what does work stand for joke
2. a comic’s groupie. one-nighter: a job which only lasts one night.

Looking for online definition of WORK or what WORK stands for?

31. shatter: with reference to joke structure, the point at which the audience realized that the target assumption is wrong. ad-lib: to make up a joke within a scripted show. She then hangs upside down from the ceiling. Our computers went down at work today, so we had to do everything manually.

The woman replies, "I'm a light bulb." The man replies, “I don’t care about what you think!”.

A rainbow! One lives in a field and is stuffed with hay. to enhance a joke, or tailor it to an individual performing situation. sight gag: a physical joke meant to be watched. Pump kin! How cute! pause: to stop talking in a show to enhance the timing of a joke. joke diagram: a visual aid for illustrating the structure of a joke. I’m not going to tell you how I know that or why because I don’t want to be a tattletale. The boss comes in and says, "What are you doing?" 7.

bit: a section of a stand-up comedy show or routine, also a short routine or a section of a routine. Reality' Posts Where the Reality Actually Exceeded Expectations. The man replies, "And how would you do that?" It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught. I think you need to take the day off." Employee: No, because there is no proof of it. jokey: 1. a term used to describe such obvious jokes that one would expect to hear a rim shot following them. Two factory workers are talking. time slot the specific spot a comedian occupies within a showcase club line-up. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. 1st story: the scenario imagined in the mind of the audience based on the setup of a joke. beat: take a a pause; to take a break for the purposes of comic timing. 27. joke: a device for expressing humor that employs a setup which contains a target assumption to misdirect the audience into accepting a bogus 1st story; and a punch which contains areinterpretation which creates a 2nd story that shatters the target assumption. Well I have a serious drinking opportunity. I got fired from the unemployment office on Friday.

bit: a section of a stand-up comedy show or routine, also a short routine or a section of a routine.

A blowfly: not to be laughed at.

BITCH is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms.


target: a shorter term for target assumption. open-mike: a policy to allow anyone to get on stage and try to be funny.


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