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With the combined efforts of the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade, the Lich King finally fell. However, they have all assumed their racial identity as "Forsaken," due to their shared goals and loyalties.

Forsaken treat each other with a measure of respect, as it takes a strong soul to rise, and a stronger soul to not fall to mindless undeath (more on this later). Forsaken activity on Draenor is in Warspear and Horde Garrison, alongside other members of the Horde. Forsaken Troops replenish the whittling armies of the Forsaken, who's numbers cannot be compensated without an act of reproduction. There is also at least one wraith within the ranks of the Forsaken,[73] two zombies,[74][75] and at least one orc skeleton.[76]. The kind-hearted tauren of Thunder Bluff proved to be the most promising contact. Today, rivers of poisonous sludge flow through all avenues of the vast Undercity. However, just as the hour of the Forsaken was to approach, tragedy struck. Deathguards and dreadguards make up the bulk of the Forsaken military force, mostly serving as soldiers on the front lines or as guards in Forsaken settlements. A complete searchable and filterable list of all Undead NPCs in World of Warcraft: Classic. Deathstalkers are an organization of Forsaken rogues, serving as secretive agents of the Banshee Queen's will. Leonid Barthalomew the Revered of the Argent Dawn is probably the greatest example of this. During the Fourth War, Sylvanas would employ extreme tactics such as raising Derek Proudmoore into undeath and depriving him of free will to use as a weapon against the Alliance. [88], Forsaken cannot naturally sleep or dream. [36], The Forsaken were strongly discouraged from revisiting places they had loved in life. It takes more concentrated magic to release an undead's mind. Shadowlands character customizations including "fresh" option not showing decay on skin. Death offered no escape for the scores of humans killed during the Lich King's campaign to scour the living from Lordaeron. The Forsaken were formerly led by their founder, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the former Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas. The Lich King fled back to Icecrown, and Putress was left to cackle triumphantly at the destruction wrought on by the plague. (Trevor in fact aspires to leave and join Leonid.) [65] Some abominations have risen as high as the rank of sergeant.[66]. Arthas left Kel'Thuzad in command of his forces when he departed. Male names: Roberick, Magan, Danforth, Lansire. [52][53], Their position in the faction later solidified, given that they were able to sponsor the blood elves' entrance into the Horde. The Forsaken also assisted the blood elven Blood Knight order in forging a stone of great power to wield against the Scourge; their intimate knowledge of the Lich King's grasp proving an essential component in its creation.[19]. For generating Forsaken_wow_names simply scroll down and click on the Sylvanas knew she needed necromancers to heal, strengthen and replace her people, and she set about wooing necromancers away from the Scourge, mainly by force. Both Sylvanas and Putress were present during the Scourge attack on Orgrimmar, and the Dark Lady assisted Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, High Overlord Saurfang and several adventurers in fighting the invaders off.

The primary exception to this rule are liches, as liches bind their souls to a phylactery and then use the phylactery to generate a physical form; this process is why lich bodies look nothing like their mortal bodies, and also why you have to destroy a lich's phylactery to truly kill them. Thomas Zelling aided in Derek Proudmoore's escape to Alliance lands, which subsequently led to Sylvanas executing him for treason. New Undead Decay Levels in Shadowlands (Boneless Undead) Undead now have the option to select from three different levels of decay, influencing how much your characters skin has rotted since death. Yet for Sylvanas and her cursed followers, the Undercity has become a much-needed refuge in a world where her kind is still feared and hunted.[11]. Dave Kosak said she could always grow in power down the line. No sooner had the Forsaken began their assault, however, had the Lich King turned his gaze back to his former servants: Prince Valanar offered the Forsaken commander High Executor Anselm the chance to renounce his fealty to Queen Sylvanas and return to the Scourge's embrace. [46], Some Forsaken priests continue to wield the Holy Light. Forsaken Blightspreaders are mad scientists who as their name implies, spread the Forsaken blight. The only other Horde faction they even have a semblance of trust with is Silvermoon City and the blood elves. In the end, the Forsaken's chances of victory against the Lich King were bolstered, while the Horde gained an invaluable foothold in the Eastern Kingdoms. The Lich King, however, enslaves the dead, stripping their free will. With their combined forces, the undead and the Alliance resistance dismantled the final bastion of the dreadlords' power in Lordaeron, and Varimathras personally destroyed his nathrezim brother. [44], Priests of the Forgotten Shadow believe that the faiths they held in life have failed them.

Really only here just for the work in LA, but hopefully once I get settled enough in my work, I can move out. 2013-06-04, 12:00 PM #10. butbearform. Leonid Barthalomew looks at his undeath as a malady. Although this freedom seemed to be a blessing at first, these former humans were soon tormented by memories of the unspeakable horrors that they had committed as mindless Scourge agents. The Forsaken appear to be taking on a more offensive stance regarding the war with the Alliance, and with their new ability to bolster their ranks, their stranglehold on Lordaeron has become tighter than ever. This option was later added to all regions in. Defeated during an attack on her kingdom and transformed into a powerful Scourge banshee, Sylvanas had also regained her freedom from the Lich King. [42], The experience when a Forsaken accepts his or her death willingly is called the Last Death. Forsaken are commonly 5–6 feet tall, scrawny, and gaunt. It does ring a bell, sounds like an Acolyte or some sort of demon in warcraft history. The majority of Forsaken have taken new given names or surnames for themselves. While Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner was preoccupied with running the Horde in Orgrimmar, several individuals from the Forsaken set up the Desolate Council as an interim-government for the Undercity in the Dark Lady's absence. [90], Forsaken do feel the need to breathe, though they can last at least a dozen days without taking a fresh breath of air. This was strained by the events at the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, in the following quests it is revealed that Grand Apothecary Putress's actions were not very well received among most of the city's denizens. 1 Like. Get FREE .com with a new hosting account at Bluehost. [87] However, if a Forsaken's body is kept intact, they could potentially avoid this altogether and live forever. In Cataclysm, after the death of the Lich King, several Val'kyr became "unemployed" and made a pact with Sylvanas to raise more Forsaken and bolster their numbers. After Sylvanas became Warchief, the Desolate Council was established to fill the power vacuum left with Sylvanas dealing with the Horde on Kalimdor. It is assumed that all undead have some sort of tormenting addiction to coincide with their undeath. Together with her dark rangers, the Banshee Queen infiltrated Icecrown Citadel and fought her way through to the Halls of Reflection, where she came face-to-face with the blade that took her life. Since their independence from the Scourge, the Forsaken have created different military organizations: They also include different types of undead and units within their ranks: Abominations mostly serve the role of soldiers and guards, though there are exceptions to this. The Royal Apothecary Society rose to meet this goal, and has been conducting a number of low-key experiments ever since. Some of those that freed themselves from the Lich King's grasp are tormented by memories of the unspeakable horrors that they had committed as mindless Scourge agents and are driven into madness or consumed by regret, whereas others embrace their new condition and may go on to indulge in their vile vices. [71] However, Sylvanas later indicated that she can raise other races during the Siege of Orgrimmar. Many of the free-willed undead, however, found a purpose to their cursed existence through the banshee queen's burning desire to destroy the Lich King. Convinced that the primitive races of the Horde can help them achieve victory over their enemies, the Forsaken entered an alliance of convenience with the savage orcs and the proud tauren. When King Anduin Wrynn proposed a Gathering in order to reconcile the humans of Stormwind with their Forsaken relatives, Sylvanas gave it her permission on the stipulation that the Desolate Council help organize it and be its sole Forsaken participants. No sooner had Garithos demanded that the Forsaken leave the land that Sylvanas promised him when she turned on him and executed the human leader; claiming the ruins of Lordaeron for the free-willed undead instead.[14]. Despite this, they have been known to create alcoholic drinks. Their zealots, bent on wiping out any and all undead from Azeroth regardless of affiliation, have long been a thorn in the Forsaken's side. Family names: Williams, Farthing, Trias, Dedmar, Calston. Both males and females have a variety of decomposing figures. Their efforts would come to a head during the events of Dragonblight, where the Forsaken stationed at Venomspite and Agmar's Hammer perfected the final strains of the plague brought over from New Agamand. The Cult of Forgotten Shadow is largely based out of Deathknell and the warrior quarter in Undercity. As the Lich King began to make his presence known to the inhabitants of Azeroth, the Forsaken came ever closer to achieving their vengeance upon the despoiler of Lordaeron. [86], Given enough time, Forsaken may slowly lose their consciousness and devolve into a mindless state. [41] Sylvanas said this when defending Silvermoon from Arthas during the Third War. [28] Forsaken do not require physical rest in the traditional sense,[89] however, from the existence of beds and coffins in Forsaken buildings, and Forsaken innkeepers saying "Rest your weary bones..." it can be deduced that Forsaken most likely benefit from resting, as it possibly helps to preserve their bodies longer. Their muscles are withered, making them scrawny. Forsaken hardly ever smile (unless their lips have rotted away - in which case they can appear to be smiling all the time). The kind-hearted tauren of Thunder Bluff proved to be the most promising contact.

After discovering that Tyrande Whisperwind had become the Night Warrior and her forces had returned to Kalimdor to reclaim the night elves' lost lands, the Forsaken were sent to oppose them during the Battle for Darkshore.


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