winter moon fanfiction

They both have a long recovery ahead of them. His lip curled up in a snarl. Imprint notwithstanding, Jacob viewed Bella and Edward's young daughter with the eyes of a devoted big brother. Snuggled up against Jacob's broad chest, her tiny fingers resting over his beating heart, Nessie slept more deeply than she did even when nestled between her mother and her father. Will closes his book and scoops up the little girl. It goes against their nature. If Edward, wherever he was, could see what was going through Jacob's mind, the ways in which he wanted to touch Nessie, there would be a vampire/wolf showdown...and Jacob was pretty sure he'd lose.

Will spoons the broth and holds it out to Mischa. The morning sun had risen over Nome and illuminated the snow with light that made it give the cold, crystalline powder a pale golden glow. Now that I've completed my big pre-Twilight fic, I decided to resurrect my post-Breaking Dawn one;) And after seeing New Moon for a third time, I really wanted to give Jacob something to smile about.

It's almost time for school. And they're your pups, Steele.". But she was warm, so much warmer than someone who was half-vampire ever should have been.

", Bella worried at her lower lip with her sharp teeth. He places his hand over Hannibal's forehead and uses his powers to coax the boy into awareness. She is pale and shivering. "Why would you say something stupid like that? Seconds slipped by. I've had my suspicions about what's been going on with me for the last few weeks, but wasn't really 100% certain until I overheard the doctor talking about it just now.".

She never remembered crawling into his bed, but her family had lost count of the number of times they'd gone to wake Renesmee and found her curled up in innocent sleep alongside Jacob Black's long, muscled body.

Even if I wanted to...I couldn't." Steele asked rather impatiently. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Jake," she moaned, snaking her arms around his neck. "Steele, he doesn't look so good…we should probably get him to the vet, make sure there's nothing wrong with him.

You each eat at least half of the bowl and I'll see if I can round up something sweet for you.". They stared at one another, panting for breath, each expelled whisper of air swirling around their faces. "Not even the werewolf who loves my daughter. The whole and nothing but? With half of her beautiful face hidden behind her oversized mittens, all Jacob could see of Renesmee were her warm chocolate brown eyes as she looked up at him. "Your father and Jasper versus Emmett.

", Her golden eyes were narrowed at him to the point where he wasn't sure his old friend could even see him through the thin slits. "See you at breakfast.". As he kept walking through the town, Balto felt that something still wasn't right with him…he felt warm all over and it seemed his strength was leaving him, right before he collapsed into the snow and passed out he saw Steele running up to him with a worried look on his face. "I can barely stand my own thoughts." ", Jacob lifted his gaze to meet hers. They didn't fuss as Will arranges them, Mischa already asleep with Hannibal close behind her. Not when he still had very clear memories of her birth. "He'll have to cream them on his own." "I can see it in your eyes." Another minute passed. The girl, Mischa, watches her brother and mimics him. He has no experience taking care of humans. ", "True."

On accident, of course, but it will either be by his cooking or lack of control over his instincts. Hannibal on the other hand…. Diederich/Inarin (Winter Moon) Inarin (Winter Moon) Sapphire Shade (Winter Moon) Dierderich (Winter Moon) rated for mild language; Crushes; you mess with people because you like them; how does one titles; also summaries; Summary.

It touched everything and warmed it gently much like a mother would to her children when they asked for more blankets because they were cold, even the rickety houseboat near the edge of the town was lit up by the sun's light. "Because jokes about my seven year-old being in love with my oldest friend are hilarious." Making little wolves.". Will is going to kill the children. Her brothers and sisters will have a mix of Balto's gray and Steele's black and white coat colors, but she'll still be a wolf-dog like she is in the original movie and it seems I've just about bored you all to death with this really long author's note so it's time to wake up and smell the yaoi- enjoy, my frisky little wolf pups! By the way, I won't be changing Aleu or any of the other pups' appearance all that much except for their coat colors…Aleu will be at least a full shade darker than Balto but still 2 shades lighter than Steele, since Jenna will not have been the one to give birth to her in this fic. : I'll say it now so I don't have to say it later, I do NOT own 'Balto 2' or any of its' original characters- all that's mine is the title, the plot, and any OCs used in this story so absolutely no violent flames of any kind!. ", Because she wanted him to, and there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her, Jacob smiled at this news. "I can't be inside your head right now," he said, looking down at the wet ground beneath their feet. How will these next months test our favorite mated pair? Jacob finally asked. As soon as he was gone, Edward appeared in the door. The boy, Hannibal, wrinkles his nose and pushes the bowl away. ", "Jake," she sighed softly. The scent of bacon drifted up the stairs from the kitchen and Jake's stomach rumbled loud enough to break the moment. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. At hearing Boris mention Steele, Balto finally got up and lazily stretched his sore muscles. Disc. And then I remember..." She snorted delicately. He would need the memory of her scent while he was in La Push. He waited for the crunch of dead leaves and twigs beneath her feet that signaled her retreat, but he should have known her better. And two extremely angry vampires glaring down at him. ", He stared at her, like she'd slapped him across the face. "I'm not your mother, and I don't typically cook." Your review has been posted.

Arm in arm, they left the bedroom and started downstairs to join the rest of their family. He was over eighty years old when I was born. Vampires are not meant to take care of humans.

She closed her eyes when her husband drew her close and pressed a kiss into her hair.

The day she'd brought Nessie into the world. "Yeah, I didn't think you did. ", "Why wouldn't I believe it?" When their lips touched, he knew he was a dead man. My head's a little messy right now." "I don't think that. "You've always been more forgiving than me. - George Carlin.

", "No. ", Jacob scratched his fingers through his short black hair with a sigh. No." Jacob took a deep breath. "I'm not going to cut myself out of her life completely. Winter Moon (a Balto 2 fic) Disc. Her voice, although soft and musical, seemed loud within the empty, silent woods. Can you hear me!? "But Bella, you really don't have to worry. It is unheard. When her palm covered the flesh over his rapidly-beating heart, Jacob broke the kiss.

", She nodded. Her face was paler than he'd ever seen it before and her eyes were wet with unshed tears. "Ever wonder what our lives would have been like if none of this supernatural crap was true and we were just normal?" "She's falling in love with you. I'm aware." Rick was also walking through the town when he saw that Balto had collapsed. Just like that? When he grabbed her and hauled her up against his chest, her whimper was in pleasure rather than protest. But Will has never been a typical vampire.


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