who owns the kansas turnpike authority

One of them had cut out the news item from the Wichita Evening Eagle and brought it to court with him the next morning, May 2, 1956, but he had neither displayed nor discussed it with anyone. The plan intended for intermittent users, My K-TAG, requires an active credit card.

Video enforcement of electronic lanes at three mainline toll plazas began. [16], In June 1956, the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 was signed into law, granting funding to the nationwide Interstate Highway System. Seven cars, all headed northbound, stalled in the floodwater. [33][34][35][36] However, K-TAG is not compatible with any other systems, such as the E-ZPass system in the eastern United States. A series of curves takes the turnpike farther east as it reaches exit 197 (Lecompton[72]), a folded diamond interchange with the western terminus of K-10. KANSAS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY. [4] The Kansas Turnpike Act, defining a turnpike from Oklahoma to Kansas City, became effective April 7, 1953. The turnpike runs due north and south between its southern terminus and Wichita.

[4], When the turnpike was originally opened, it had no posted speed limit, however "drivers [would] be 'hailed down' if they exceed 80 miles an hour [130 km/h]. The second juror in turn read it and then a third juror also read it. [45] It is accessed by ramps on the right side of the highway in both directions. In the early morning hours of May 8, rain gauges in Rose Hill registered over ten inches (25 cm) of rainfall in a 24-hour period. KTA’s mission is to move Kansas forward by operating a safe, reliable and customer-valued turnpike system in a fiscally responsible, businesslike manner. 68, Art. My K-TAG keeps track of the tolls accrued by the customer, and automatically charges the user's credit card monthly. Other sections through urban areas remained at the lower limits as well. The Kansas Turnpike Authority moves Kansas forward by operating a safe, reliable and customer-valued turnpike system in a fiscally responsible, businesslike manner.

[89] Later in November 1995, Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit; Kansas initially left their limits alone after the repeal.

[37] In fact, until 1987, this stretch of the turnpike was designated solely as the Kansas Turnpike without an Interstate number. On the question raised in the lower court and also on appeal as to instructions requested by the Authority and the instructions given by the court, all of them have been considered and in respect to those requested, they were either given in substance in the court's instructions or they involved issues not in the lawsuit.

[39] It crosses the Arkansas River between exits 42 and 45. Kansas Department of Transportation website, Toll road authorities of the United States, David Lindstrom, Chair of the Authority Board, Director of Business Services and Customer Relations. Thank you for signing up for our eNewsletter. As soon as they acquired the land in 1947, the Randles had begun using it for raising and training greyhound dogs. After the taking Randles' remaining land consisted of two triangular-shaped pieces; there were 84.5 acres in the tract to the northwest of the turnpike and 46.47 acres southeast of the turnpike. The turnpike also carries a piece of two U.S. It runs in a general southwest–northeast direction from the Oklahoma border to Kansas City. Governor Ed Arn and Gale Moss, the State Highway Director, were two major proponents of the turnpike concept. The turnpike is self-sustaining; it derives its entire revenue from the tolls collected and requires no tax money for maintenance or administration. While the western Kansas route was determined not to be feasible, the Oklahoma–Kansas City route was projected to generate a total revenue of $9 million in 1957 (about $64 million in 2019 dollars[7]). 1986. [2] By the mid-1940s, this route had shifted to roughly the present I-35 alignment, serving Wichita. This is an appeal in a condemnation proceeding from a trial court's judgment in favor of the landowners and against the Kansas Turnpike Authority. The evidence of the juror who had first been shown the newspaper clipping further showed that the value of $1,350 per acre was brought up by the foreman and ultimately approved by the other jurors. [39] The southernmost interchange on the turnpike is exit 4 (South Haven[40]), which serves US-166. Board members, as listed on the Kansas Turnpike Authority web site, are below: The Kansas Turnpike Authority employs over 400 people who are charged with maintaining, preserving, and redesigning the 236-mile roadway and improving its function as a vital corridor to move people and goods in Kansas. After this, the turnpike continues due east to a fully directional interchange with I-635 at exit 418.

Additionally, by this time many states' turnpike authorities were competing in the bond markets for investor dollars.

It crosses Wolf Creek before leaving Leavenworth County and entering Wyandotte County. The Kansas Turnpike is a 236-mile-long (380 km), freeway-standard toll road that lies entirely within the U.S. state of Kansas.

The Topeka Service Area is located on the north side of the road east of here at mile 188. An electronic toll collection system known as K-TAG is also available. [55], East of exit 53, the turnpike passes into Butler County. It passes through several major Kansas cities, including Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence. Exit 39 (Haysville[46]) serves two of Wichita's southern suburbs.

[87] The Kansas Department of Transportation requested an Interstate designation for the Emporia–Topeka segment of the turnpike by May 1987,[88] which they received on October 23, 1987, when that section was given the I-335 designation to allow for a 65 mph (105 km/h) speed limit.


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