why do you think the other lion was so pleased that aslan had said “us lions”?

5. Like this book?

As it was coming back to life, the lion gave a ______________ yawn. ________________________________________________________ 2. Why do you think the Witch and her followers humiliated Aslan before killing him?Write, Discuss, Create 1.

4. After Beaver recites an old (prophetic) rhyme about Aslan, notching the tension even higher, Lucy asks, “Is — is he a man?” And finally here in chapter 8, almost halfway through the story, we find out that this Aslan is The Lion left hanging from the title: “Aslan a man!” said Mr. Beaver sternly. Don’t you know who is the King of Beasts?

________________________________________________________ 2.

The Dwarf said that the Witch requested ______________________ to come and meet with Aslan. 3.


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What do you think the Witch was thinking when she saw Aslan?Write, Discuss, Create 1. Lewis Foundation 2012, Comprehension – Answer the following questions based on Chapter 15. ___________________________________________________________ 7. that make the most sense based on the story.   Terms. Edmund said the lamp post _____________________________, and he desired to find the _____________________ of the thing.

And so more than fifty years after his death, the brilliance of C.S. Then follows Lewis’s careful description: They all saw it this time, a whiskered furry face which had looked out at them from behind a tree. Lewis Foundation 2012, Vocabulary enrichment activities: A.

How did the Witch’s appearance affect the group of Aslan’s supporters? What two things did Lucy notice after it seemed that hours had gone by? What did Mr. Tumnus tell Lucy about the giant Rumblebuffin? You mustn't think that even now Edmund was quite so bad that he actually wanted his brother and sisters to be turned into stone. ___________________________________________________________ 5. Why or why not?

What were the mice doing? Lewis Foundation 2012, Critical Thinking 1. What was the change in the noise that gave Lucy an odd feeling? _________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________ 6.

Aslan’s insistence that Lucy go and help others, Do you think Edmund should have been told what Aslan had done for, Why do you think the Professor advised the children not to talk too, Write a journal entry for one of the children after their return to.

Aslan is a lion — the Lion, the great Lion.”, Then, of course, Susan and Lucy ask if this lion is safe — to which Beaver answers with his memorable line, “Who said anything about safe? Mr. Beaver was offended by the _________ of the Witch calling herself the Queen of Narnia. __________________________________________________________ 7. The mention of “Lion” first thing in the title is the placeholder.

Lewis Foundation 2012, Chapter 15: Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of TimeVocabulary: making a high, shrill sound skirling disgusting vile place stead causing dizziness giddy slowing slacking© C.S. Tell how you felt. What did Mrs. Beaver notice about the meeting between Aslan and the Witch? _________________________________________________________© C.S.

At the name of Aslan each one of the children felt something jump in its inside.

Share the story. During the journey, Aslan told Peter about his plan of _____________.

“No,” I said with a smile, “he’s alive!

It’s not till chapter 12 — almost 70% of our way through the book — that the children arrive at the place of the Stone Table, hear the sound of music to their right, and “turning in that direction they saw what they had come to see.” And you could hear a pin drop in our children’s bedroom. ___________________________________________________________.

Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. _________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________ 5. vocabulary .

4. But as for Aslan himself, the Beavers and the children didn’t know what to do or say when they saw him. the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe .

So we picked up a copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe — don’t believe it when they say it’s “book two” of the Chronicles; Lewis wrote this one first, and Joe Rigney makes a good case for beginning here (Narnian, 163–165). 2. Lewis Foundation 2012, Critical Thinking 1. 1. What did Mr. Tumnus tell Lucy about the giant Rumblebuffin? All true obedience flows from the strength he supplies. Then in chapter 13, when we’ve barely met Aslan at long last, he speaks with the Witch, and then sacrificially gives his life in place of the rebel in chapter 14.

Lewis Foundation 2012, Vocabulary enrichment activities: A. 6. 2. For when they tried to look at Aslan’s face they just caught a glimpse of the golden mane and the great, royal, solemn, overwhelming eyes; and then they found they couldn’t look at him and went all trembly. 1.

When I was a child, I had no idea what was coming when Susan and Lucy snuck out of their tents. When the story’s four children realize they are lost in the woods, Susan notices “something moving among the trees over there to the left.”, “Whatever it is,” says Peter, “it’s dodging us. Behind the genius of Aslan is the radiance of the glory of God, the exact imprint of his nature (Hebrews 1:3), God’s own image (Colossians 1:15), God’s own fellow (John 1:1). Lewis Foundation 2012, Vocabulary enrichment activities: A.

If the children had ever thought so, they were cured of it now.

The brilliance of C.S. 2.

At least more than I thought. . If God has called you by his grace into glory, he will never revoke that calling.

Lewis is now available in paperback, as well as a free PDF.

3. Have you ever been in deep despair that suddenly was turned to joy? What did Lucy think the Witchs courtyard was like at first 2 What did Aslan do. How did the girls feel after the wild romp with Aslan?

Why couldn’t Susan and Lucy untie the ropes on Aslan’s body?

Lewis. The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.S. You could see it in their eyes, as they sat there on the bed, silent and still.


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