where was tatooine filmed
Before planning to visit the Tunisian Star Wars locations, foreign citizens should first check if they require a visa for Tunisia to enter the country for purposes of tourism. Visiting the Sahara Desert is [...], With 6 international airports and numerous direct flights from various major European and African cities, Tunisia is within easy reach for travelers from almost [...], Visit the Star Wars Filming Locations in Tunisia, popular attractions for tourists in the country, Visiting the Archeological Site of Carthage, Handbook to Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Kuwait. Multiple global locations were used for filming locations during the production of the Star Wars films to provide the setting for alien planets in the Star Wars Universe. If you are a hardcore fan, you can actually stay at the hotel and eat where Luke Skywalker ate as a kid. Drive trough Beharya and keep following the C114 until you can take a left and drive up the C104. Ksar Hadada was where Tatooine: Mos Espa slave quarters were shot. where was Tatooine filmed in Star Wars IV? This is the front of their home, where they find shelter from the sandstorm and where Shmi and Anakin said their teary goodbyes. While that may be just a little difficult, there are still the real-world locations that served as various worlds during filming, and they can be visited. Tourism is an important part of the Tunisian economy and its location with the Mediterranean Sea, along with the sunny weather, makes it ideal for beach holidays and after the revolution more and more spas and other coastal resorts have sprung up and continue to be developed. Another Tatooine filming location was on the other side of the world, in Death Valley, California. All Rights Reserved. Luckily the other two locations on Djerba are easier to find. From Nefta there is a road heading north that takes you to the remains of the Mos Espa set (GPS: 33°59’39.51″N, 7°50’33.69″O). The GPS coordinates to this location are: 33°43’26.69″N, 10°44’59.95″O. Also Read | 'Star Wars' Fanatic? ", Star Wars Locations and their GPS coordinates, George Lucas's filming locations on Movie-Locations.com, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Star_Wars_filming_locations&oldid=983966226, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This road takes you to what has become known as Star Wars Canyon due to many iconic locations that were filmed there. miles) it is the smallest Northern African country, with an estimated population just shy of 10.8 million citizens. Read on to discover which Star Wars locations in Tunisia are worth visiting, and how to get between them. GPS coordinates are 34° 1’46.95″N, 8°17’39.85″O and page 86 of The Complete Making of Indiana Jones offers a detailed description on how to reach this destination. Even further up north on the same road, for some 10-15 minutes more, you will arrive in Sidi Jemour. The Tatooine port city of Mos Espa was built outside the city of Tozeur. Visas and immigration: Only a valid passport is required for citizens of most European countries, USA, and Canada. At Douz make a right turn, entering the C206 that takes you to Qibili. While much of the movie was filmed using stages and special effects, no amount of 1970s technological wizardry could create a set realistic enough to make people believe they were watching a scene on a barren planet. This is a mountain range called Oung Jamel, also known as Camel Rock. From there go to Tunis, sleep at Hotel Du Lac (which is shaped as a sandcrawler), visit Carthago (lots of ruins from ancient Rome time) and fly back home from Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Navigating around in cities can be a difficult situation due to not all streets having names, and if they do they are not always used by the locals either. :)) ... (Lars family homestead, Tatooine) 3 0. The road to Jabba’s Palace in Tatooine was filmed at Twenty-Mule Team Canyon, Death Valley, California, USA. From Tataouine it is a 22 km. The Norman Foster-designed station's escalators and glass safety doors are particularly noticeable in the film. Ever since the return in 2000 to shoot scenes for Attack of the Clones, the set decorations mostly stayed in place except for the larger items like the moisture vaporators. Luke Skywalker was attacked at the canyon by Tusken Raiders, even R2-D2 was abducted by Jawas at the place. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There you need to pay attention while you cross the small city to make sure that you end up on the P16 leading to Rasta and Oum Somaa. Which Of These Caterpillars, Found Throughout The Southeastern U.S., Is Covered In Stinging Hairs? The interiors were filmed at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK. Shubiel Gorge, Sidi Bouhlel (or Sidi Bou Helal), is the place that was turned into Tatooine canyon. At 34° 2’20.24″N,  8°16’41.39″O is the place where our heroes are seen watching towards Mos Eisley, this is not to be confused with the point of view shot from them that happens a few seconds later in the scene, which was filmed in the USA. The south of the country is desert. English is of limited use, but fine for use around tourist areas. Where were the Star Wars Tatooine desert scenes filmed? In Galactic Backpacking, we explore these locations by country, looking at their histories and current attractions. While Tataouine was not used in any of the movies, it is obviously the inspiration for the name of the desert planet that till that point was known as Utapau, as evidenced by some production schedules that Charles Lippincott, the advertising publicity supervisor for A New Hope, recently uploaded on his Facebook page. Nearby, at 34° 2’21.31″N, 8°16’40.63″O, is where the Tusken snipers were taking aim at the approaching landspeeder. Many Medieval Manuscripts Inexplicably Feature Illuminations Of Knights Fighting? Know the real locations of the desert planet, 'Star Wars' Fanatic? In 2019 Tunisia welcomed a record 9 million visitors, many of whom [...], A unique landscape stretching across much of North Africa, the Sahara Desert evokes images of sandy dunes and starry skies. There are quite a few options on what you could do from this point on. Lucas used Death Valley for some pickup shots after the shooting in Tunisia was completed. Also recommended is that you drive to Kairouan (292km, 4 hrs), which was used in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to portray Cairo. Leave Medenine on the P19 to Tataouine. Star Wars, A New Hope, filming in Death Valley. For example, the scene where C-3PO and R2-D2 travel to Jabba the Hutt‘s place was filmed in Twenty Mule Team Canyon in Death Valley. Abnormal radio signals caused by the Tunisian desert sands made the radio-controlled R2-D2 models be unpredictable. Many of the original sets used to film Star Wars in Tunisia still remain standing today and have become some of the most popular attractions for tourists in the country. Recently he finished his Tourism Management study and he cannot wait to work in the tourism industry. Although Tunisia acts as the major location where Tatooine was filmed, a few different places were also used.


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