what are some behavioral adaptations of a porcupine

"Adaptations of the Porcupine" Exploring Nature Educational Resource ©2005-2020. Porcupines. Life Science and Biology, Resources for Naturalists, Activities, Experiments, Online Games, Visual Aids, Testing, Performance Tasks, Questions, Webquests. The underfur is a thick yet very fine dark-colored hair covering the skin. 0000003203 00000 n They grow as long as four inches and serve as protection for the underfur. Kangaroo - Kangaroo - Behaviour: Kangaroos have an irregular activity rhythm; generally, they are active at night and during periods of low light, but it is quite possible to find them out in the open in bright sunlight. h�b```b``�������� ̀ �,`ȱ��e��m�0KXa�{`fF�� �" (f`ab�nf`�a4a`;���|�ч��At��\�t���\d���X(v2�:7� Answer . 0000028829 00000 n 0000016137 00000 n 0000030773 00000 n Name two other living things that have an adaptive trait like the porcupine and how their adaptations help repel predators.3. All these physical adaptations help the porcupine to survive in its habitat. The quills are an ingenious defense because they each sit in a sheath that allows them to release easily when a predator touches them. 0000005071 00000 n

Yet Latin isn't the only language misidentifying the porcupine: The French word equivalent to the English porcupine is porc espin or "spined pig". How to Replace the Carpet on a Cat Scratching Post.

To prevent the teeth from curling over, porcupines trim their teeth by chewing on wood. 0000004556 00000 n

Further, their pointed end has a tiny barb, like a fishhook, that once entered into an animals skin does not pull out easily. To view these resources with no ads, please Login or Subscribe (and help support our site). Answer. Top Answer.

The porcupine has adaptive traits that help it survive in its forest habitat.1.

Day Month Year of access < URL >. Each is encased in its own sheath protecting it until the porcupine senses a threat and releases the quill. Author Last Name, First Name(s). During hot weather, kangaroos lick their forearms, which promotes heat loss by evaporation.

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Additional significant descriptive information. 3 behavioral adaptations of a porcupine?

0000004031 00000 n These are two other adaptations of hair covering the porcupine's body. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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The style of citing shown here is from the MLA Style Citations (Modern Language Association). Empower Her. 0000007312 00000 n

Adaptation in a population of living things happens as a result of an adaptive trait. As the predator’s muscles work, they further embed the painful quills. 0000001271 00000 n

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