white golden retriever breeders colorado

We can be reached at:970-867-4887 or 970-380-8025, Contact us - Phone: 970-380-8025 or email: goldengirlskennels@hotmail.com.

Golden and Labrador retrievers. We are involved in so many volunteer activities and it rubs off on others. Love these guys. All of our pups are micro-chipped, come with a toy, new collar, and will also include a pet ID tag for their collar with the information you provide and the name you have chosen for your puppy. We hope you feel the same. that lives on Maui, To purchase this great book- go to: http://adogspurpose.com/, Lilo, CGC- one of our Hungarian imports with her babies. Preferably you can come and pick your golden puppy in person, however if you can't we can assist you with selecting a puppy that's right for you online. This is a Tequila X Pipe puppy, Playing with puppies- these are Kalei, CGC X Pipe puppies, Some of our goldens out for a run- from the left: Kapu, Hula, Kai, Poi, and Pau walking behind them, Our family, awhile ago, with one of our retired dogs, Ilio in Maui.

We combine excellent confirmation, exceptional good Most of our dogs are imported so that we can get the lighter coat and blocky head- like this one from The Netherlands! In order to achieve this goal, we begin with Life is sure rough when you are a Golden Retriever! Young and old our dogs bring so much joy to our lives and the people who adopt them from us. are free from hereditary problems and are backed by a Each puppy also reacts and adjusts differently to the change of a new family. We ask questions of each other and hope you will feel like we are a good fit.

Properly bred Goldens have the intellegience and personality to make them one of the best breeds available for family pets.

We have a large range of Golden Retriever puppies such as; white golden retrievers, also known as pale golden retrievers, English crème retrievers, platinum blond, American blond, red, and many more. Ukraine import Coco, CGC in her favorite position. Welcome to Great White Goldens. One of our girls is spending time loving on someone in a rehab facility. He plays tight end as a true freshman.

Vet care after a dog leaves is the responsibility of the new owner. We have a large range of Golden Retriever puppies such as; white golden retrievers, also known as pale golden retrievers, English crème retrievers, platinum blond, American blond, red, and many more. f you have not read these books then you are missing out.

Take a browse around our website and see what puppies we offer. Proud of the young man he is turning out to be. Define your preferences and we will provide pictures, personality tests, observations and our recommendations to help make the best match for you. He currently plays football for Colorado State University. Labradoodle Breeder and Goldador breeder. Amazingly proud of him and humbled by his talent daily. So proud of our son who served in the US Navy and his beautiful bride serving in the US Coast Guard.

All of our foundation adults We will send you an adoption application that includes information on: your family composition, location, lifestyle, your expectations, and commitment to your pup. these wonderful pets and show dogs. Are you looking for a happy, energetic, intelligent, children friendly, healthy, mellow tempered, absolutely gorgeous, and still affordable perfect puppy? All of our foundation adults are free from hereditary problems and are backed by a health guarantee.

We assist with the birth and hand raise the pups right in our bedroom suite. We breed, import, and sell Golden Retrievers from International CH lines in the USA and worldwide. CH Leihua-, CGC- our Russian import, enjoying time at the pool with us.

We breed, import, and sell Golden Retrievers from International CH lines in the USA and worldwide. Watching the twins grow up and into close friendships is so fun. We begin crate training before going to their new homes as well. We have a lot of love to share and sincerely hope you get that vibe from the pictures and information we have chosen to share with you. Each Vet has a different approach and as the new owner you will be responsible for deciding what is best for your puppy. He has a huge heart and a servants heart. trustworthy companions. Our puppies are loved, socialized, and held from the day they are born.

Pick your puppy in person or we can assist you online. Our golden puppies are: wiggling, wagging and waiting to go home with you! Size Males 23-24 inches in height at withers; females 21½-22½ inches.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and enquiries. We are always glad to show off our gorgeous Golden Retrievers! More dogs and kids! It is not fair to the puppy, in the event that you change your mind, these are lives we are dealing with. Golden Girls Kennels® is located in Eastern Colorado, We would love to hear from you. service dogs, therapy dogs,  conformation and  hunting Once you place a deposit on a puppy, we no longer market that puppy- so deposits are not refundable.

We are located outside Brighton, Colorado. As a serious Hobby Breeder, my dogs are loved family members.

We welcome you to the home of Colorado's Finest Kennels and Ranch. AKC Golden Retriever Standards. We hope you feel the same. Well, Golden Girls Kennels® has your perfect puppy.


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