weird indonesian laws

A village chief can also file a police complaint if close family do not object. If you'd like to take a picture of a local, hold up your camera and ask the magic word, "boleh?" Indonesia's Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly, who reintroduced the bill in 2015, told CNN that the law replaces the 100-year-old Dutch colonial-era penal code and would make Indonesia's criminal law more in line with how Indonesians live today. Nevertheless, Indonesia has always been a conservative, traditions-based society. Indonesia's war on drugs is somewhat compromised by the country's size and island geography. Similarly, aggressive postures including putting your hands on your hips, or puffing out your chest, are considered poor taste. Another provision expands the current blasphemy law and maintains the maximum five-year prison term, according to Human Rights Watch. Indonesian people embarrass easily, and it's considered very rude to deliberately embarrass someone. Like the previous poster mention about the neighbouring province of aceh and north sumatra. Often, he or she will accept gladly, as many people in Indonesia are too poor to own a camera and don't have any pictures of themselves. A man should also never shake hands with a Muslim woman, unless she extends her hand first. Often all it takes to follow proper etiquette in Indonesia is a smile and a humble demeanor.

In the Indonesian language, the name of this species is composite of pig (babi), and deer (rusa).And that’s one valid way to describe this striking creature. Top Answer. Smile and greet when you meet people, or trying to ask something. Most importantly, a leader that knows how to conduct international trades! If you want to walk down a residential street in a village, for instance, and there's a person working outside, ask, "boleh?" Indonesians don't like conflict.

A postcard or photograph would make for a nice gift. At a glance, babirusa looks like an odd jumble of a pig’s head and deer’s legs, and savage tusks. What would I do to see that again on the news? And unmarried couples who are reported to police for living together could be sentenced to six months in prison or face a fine. Hello! The group said more than 150 people, most of them religious minorities, have been convicted under the law since it was passed in 1965, Some see the law as evidence that hardline religious forces are influencing politics -- an issue that was a, If passed, the law "will confirm that Indonesia is now becoming an Islamic state,"Harsono said. "There are some articles that can easily put people into the jail and a lot of multi-interpretations on those articles," Asfinawati said, adding that they would conduct a judicial review. Different thing could apply to other asians esp se asian and east asian


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