whirlpool wrx986sihz00 lights not working
After removing the light shield, remove the dead bulb and replace it with the new bulb. Depending on the model of fridge, you may have LED lighting.

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I troubleshot the problem for awhile with the light board hanging from the top.

Whirlpool. Now , the fridge side is basically off and dark(if you look straight up at the light you can see they are getting some power but barely) Same for the Freezer side.

To determine if the light switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the individual modules appear to be OK at least you can test if there is power being applied to them from the LED module control board. Lighting.

Here are all the components involved with the lights.

not open circuit when released. Finally said **** it and bought a freezer LED light and it came an hour ago.

Given that it affects both the refrigerator and freezer compartment lights, I suspect that the LED light control board or the harness connection to it, is the most likely cause of the problem. Changing out a light bulb inside the fridge is a straightforward process. The freezer light looks to have one LED, in the LED assembly, completely dark when the other 3 LED barely glows (** *) And they strobe(but barely glowing) then go basically dark after about 5 seconds of strobing(pulsing) very very dim.. Mine had the strobe problem. If it makes no difference then it may be on the LED control board itself. Danielle Smyth is a writer and content marketer from upstate New York. Repair Clinic: Why is My Whirlpool Fridge's Light Not Working. (maybe very very very dim barely glowing) So the switches are making contact. Especially considering there is nothing wrong with the original. after reading thread about similar problem, I checked freezer light as others said, I notice freeze light doesn’t work when you open freezer.

Terms — Check that the switch is still working electrically, i.e. She owns her own content marketing agency, Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing (www.wordsmythcontent.com), and she enjoys writing home and DIY articles and blogs for clients in a variety of related industries. Turn the refrigerator control to OFF. If you open the door and nothing happens, your light bulbs may have burned out. Sometimes you'll find a plastic cover over the light bulb. I assumed the globes just died. Start doing it yourself with the confidence that comes with 100+ years of experience. NOTE: It may not be necessary to remove the bottom hinges and brake feet assemblies to move the refrigerator through a doorway. I popped the fridge light down from the top with a butter knife and checked the LED board for burnt components. I dyked them off short enough to clear the top of the light holder in the ceiling of the fridge and popped the light back in. Be sure to consult the manual to see whether the customer is meant to be able to access the lighting or not. Already ordered?

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Do you mean that the refrigerator light goes bright then off when the freezer door is opened? If the light board is receiving sufficient voltage, but the refrigerator light will not work, replace the light board.

Whirlpool French door LED lights not all working I have a Whirlpool model #WRF989SDAB02 French door refrigerator that not all LED lights work. the frig and the freezer doesn't work. The lights do not work: The power supply cord is unplugged.

We can help you find your model number right away. If not, a Whirlpool technician can come to investigate the issue, replace any faulty components and help with other Whirlpool refrigerator problems and solutions. First, it's important to make sure the bulbs are actually burnt out.

Barry G. Vocational, Technical or Trade School. I have the same problem and really don't want to spend money on something that should be working.

A household fuse or circuit breaker has tripped. The LED control board for your model is part #27 - Cabinet parts diagram. Here’s a link to a supplier that shows all the parts and how much they cost.

The serviceman could not repair the unit because the light module in the freezer (connected to upper lights) went bad and is covered with insulation. whirlpool fridge not making ice/dispensing water or ice and interior light isnt kicking on when door is opened. So I replaced freezer light as told but still same thing. where is the LED control board located on a WRX986SIHZ00? Hi, all. After about 2 years of use, I had some condensation problem in the freezer so had to fix that by clearing drain hole, after that I notice ceiling light and freezer light not working. Our refrigerator is a top of the line Whirlpool with a MSRP of more than $3300. After a bunch of trial and error fixes I finally determined that the pins sticking up from the board into the smaller connector were not forming a consistent mechanical (and thus electrical) connection to the female pins on the male connector coming from the supply.

@douthatm. First, you'll want to make sure you have the proper bulb as a replacement.

I played with the door switch and got it to come back bright, but the next opening it would be dim again.

Some manufacturers don’t sell the light assembly components separately, and instead require you to purchase the light assembly. He called Whirlpool for help and they told him that it is not repairable and we need a new fridge. I'm a bit loathe to suggest that you disconnect the fridge lights and then check what happens to the freezer lights as it might damage the control board more as the freezer light circuit seems to be the one that has the bigger problem and may be causing the problem with the fridge lights, This is all conjecture as without a schematic (I can't find one) of how the LED power supply is supplied (I'm assuming from the LED control board) you just have to try different scenarios and check what happens. Both the freezer and the fridge went dark after the fridge side had the flicker for about a month. We purchased an extended warranty from Whirlpool. When you open the door of your Whirlpool refrigerator, the inside lights should respond by turning on to help you find what you're looking for. Is this control panel issue in the back? It isn't a long process, so the interior of the refrigerator should remain cold enough for your food while the change out happens, but pay attention if the task takes extra time to complete. You'll want to make sure you get the proper type of bulb as a replacement — the same wattage, shape and size. Email.

Gently remove the bulb and reinsert. If the light switch does not have continuity, replace it. Disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical supply. About a month ago the fridge light would flicker and go dim when I opened the door. Can you hear the evaporator fan turn on and off when you manually operate the door switch? © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy —

2 For the overhead lights in the fridge, it appears as though the 3 overhead light modules are connected to the LED module control board. These screws will help you align the hinge when you replace the door. If your light bulb in your fridge doesn't work, it might be burnt out. it was dim before not it's off. Search. That means a thousand bucks for their product that failed after about 13 months. Since the freezer drain was blocked, meltwater may have got in between the freezer and fridge sections and affected the control board or even the individual overhead LED modules. ifixsmartphone. Top right and both sets of side lights along door jambs do not light when door is opened. rolled the unit out, unplugged it, popped the freezer light out, plugged the new one back in, plugged the unit back to power and opened the door to the BRIGHTEST lights.

Hold times are long. only the side lights work when you open the door. Usually the door switches have two functions in that when a door is opened (either door) the switch signals the control board to turn off the evaporator fan - to stop blowing the cold air out, and also to turn on the lights. I think the consumer products Commissions and Consumer Reports need to look into the issue. I found a couple of very small sewing needles and wedged one of them each of the wire holes in the top of the connector coming from the supply so that the connection was constant and stable.


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