webtoon or tapas

And honestly, I think that’s part of the problem. Thus they are also less likely to reply overall. hide. doesnt own a forum for what i konw and suffer from downvote war, something that for newbie/newcomers it's really a disaster. In addition to finding collaborators, this is a great place for feedback and advice. u can know how many or who like what, where s it the new comment and how it's going with statistic.BUT after that, tapastic it's a fail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why is publishing episodes so much easier on Tapas? Keep in mind that I love both of these websites and enjoy comics from both sites. and to me, after 1 year + here, it's a HUGE delusion. Thank you very much for your informed guidance. episodes. And although books are not comics and there are websites dedicated to only being writing websites I still feel they should have a home together. Let’s take a look at what Webtoon has. Collaboration is important and you need a place to meet new team members. no sorry i mean as style not how the comic it's placed on the sitemy eng it's a disaster lol XD, Also I might be popping your bubble but BL manga is easy to thrive here in Tapastic, but nowhere near in Webtoon. These were due to us being advertised on the website under various categories and being recommended from similar comics. Because we sometimes do. Webtoon.com: Webtoon Canvas. another little problem it's they re more "manga oriented" (so yeha, if u re planning to do a BL manga, look like u have got an easy jackpot XD lol)BUT they ve got more audiance than tapas, plus their management about readers it's quite wise: they dont push the readers in only 1 direction, to the "big names". It will improve the quality of life for both your creators and readers. And why in the end LINE Webtoon still wins. Featured storiesSee all. Tapas is also a little more creator-geared than Webtoon, community wise: they have some good forums to meet other creators to talk shop, there's better tools and analytics for creators, and there's also a higher percentage of desktop readers (still the minority compared to mobile, but a bigger slice than Webtoon.) It’s Tapas. It is possible to communicate with readers on webtoons but due to the way the site is built it is much more difficult to carry a conversation or notice if anyone replied.

Tapas has spent most of their time and effort attracting creators, but not enough time bringing in the readers. Otherwise, post it on both of those sites and any other site you wish.With said, let’s go over what this video will be about. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Tapastic vs. Webtoons! Webtoon readers do prefer hetero relationship and it's why the Romance genre grows so big. Your email address will not be published.

creators. Readers, just read both sites, although Webtoon usually has the bigger community. There is nowhere to have fellow Webtoon creators converse. It's almost like they decided to switch on me and become a mirror of my tapastic audience.I dunno if anyone else is experiencing this, but combined with Webtoons being a place that's easy to gain an audience on and their readers somehow being more inclined to financially support creators, this is a really positive development in terms of their community.Tapastic is still my fave due to my appreciation for how the staff on this site operates, but in terms of the audience I'm reaching out to and communicating with they've now become rather similar. But it isn’t just notifications for comments and likes, it is also for messaging! There are lots of writers and artists who are willing to discuss and critique your work.

Put it as the link in your series' editor (where you can add a link to elsewhere that you update your comic), make your custom ad banner actually link to the patreon (last time I checked it links to your tapas series). share. Since I've posted my comic (shameless plug) on both sites on the same day in December, LINE Webtoon has reached 2.2k views and garnered 300 subscribers (just reached that number today, actually ^^), and Tapastic has only reached 600+ views and 35 subs, after a lot of advertising and some participation in the forums. Well done.

It can also be good for feedback and support. Just putting a little advice out there: Right now it's really difficult to find your patreon. That honestly destroyed my self-esteem for a while, and I ended up pulling my comic off the site (and never posted it here either). With that we gained our first 994 subscribers. Webtoon will ONLY email you if someone responds to your comment in particular. Ask for help! Way more interaction over there in terms of regular commentors. I just post my traditional pages. It's no wonder they didn't view it this way before since the contracted creators are rather distant. On their site it shows how many updates we have had, our page views, overall subscribers, and that’s about it. This can be especially helpful for comments on older pages allowing you to respond and let the reader know you are still listening. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It began to grown organically.

Meanwhile when we barely had time to count as we finally reached 1000 on Webtoon. Unless of course they are about completely useless stats.

They have a much larger audience.


Tapas has novels and LINE Webtoon doesn’t. Want to stop having private chats? Tapas is home to a creator community that has published 85,000 stories. That being said, this is something I've definitely seen improvements in on webtoons lately.I think it could be because the Discover tab is being filled up faster every day with more and more good quality content, to the point where webtoon readers are now more familiar with seeing independent, non-contract creators with more varying update rates and methods. But on Tapas they give you the details on the entire past year of statistics. Honestly I'd say the percentage of people that are uneducated on LGBT matters in general is larger on Webtoon than Tapastic. report. 1.5M. So this one is a bit petty, but I stand by it. Just a head up/warning. Also I might be popping your bubble but BL manga is easy to thrive here in Tapastic, but nowhere near in Webtoon. (Though that doesn't stop Webtoon readers from enjoying a legitimately good BL/GL comic and some of them do make it big. And let us know in the comments what’s your favorite, whether it be on Webtoon, Tapas, or any other website. I just don't like the fact that I haven't heard from Webtoons after I tried to contact them for tech support since I unintentionally created another account and I can't delete it and I've been sending emails asking them to remove the extra account. After we posted our first 5 pages we were featured on the daily snack by the staff. But Tapas is definitely becoming a good competitor. So in that aspect, I do very much prefer audience communication on tapas. Features of a Webtoon-style comic . I think the main reason that readership grows so quickly on LINE Webtoon is because they show the newest updates first on the Discover page, whereas, Tapastic mainly focuses on comics with a decent following already, trending comics, and other popular comics somehow (as has already been mentioned). Anyway, I imagine that some of the reason my comic is doing okay now is because I didn't join during a contest, so my ratings are pretty stable at 8.96 atm. Link your patreon up to your webtoons account, and your readers will see a small "support this creator on patreon" notice with a link to it at the end of each episode. At the end of the day, being able to schedule posts, and in any order, is a huge quality of life improvement. We get more daily views on Webtoon than the best month we ever had on Tapas. For some weird reason Webtoons isnt allowing my Patreon to sync/connect with the Webtoons page- Ive e-mailed them about it, but they still havent fixed it(been months). I put enough work into it; I'm not going to change it up for the sake of "popularity".

Let’s have a look at what makes the Webtoon-format different from other comics. And some do. How much better are notifications on Tapas? 12.6K. However, with the new tipping program in the Tapas app, I hope to maybe turn the tides? Not due to the content of our comic, but due to the lack of an audience.Now, what should we do now?Creators, just put your comic on both websites, but if you really want to choose, just put it on LINE Webtoon. In fact, it’s a 4 person team now. According to Similarwebs.com Webtoon gets 47.88 million visits on their website every month. Unless of course you are directly paid for exclusivity rights.

If you add a very small banner to your updates (goes both for tapas and webtoons) where you mention that little selling point you've got, and just casually link it in the author's notes, that will actually be more effective and appear less naggy than if you constantly mention it in author's comments is what I've noticed. Alright so let’s put up some stats on the screen. Well, they can still go to the Tapas forum I guess. You seem to have researched it thoroughly. Yes you’re on top, but you must improve or one day you may no longer be the best. As of writing the script for this video we have 994 subscribers on Tapas, and 12,031 subscribers on Webtoon. Just block them. Meanwhile Tapas will publish the exact second we scheduled it for.

And now I'm stuck with an extra account.

I’m looking for advices about web comics and this was very useful. You could also link it once in a while in your author's comments with a short note of your main "selling point". Cookies help us deliver our Services.


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