why is dhl so slow

Friday no package. WTF? I purchased a vinyl record on ebay Germany 2 months ago and the package never arrived, the sender in Germany never received it back neither.

WTF?!  – About 1 Week ago.  – About 5 months ago. Two days ago they phone me because I have to pay customs fees - not sure why the fees with DHL are always more expense than with any other shipper. HI! why can't you inform me what neighbour recieved my package. DHL is the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with. It's a real crapshoot, and DHL is the only one that seems to have this issue.

I... DHL just took 15 days to ship an item from Boca Raton, FL to Kansas City. DHL SUCKS!!

It is not the company is the lack of your knowledge regarding the destination country who do You have to blame for ! He said my shipment was held up in CUSTOMS.

Oh, forgot to mention the package was only 4 hours away In Houston, TX and I live in Dallas, TX. These morons were trying to EXTORT money from the company by charging duties/VAT not due.

Who the hell knows. Dhl needs to be held federally accountable. I wish we could see who they're going to ship through so that I can just move on to another seller. It's unbelievable. I just can't believe that they wouldn't update their tracking information.

NO CALL and NO Package.

I live in Germany so its destination is an APO address. Feb 21, 2020 Waiting for a book that has been sitting in a NJ DHL warehouse for a week now (after being shipped three weeks ago from Texas). Thanks for "delivering" to some random stranger and not bothering to ask who they were. Ensure its 100% Digitally Duty/Taxes paid. Been 'in transit to destination country' for 14 days now. Its the holidays I understand, but it shipped 20 miles from where I live.

Ordered from seller authentic gucci and fendi belt It cleared all the customs it was in delivery facility on sept 8th and instead of out for delivery was please contact dhl well I did they said customs took my package 3 weeks for clearing or seizing today it’s sept 18 th still nothing no package. We're not around right now. Now I'm waiting outside for nearly another hour trying to get in.

The good guy had to DRIVE all the way from my house to mine, give my parcel and tell me the story. I order a small package from Ebay and it was coming from Montgomery, Illinois. Ordered a microscope from the US to Canada, it arrived in Canada May 15th, as of today it is still in brokerage.

I purchased a couple other PC parts as well which was stationed out in California. I ordered a package from India to the US and disgustingly DHL was the chosen courier.  – About 2 months ago. Every single time I have ever bought something online that shipped DHL, and I mean *every time*, the package somehow disappears with no updated tracking and I never receive it. On Tuesday morning (29 September) I paid nearly £40 to dispatch a parcel from London to Ottawa for my son's birthday on Friday 2nd October. I can... 12 hour windows for delivery or pickup (a paid service!)

I'm a DHL driver.  – About 6 months ago.

Today March 31 I saw where it had been at an USPS sort facility so in 12 days it was in the hands of USPS.

Every experience that I've had with DHL is slow shipping, never met their expected delivery date, and for what reason?

No I dont think so. Click here to visit: http://slnk.info/hkkga.

Shipping update said delivered and so I checked our mail room.

I did some research and found that poetic uses dhl regularly.

I hope this crappy "service" goes bankrupt soon. The package magically disappeared in Salt Lake, UT despite having tracking.

your seller is telling you that your items have been shipped when they haven't.

 – About 2 months ago. I have NEVER had a good experience with DHL and I'm clearly not alone!

Package stated to be delivered by Monday 10/12/2020.

Asking for help is even a worse nightmare. DHL is awful to deal with. To pay them for duties online they require me to enter a code they send me via text message. Completely incompetent! I guess at least I'm not the only one? As to why we shipped with DHL, speed and tracking were far superior than the USPS.

I agree they SUCK the big one! We cannot call customer service and ask them to contact you as they will not help us. This is my story: I moved into a new apartment that is brand new and nobody was living here before. Transferred to union city many days ago.... had to have sender resend new unit free because DHL sucks.

dhl is is a lier who keep saying for 2 weeks they will send it and i open a compliant they still lie away from 10th may on hold from hong kong no updates im sick of this company they scam you with... My package has been in Hong Kong since May 7th....shipment on hold...no flight out DHL say...what a bunch of crock... I’ve been waiting on my package for over a month and it’s been thru customs now it’s back in Hong Kong and i can’t seem to understand why .. nobody can give me an answer ... May 20, 2020

I called DHL and they gave me the actual cell phone number of the driver and he said he had delivered it to the mail room.

You’re visiting a Belgian DHL Express website from abroad. The fact was it was raining and no cars were even on our quiet street for the past hour. I can't believe this is a shipping company. I went to dhl myself to grab my package myself.

Who would be so ignorant to ship something without studying the country’ restrictions and limitations!

If DHL was a man, I'd punch him in the face soo hard he'd be out cold for months! I just ordered bubble Wednesday and I know it's gonna be here early this morning (Friday). DHL sucks because I ordered 3 e-juices online from a store that is 20 minutes with car away from me. Friend of mine in Germany sent me a package on March 9th. Ordered a package from Germany three weeks ago.

A local paperboy is more reliable that this shitty service!

It's been 2 weeks now!

 – About 4 months ago.

Its now the 28th and no update.

f%@k DHL they are garbage!!! I FINALLY GOT THROUGH.

(I remembered her face) drivers are lazy! No knock, did not ring door bell, did NOT leave a door tag.

ANd it was expensive so who nicked it. Package was supposed to be delivered 02/25/2020 and its now 03/05/2020 with no package and now they're saying they not only have NO tracking number but there's no sign of a package coming to my zipcode from Colombia even though I have one that THEY supplied.

But they never attempt to deliver even during these days, I called customer service, everything they said was I sent a message to station and will get back to you.....Terrible!

My package has been “Transferring to local USPS” for 20 days now. I ordered something from Japan. Package shipped on the 25th of march.

I need my tools to start my new job. It arrived at a Cincinnati facility on 7/31. I thought German companies were some of the best in the world but DHL is one of the worst companies in the world. i will never order anything that comes this way so over it these companys are getting alot of slack because there stuff never gets delivered ... no one needs to wait a month super bad !!!!!!!!! Dust Mask Amazon, I live in NJ.

I've started hesitating when buying a product now if I see DHL is the delivery method. theres no excuse no excuse at all for *** poor service..... not in today's market.

FEDEX DELIVERED ON TIME, NOT DHL. You cannot, I mean you literally cannot reach out to them via phone. I ordered an item from the US to Australia and I’ve been waiting for it for 2 weeks.  – About 5 months ago. I spent $129 on the power supply and I could be done my PC days ago if it had arrived on time. Seem to be banging your head against a desk when talking to Customer Service?

Meanwhile Amazon is back to normal. DHL just adds aggrivation and time lost  to the customer.Cheapest, cheaper, cheap is all a fluid question that depends on the service class you require, the service level you expect and the per item cost with any perks or benefits.The USPS started to include free insurance for priority to compete with UPS/FEDEX/DHL.Bulk mail entry points for the USPS offer such discounted service, companies locate around them for ease of use.No one here can tell you what would or is cheaper.

Did not even attempt to ring the doorbell or call. Yes, delivery time is often increased by at least 2 days and sometimes more. to see DHL on the shipper name !!!! I called usa-dhl support and no answer!

Just got an email.

I waited for this parcel for two days!

This company will not deliver my CrankBrothers wheel set to the post office where my P.O.

I was contacting DHL... Apr 14, 2020 When we order stuff online and the shipping company is DHL, we know for certain that they won’t deliver and ask us to go to the farthest DHL hub... Jun 16, 2020

when i went to the service point today, they said my package was delivered at my house.

All this cr*p about "logistics" and shipments sit in their "hub" for weeks on end, then they miss multiple delivery dates.


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