least two inches long. However, no person shall apply for and receive more than a total of two (2) full price antelope licenses. Conservation stamps may be purchased from Cheyenne Headquarters, Regional Offices, license selling agents throughout the state, and the Department’s website at wgfd.wyo.gov. (c) For antelope, no person shall apply for and receive more than one (1) full price antelope license through the initial drawing.

A resident guide license may be obtained at no charge from Cheyenne Headquarters, Regional Offices and district game wardens. • The .17 HMR rimfire cartridge has been legalized for turkey hunting.

• For deer, antelope, mountain lion, and gray wolf, the major change is the addition of .22 centerfire cartridges as legal ammunition.

Please drop us a line or two telling us which updates we have missed. Crossbow bolts must be at least sixteen (16) inches long. No person shall apply for or receive more than one (1) license for each big game species during any one (1) calendar year, except as otherwise provided in Commission regulations. • Shoot or attempt to kill any wildlife from any public road or highway. If you have had your privileges suspended in any of the participating states, you may lose your privileges in Wyoming, in addition to all the participating Compact states. Irrigated Land means agricultural lands that are supplied with supplemental water by ditches, pipes, flooding or spraying. Any person violating this statute is guilty of a misdemeanor. • Archery equipment regulations are similar to previous regulations, but language has been removed requiring bows to be able to cast different grain weights of arrows a minimum of 160 yards. Through the initial drawing period, any person may apply for and receive a maximum of one (1) reduced price cow/calf elk license. All state hunting regulations change and are updated on a regular basis. If you are not sure of how to contact these departments in your area, send us an email so we may provide you with instructions.

There shall be at least one (1) licensed professional guide or resident guide accompanying each two (2) nonresident hunters. This is in addition to the legal weapons in the previous regulation that included shotguns, centerfire firearms, muzzleloaders, and .22 WMR rimfire cartridges. Walk-ins. })(120000); All Right Reserved Wyoming antelope hunts with Big Horn Outfitters are extremely exciting and offer very high opportunity and success rates. The landowner or person in charge of the property may grant permission for motorized vehicle travel contrary to Department signs or publications. Any person acting as a mentor to a mentee with a special authorization pursuant to this section shall not provide supervision for more than one (1) mentee at a time in the field and shall accompany the mentee at all times to provide constant supervision. Wyoming's license draw for antelope and deer tags has been 100% for more than 5 years. Big game and trophy game animals may only be taken from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise to one-half (1/2) hour after sunset. The new regulations add additional calibers that can be used for big game, trophy game, and wild turkey hunting. A special authorization issued to an individual shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and shall be in the possession of the recipient at all times while in the field.

Crossbows must feature a functioning, positive mechanical safety. For the taking of deer, antelope, mountain lions, and gray wolves in areas where they are designated as trophy game, hunters can use any centerfire firearm of at least .22 caliber, using a cartridge at least two inches long and firing a bullet of at least 60 grains. No big or trophy game animal, or any part thereof, shall be shipped or transported from the state unless accompanied by the licensee who harvested the animal, in possession of a proper coupon, or unless the amount does not exceed twenty-five (25) pounds and is properly tagged with a Wyoming interstate game tag. The new regulations are effective immediately and will be in place for upcoming spring bear and turkey seasons and for fall big game and trophy game seasons. Travel by motorized vehicle is prohibited, except as otherwise stated. Archery and rifle antelope hunting on private ground located in northeast Wyoming near Gillette.

Any person transporting wildlife harvested in another state or country shall stop at check stations on their route. The legislation developed several sources of funding for the Board to carry out its responsibilities including the creation of a WILDLIFE DAMAGE MANADGEMENT STAMP. two Each person licensed to hunt or fish in Wyoming shall purchase one (1) conservation stamp valid for the calendar year.

No individual shall take or attempt to take any wildlife using another individual's license, permit, stamp, tag, or coupon.

Total Area. Any license, tag, permit or stamp shall not be valid unless the proper fees have been received by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Persons who hold the following licenses are exempt from the requirement to purchase a conservation stamp while exercising hunting or fishing privileges under THESE licenses: daily hunting or fishing license; special limited fishing permit holders; or Wyoming fifty (50%) percent disabled veteran fishing license.

No person shall fire any firearm from, upon, along, or across any public road or highway. Archery antelope hunting in Wyoming starts August 15th and ends the last day of September. An archery license shall not be required in addition to a limited quota license to participate in a limited quota archery only season. Type 1 Any legally blind person, person confined to a wheelchair or any person hunting with a license issued pursuant to W. S. §23-1-705 (j) may place a bait for big game or take a big game animal by the use of bait. General Big Game Hunting Regulations outline the hunting regulations for Wyoming Elk, Deer, and Antelope Hunting.

Shotguns firing “00” or larger buckshot are now legal for all big and trophy game. Processor means a custom meat processor licensed by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

To date, we’ve never had a rifle antelope hunter go home empty handed. All hunters seeking to harvest trophy game are required to display fluorescent hunter orange in the form of a shirt; hat; jacket; sweater; or vest so that it is visible to other hunters. The maximum bag limit for big game animals and trophy game animals for any person with the proper licenses and permits shall not exceed the following number of animals: one (1) elk per license; one (1) moose per license; one (1) bighorn sheep per license; one (1) mountain goat per license; one (1) antelope per license; one (1) deer per license; one (1) black bear per license; one (1) mountain lion per license.

This means it applies to all Wyoming Big Game Species.


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