western skink care
Maxell, D.P. Boulder, CO: University Press of Colorado.

2004. 1302 p. Hutto, R.L. down the middle of the back), which is usually a tan color, but on juveniles, 2004); Evaluating structural characteristics and distribution of each ecological system relative to the species' range and habitat requirements; Examining the observation records for each species in the state-wide point observation database associated with each ecological system; Calculating the percentage of observations associated with each ecological system relative to the percent of Montana covered by each ecological system to get a measure of "observations versus availability of habitat". corner, and the southeastern edge of the state. Habitat relationships of landbirds in the Northern Region, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station RMRS-GTR-32. bright blue The dorsal coloration consists of brown, black, and golden-yellow or cream longitudinal stripes extending from the nose to the anterior portion of the tail. Western Skinks are wildlife, not pets - while their patterns are very attractive, Skinks are protected under the provincial wildlife act and cannot be handled, collected, or traded. in coloration and extend dorsolaterally (between the back and sides). beetles, grasshoppers, flies, etc.

Maxell, P. Hendricks, and D. Flath. This species of lizard is found up to 2150 meters elevation in the Pacific Northwest; record elevation in Montana is 1707 m (5600 ft) in Missoula County (Maxell et al. The Western Skink is the only lizard in Montana that appears to have a smooth and shiny body, and whose tail is blue in juveniles and young adults. and stays with hatchlings until they disperse from nest. Observations in Montana Natural Heritage Program Database. Systematic surveys of appropriate habitats for this lizard are highly desirable to establish habitat associations and preferences, periods of activity, food habits, and relative abundances in Montana.

their chin and sides of their head during breeding season (Nussbaum et al. Western Skinks are at the northern most extent of their range in south-central B.C. the observation of recently hatched neonates in August, we can assume that the The tail will thrash and twitch for a few minutes after being dropped, which is especially distracting when the tail is the bright blue tail of a juvenile. Mating occurs in spring, upon emergence from the hibernaculum. Hart, M.M., W.A. Incidental survey data indicate that Western Skinks may be locally abundant in some areas of low elevation conifer forest and grassland in Montana (Ortega and Pearson 2001), even though the range of this species in the state is restricted to the far western counties.

During winter, Western Skinks hibernate in communal dens (hibernacula). Isolated populations

They grow to a … concerning the reproductive habits of Western Skinks is that the females display Sometimes cannibalistic, with adults eating small juveniles (St. John 2002). 1998.

Amphibians and reptiles of Montana.

and then returning to the nest (Behler and King 1979), (Nussbaum et al. Western Skinks were reported from Mineral, Missoula, and Ravalli counties in, Ecological Systems Associated with this Species.

The vertebral stripe is bordered on either side This helps them avoid predators such as birds, mammals, and other reptiles. Orange and yellow blotches and a solid (Storm and Leonard 1995). Western Skinks - Plestiodon skiltonianus Adults with bright blue on the tail. Western Skinks are an exquisitely coloured lizard with a body form similar to that of the Northwestern Alligator Lizard. 1999. Distribution: ground color. 429 pp.

grassy areas, desert total length (Storm and Leonard climate. To survive, the skink will detach its tail!

ventral coloration. (Western Skink), Tail often has brushy areas along streams). They tend to mate and feed within a small radius of the den.

Western Skinks lack a skin fold on the side of the body (present in Northern Alligator Lizards) and keeled scales (present in Greater Short-horned Lizards and Common Sagebrush Lizards). Click here to see the Western Skink Range Map. Males may have an orange tinge on Skinks are most striking as juveniles. British Columbia to southern Baja California, and east to western Montana, ), spiders, and earthworms. coloration found on juveniles. Western Skinks stripe. 1983), Their known range extends east to Kootenay Lake and west to Princeton. Based on The distinct dorsal stripes of the Western Skink are not displayed by the other three species of Montana lizards. Publication No. are generally found in a variety of habitats including pinion-juniper forests, shrub, talus slopes and canyon rims (Storm and Leonard 1995). scales.

289 p. Dobkin, D. S.  1992. If grabbed, either by a predator or a human, a Skink will bite and ‘release’ (autotomize) its tail.

Click here to see the Western Skink Range Map. Montana atlas of terrestrial vertebrates.

this isn't a requirement. Females dig nests under cover objects, where they lay an average of 2 to 6 eggs in July or August.

72 p. Maxell, B.A. local branch of the Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection! The tail coloration fades to a gray in May or June, and deposit 2-6 eggs in July (Nussbaum et al.

(more vivid in juveniles), Light colored lines on a brown There is relatively Western Skink. View in other NatureServe Network Field Guides.

These Williams, P.C. Little information is available. Idaho, eastern Utah, north-central Arizona, and southern Nevada. Adults are about 5.0 to 8.0 centimeters snout-vent length and up to 19 centimeters total length.

I have encountered Western Skinks at sites (lose) their tails, and the bright blue Bats of the Rocky Mountain West; natural history, ecology, and conservation.

snakes, striped whipsnakes, and raptors are predators. Scientific name: Eumeces skiltonianus                              PDF version of this page.


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