why are mitsubishi 380 so cheap
This seems to be a common problem with recent Mitsubishis with the Lancer being the worst offender trying to pass off hardened black licorice as interior plastic. Getting back on topic. The 380 is the odd one out. It is just buyer psychology that precludes confidence in the brand after some of the unfortunate experiences with the early Magnas.Ever since that time, Mitsubishi has bent over backwards to produce the best bulit car in Australia and if I wanted a "family " car and was prepared to keep it for AT LEAST 5yrs , I would buy one for $30K with no hesitation and I would be getting a bargain.When the Aurion was released, I compared the 380 to it, in back-to-back extended test drives and I thought then and still do think that the 380 was and is a better car.The unfortunate reality however is that the Toyota will always sell more units and have a better resale value. 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage ES | Thunder Bay Mitsubishi via Facebook. If only it didn't have such a large engine. I get about 500-550KM out of the tank, but notice the last half of fuel disappears quicker than the first half. Consumer Reports likens Mitsubishi to "the Walmart of car companies" as it undercuts even such no-frills brands as Honda and Hyundai. Loved the Magna only 'just' liked the 380. Remember the numbers quoted here are for a new car. From the front or rear. It had just under 10,000km when I bought it and I'm now well into the 200,000s. Unfortunately the 4cyl version was dropped, it didn't offer enough power and fuel economy at the same time :(, By the time the 380 came along, all the budget allowed was a face lift of the US Galant which meant the 380 was not designed for Aussies from the ground up. OMG, why did you bring back an old dead thread about a dying car company that builds a dying car? The automaker is part of a giant, private conglomerate that deals in everything from farmed salmon to gummy bears, so it's hard to say what kind of profit margin Mitsubishi is realizing on its cars, or whether they're profitable at all. The 380 is very comfortable to sit and drive and I would class as an luxury car. New price $40,000, Sold 5 years later for $10,000 (105,000km's excelent condition). At least the 380 is the same (albeit bland) design in the exterior. Its just like Hyundai still have problems of people remembering how bad their early cars were. Mitsubishi Mirage ES. In an industry whose companies continuously jockey for customers by offering standout features, carefully slicing the market according to socioeconomic strata, Mitsubishi has a simple approach: Aim for the bottom. Umm sure the 380 was based on the US galant but there was a lot more than just a face life, there was a 600Million dollars spend on adapting the 380 to Australian conditions... some face lift....I would now like to draw your attention to the point that when the magna was released it was faster than the equivalent commodore, from what i can remeber these were done by wheels, but don't quote me on that!Performance:Top Speed:Telstar 2.0 5 speed.162 kmhCamira 1.8 efi 5 speed.176 kmhCommodore 3.3 carb 5 speed.175 kmhBluebird 2.0 carb 5 speed.158 kmh (4th as 5th was 157kmh)Corona 2.4 efi 5 speed.169 kmhMagna 2.6 carb 5 speed.174 kmh (4th as 5th was 163kmh)400 MetresTelstar: 18.27Camira: 17.68Commodore: 17.81Bluebird: 18.86Corona: 17.48Magna: 17.350-100kmhTelstar: 12.78Camira: 11.13Commodore: 12.09Bluebird: 13.98Corona: 10.87Magna: 10.73.

So it cost me $2000 a year in depreciation.

Would you believe it? the reason i believe they don't sell is due to the fact that they can't get people in to test drive them.they're craploads better than those front-drivers built in altona but people just totally discount them before even having a look. This would help local fleet sales as well as export markets where a smaller engine is required. The 380 is the odd one out. Have you ever driven a 380--what were your impressions? With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. Has anyone else been rejected a 'test drive' just because it was a Saturday? They look like they picked them up from a half-price bin in a $2 shop. Despite RWD on a car of this type having very little benefits over a FWD vehicle (the real win here comes mainly on the race track) the Aussie Big 6 buying public is brainwashed (sorry harsh word I know) into the "Oh its not RWD – it must be crap". Basically there is nothing wrong with the Mitsubishi 380 other than the resale value and it is hard to exactly pin point why it is a miserable sales failure.Large sedans do not sell in big numbers to private buyers, this also applies to the Falcon and to a slightly lesser extent the Commodore. And Aurion is doing quite well by the way... =). It is what it is: $130. Agreed. There have been so few 380s sold and even fewer VRX models, I cannot se a huge queue of 380 VRX owners willing to trade in their 12 month or so old car and take a 15k hit in the process. The Performance and handling were good. ?

If you take a look back at Mitsubishi in the 1990s, you’d never expect it would have sunk so low by 2016. It is well built, drives well, has great NVH levels and the engine is really smooth and torquey. Even if they are open to purchases, the sort of things that sell fleet cars to the final users, are little things like cupholders in the right place, boot access from within the car, remote boot releases, when you open the boot, water doesnt pour on your head, power for the laptop, and safety etc.Its a fickle world that owes very little to a studious buying decision - everytime, holden brings out a new car, ford simply plonks a bit more sound deadening material in theirs, and bobs your uncle, you sell more falcons on the test drive. The larger the run of ammo a manufacturer can produce the cheaper their costs become. What other car can you get with AWD, 2.4L, 5 passengers, and looks good. Mitsubishi’s vehicles don’t offer much that sets them apart, other than low MSRPs. IMO, the worst aspect of the 380 is those nausea inducing rear taillights with the clear covers. They must go to the same training school as Mazda and Subaru sales people in that case.

The 300C is a nice car, but nothing amazing. vehicles offer a better combination of features, looks, and performance, according to the magazine. They may drive great, seat 20, be made of recycled penguin spit, whatever but if it doesnt look reasonable, it wont fly too high. My mum bought my 380 when it first came out for $20k and I bought it off her 10 years later for $4k. Its just like Hyundai still have problems of people remembering how bad their early cars were. Not in this market segment though, which I reckon added to it's downfall. Personally, Id never even consider the .380 version when 9mm Mak is so cheap. Say 'Mitsubishi" to him and his face looks like you just dropped a hell clanger. The car is built like a brick and the engine is the same one found in the Mitsubishi Pajero. My only concern is the fuel consumption. This is one 380 and a few Fords Well yes, but that doesn't invalidate the figures.Either one has to assume that my 380 somehow 'magically' gets better consumption than other 380's (unlikely :) or that our usage pattern is somehow different (somewhat likely).The area is rural town and the usage mix includes more highway and less stop/start than the average city car.So perhaps it is simply that 380's perform was than fords in city use but better in primarily highway use? I know other that have, and in all cases it has been due to age related deterioration of the CV rubber boot. It has around a five-pound pull. How much would you pay for an EL Falcon sedan with 180,000 kms on the clock?In about 5 years time I will buy a 380 for under $10,000 and it will be cheap, reliable motoring. Sales of mitsubishi cars across the board started to fall when talk started of them closing the manufacturing plant. Like the Cobra, it has a European-style magazine release, meaning on the heel of the grip. Most reliable car ever built in Australia. Can't wait! I couldn't imagine myself in one. People incorrectly feel that closing this plant will mean that mitsubishi will stop selling cars here, hence don't want to buy a car and be left with no warranty. So comfortable ,I could easily drive around Aussie in this very underrated Sedan. Most manufacturers seem to be pushing FWD.

http://www.fuelly.com/car/mitsubishi/lancer. The timing belt has been just replaced too. How many of those are fleets?I know for a fact that some company fleets restrict available cars to those with four cylinder engines (amongst other restrictions on the choice of car). The 380 and the preceding two Magnas look good with some larger wheels, no spoilers (and other addenda) and lowered about an inch or two. No real vices, economy was ok (near new, so would improve).Very roomy. Can also change it on your own. It doesn't seem like they had itemised fuel consumption figures back in 2006, for some reason. Yeah, a good first car and much safer than most. Really ? I'll likely be the only person in the car most of the time.

It comes with LED headlights and shifting paddles and can be kitted out with adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warnings, and a power tailgate. Not because it is better , but because it is better perceived as a brand.Never doubt the complex psychological factors at work in the mind of even non enthusiast car shoppers. The demand isn't there so a small supply doesn't matter. My TJ VRX was a very good car.

People don't realise how nice the car looks with a few simple changes.Other problems are the manual version and the VRX seats..The manual gearbox seems to be based off a lancer.. really doesn't suit the car and I found it to be very jerky.

However, not to rag on Kel Tec, it is made from better materials than the Kel Tec. This generally takes 15 or more years, although it can be less. The Mitsubishi's in the 80's to mid 90's were quite bad and it is taking a while to shake this image. More on topic: I like the 380, and would purchase one second hand after the major hit to resale had been taken by someone else. I don't find it "thirsty" at all. Disappointed these cars have stopped being made.

The Mitsubishi's in the 80's to mid 90's were quite bad and it is taking a while to shake this image. The carmaker pulls off a bit of a strategic coup by undercutting a cluttered market. What are some of your favorite cheap guns and why? the Accord), but it seems that they stopped around 85% of the way. Here are five .380 concealed carry size guns that are cheap and available. I found out that Hyundai use the same purge valve as the 380s and there cheap too you can get them off ebay, Best Car Ever: Makes all others pale in comparison.


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