where is newsfeed on facebook

Your News Feed should be filled with updates from the people and Pages you follow. For iOS devices, we will navigate to AppStore and update the application using an update tab which is similar to Android. This gives you an impression that the Facebook news feed is not loading or updating.

This may solve the issue on Facebook news feed not loading.

There are many features on Facebook that you can use for personal or business purposes.

This is known to be a problem since the main Facebook application requires good processing as well as intensive storage requirements.

Here you can use the alternative of Facebook Lite. Multiple ways are tackled in this tutorial guide that can help you on how to fix the issue. Sometimes though there are some problems that may occur with Facebook such as the issue on Facebook news feed not loading. After, install the Facebook Lite app from the App Store or Play Store and log on using your same Facebook account. Just download the application from PlayStore and after entering your credentials, check if the news feed issue is resolved for good without any shortcomings. Check to see if the Facebook news feed and comments are now loaded. Navigate to the main page of Facebook. Step 05: Choose your friends, pages or people that you want to see first on the news feed, unfollow or reconnect with people and groups. Step 01: On your browser, open Facebook web. The ‘most recent’ feature of the news feed keeps displaying data which is day(s) old. The Facebook News Feed is made up of stories from friends, followed Pages, and groups joined.

Download the file to your chosen device.

News Feed makes its selections based on a complicated calculus of who is posting what and when. News Feed is the centerpiece of your Home page. Additional likes or comments can also cause a post to reappear in your News Feed even if you’ve already seen it. This seems like a bug which was probably solved by Facebook engineers but we received recent reports that this was the case. Sometimes an app gets stuck or does not respond. Step 02: From the menu bar, scroll down and click on More. Uninstall first the Facebook app.

To resolve the issue on Facebook news feed not loading, you may want to update the Facebook app to its latest version.

Stories here refers to actions that your friends have taken on Facebook — things like writing a status update, sharing a photo or link, or becoming friends.

You can still use the other functionality as usual, you just won't get sucked into the attention hole. You can install a third-party cleaner app to clear the memory and cache of your device for a faster apps processing and prevent loading issues. Click Done or go back to Home.

Most often just a simple restart of the Facebook app will fix the issue on the Facebook news feed not loading. These preferences have 2 main options namely Top stories and Recent. You can do a restart or force quit an app to stop the processes. It is a useful app that helps you get in touch with anyone from anywhere.

It doesn’t show you everything from your friends; instead, it tries to show you things it thinks you will find interesting. Now you can select Most Recent for most recent feeds to show up in your application. On the computer, you can connect directly via LAN.

If you have other devices that access Facebook using the same account, you can close all those and sign in again. After installing Facebook app, log on again using your Facebook account. Tap on the Uninstall button to proceed.

These preferences have 2 main options namely Top stories and Recent.

… If you see a large spike, it means that other people are also experiencing the problem and there is nothing you can do. After the install, log on again using your Facebook account. Don’t forget to restart your smartphone before checking. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.

Facebook releases frequent updates every now and then to ensure that the applications stay up to date with the Android OS as well as to fix all the bugs. Now, Once the new menu is opened, you can disable.

In Android devices, time is usually set automatically with the help of your sim card.

You can try disconnecting your internet connection from your device and connecting it to it again. Re-launch the Facebook app and log on using your Facebook account.

On your iPhone device or any mobile device, you can just do a manual refresh of the Facebook news feed by swiping down.

Check for the most recent updates of the Facebook app by going to the App Store (for iOS devices) or Play Store (for Android devices). Facebook might not have its ‘boom’ right now but it is still one of the most used social media applications in the world. After installing the update, restart your application and check if the issue is resolved.

3 Methods to recover your deleted data from iPhone or iPad. Check if the issue persists. This will make your Facebook app to not load properly including the news feed and comments. Step 05: Select Clear Data to proceed in clearing the cache and data in Facebook.

In these steps, we will navigate to the Date and Time settings in your PC and make sure that the correct time is set.

Application data and Cache Data. Facebook has news feed preferences which allow you to decide what you see in your news feed page. News Feed also learns the sorts of stories you are likely to click on, like, or comment on, and will try to show you more of those. Step 02: Choose the app that you want to force quit in this case Facebook. After the application is updated successfully, restart your phone and launch Facebook.

With it, you can share and get information via the news feed, posts, comments, chats, and make video calls. In this solution, we will check the time settings for both the mobile application and your PC. Rate This Article: Facebook is the most popular social media platform used worldwide. Step 08: Scroll down and select Most Recent to get the most recent news feed. © 2016 - 2020 FoneDog Technology Limited, HongKong.

Step 01: Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device. News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.

Facebook allows us to get in touch and connect with our friend, family, and other people and groups. If you are still experiencing issues, follow the steps to set it manually. Step 04: On the left pane, select Your Facebook Information. Step 04: Select Facebook in the list of apps. News Feed will likely show you more stories from people you interact with more often on Facebook.

Try to start with the first solution and work your way down.

There is some bias toward new stories (especially if you log into Facebook frequently), but you might see a popular photo that a friend posted several days ago appear at the top of your News Feed instead of one from this morning if it got a lot of likes or comments.

Simply browsing News Feed and interacting with the things you see helps News Feed to improve. Look for the Facebook program. Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget.

Then, open the app again and see if the comments and news feed are now loaded in your Facebook app. You thought that there is a real issue on Facebook news feed not loading but maybe it is just with the news feed preferences that you set. You can connect with friends and family and with other people and groups. Sign back in to your mobile Facebook app. This version of Facebook uses a lot less data and loads extremely fast. Cache and temporary data will take up much space and may slow down your device; hence it is recommended to do a regular cleanup of the cache and temp data. You can try each method and see what works in your situation. Check for the most recent updates of the Facebook app by going to the App Store (for iOS devices) or Play Store (for Android devices).

Now locate the. Go to the App Store or Play Store. We have ordered all the solutions according to the level of usefulness and complexity. How to clear cache and data of your Facebook app in Device settings: No matter how you clear cache and memory but you are facing a slow processing and loading of your apps because your mobile device is limited to its hardware specifications, you can try using the Facebook Lite app.

By default, Top stories are selected and if you want to see most recent stories, you would need to change the preferences manually. Because News Feed tries to show you what it thinks you’ll find most interesting, stories might not always appear from newest to oldest.
News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page. To fix this issue, simply navigate to the Facebook page and then press Ctrl and wheel the mouse down to reduce the percentage of the screen. In case of Android devices, you can click on the stacks (menu) icon present at the left-most side of the screen and click on See More.

This will turn off your mobile device. After compiling all the user reports we got with our investigations, we came up with a list of reasons as to why this issue occurs.

You can try searching from other websites to confirm if Facebook server is up or not or open other apps and sites if they are loading properly. This section provides several solutions that will guide you on how to resolve the issue on Facebook news feed not loading as well as the comments. Nowadays, people are into technology. If automatic date and time are not enabled, try enabling them and check if the issue is resolved. In this solution, we will go through the methods on how to change your Newsfeed preferences. Today she works as a freelance writer and marketing strategist.

Furthermore, there are also other options available where you can decide which feeds you want to see first and which to ignore till the end.

Microsoft ‘Aquila’ SCOM To Launch As Cloud Services In Private Beta As It Takes On Dell Project Apex? Technical Expertise for PC / YouTube Scriptwriting /Website Optimization, One of my passion is to develop software of my own. If both the options are checked and you are still having incorrect time, you can click on Change and then manually set the correct time according to your location.
When you log in to Facebook, you see the familiar blue bar on top and the left sidebar, but mostly you see News Feed. Another method to uninstall from your iPhone device is to press and hold the Facebook app until it shakes.

News Feed Eradicator removes the most addicting part of Facebook and Twitter - the feed - and replaces it instead with an inspirational quote.

Click here to learn more. By default, Top stories are selected and if you want to see most recent stories, you would need to change the preferences manually. Step 03: Next, click on Log Out. After you are done with, restart your application/browser and launch Facebook again.

It is possible in Facebook. First, you can try clearing Cache data and after restarting your phone, check if the issue is resolved.


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