wits academy season 1 episode 19
S1 E1 Oct 04, 2015 . Meanwhile, Emily shares a secret with Ruby that leads to the Dyad Tree suffering worse than ever before. Andi competes in the shield trials and assists Leo in apprehending the fugitive.

Season 1 ; Subscribe. 7.6 (9) 0. Meanwhile, the Blockers competition commences and Ruby hunts for a spell that will return her to the Roots Room.

Andi has to prove her innocence to Agamemnon. Witch Hunt . Subscribe. It turns out to be connected to the Diad Tree. Andi arrives at WITS Academy and meets the other Guardians and Witches In Training. During the last battle of the Magic Melee the tree begins taking hostages and drains their energy so it can live. Meanwhile Emily and Jessie must save Ethan as the rest of the student body prepares for the Magic Melee. The Guardians fitness finals have arrived. Andi has to hide Emma's identity while she is at the Academy. Andi needs to train extra hard for the Guardian's fitness finals. Andi, Ruby, Luke and all their WITs must work together in order to reverse a Switcheroo Spell on Ethan and Emily. The magic melee has begun but as the WITS and Guardians fight to gain the lead on the competition the Realm gets put in great danger when the tree begins to die. Cameron and Ruby get in over their heads when they try to get out of trouble with Agamemnon. Sonraki oynatılıyor. Meanwhile, Andi works to get Jessie's powers back, and Ruby finds an unlikely magic coach in Emily. Wits Academy S01 - Ep15 Wonky Andi HD Stream Watch Wits Academy S01 - Ep15 Wonky Andi Online Watch Wits Academy S01 - Ep15 Wonky Andi Online Stream. Watch Now. But Ruby has everyone fooled as they play into her plot. Jessie and Emily duel. Andi arrives at WITS Academy and meets the other Guardians and Witches In Training. The mysterious intruder reveals himself. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page.

Andi reconsiders going out with Luke and finds the perfect object to make her shield triumph beyond the rest. WITS Academy is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. S1, Ep2. Meanwhile, the Dyad Tree starts withering away. WITS Academy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes).

Ben struggles with the second challenge, while Ruby has it out for Andi.

WITS Academy (TV Series) TV. Andi arrives at WITS Academy and meets the other Guardians and Witches In Training. Add episode. Season 1 See also. Also, while under a spell, Luke tries to woo Andi. While Jessie and Ben team up with Luke and his WITS to bring Andi back from exile, Ruby uses fake Andi to frame the real Andi for the Dyad tree crisis! The New Guard . The series first aired on October 5, 2015. Coach Foiler arrives and gives Andi a hard time.

You can also watch WITS Academy on demand atApple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online. 26:12. Wits Academy S01 - Ep18 Cameron … While Andi and Leo drift into the Bad Realm on a raft, Ruby creates a copy of Andi. Meanwhile, Andi investigates how Ruby can perform magic and Cameron is suspected to be the escaped fugitive. Full Episodes. S1 ... S1 E11 Oct 19, 2015 . Ruby's determined to find the room with the magical sap, while Andi copies another Guardian's teaching method. Subscribe.

Season 1. Andi and Jessie search for Hex. Bildir. Ruby becomes nice after being hit by her own docile spell. The WITS complete their first test. They team up with Luke, Leo and Agamemnon to diagnose Emma's markings. Jessie and Emily's feud escalates and Ruby discovers a risky spell she wants to use on Andi. 6 Oct. 2015 The Jinx. Episode List; TV Schedule; Details. The Guardians receive a new shield building assignment but are partnered with different WITs. The school must come together to save the tree and the people who have been held captive by it. Luke and Andi get closer, and Ruby's spell on Andi goes horribly wrong!

Daha fazla videoya gözat. TV Schedule. While Andi tries to get Jessie's powers back, Jessie befriends Ethan, Ben tries to be like Luke, and Ruby starts honing her newfound powers. The WITS start training for the final test: the Magic Melee!


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