waterbox clear 16 dimensions
As a Professional Organizer, these are my #1 go to containers when I am organizing my clients. Utilizing a straight-edging technique, all silicone seams have exceptional strength and a clean appearance. All Cabinets include soft-close hinges, leveling feet, and push-open hardware. So glad I found this use for this product. This offer is only available in the contiguous 48 states. Sitting too long is the new NO-NO in office ergonomics and general health. Affordable Monthly Plans and Split Pay Options. Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes.

In-stock aquarium systems, equipment and accessories typically ship in 3-5 business days from the date the order was placed. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system. Weight: 17 lb / 7.7 kg The Waterbox Aquariums Cube is one of our most popular all-in-one aquarium systems for both freshwater and saltwater aquaria. Features an adjustable return nozzle for precise water agitation. Our Clear Boxes come in a wide array of styles and sizes to suit your needs. I am able to store all my technology items that get in the way when left out.

Each Waterbox has our laser-etched, floating logo inside the glass to prove authenticity. CUBE 10 & CUBE 20 (1) AI PRIME 16HD REEF (1) AI FLEX ARM CUBE 10 & CUBE 20 FRESHWATER (1) AI PRIME 16 FRESHWATER (1) AI FLEX ARM Extremely simple.Waterbox has created the ultimate rimless cube system constructed from Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass with carefully beveled edges to provide the most visually appealing Cube aquarium on the planet.

I have used this container for 5 litter boxes by cutting partway down from the top leaving a 3.5 inch depth. We ship all these Aquarium Systems less than truckload shipping or less than load (LTL).

[{"id":31632416505965,"title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 10","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180035-1","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 10","No Cabinet","No Lighting"],"price":14999,"weight":14000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752612973,"title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","option1":"CUBE 10","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"+Plus HD (Saltwater)","sku":"180005P","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","public_title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","options":["CUBE 10","No Cabinet","+Plus HD (Saltwater)"],"price":36622,"weight":14000,"compare_at_price":38622,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752645741,"title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","option1":"CUBE 10","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"+Plus FW (Freshwater)","sku":"180005PF","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","public_title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","options":["CUBE 10","No Cabinet","+Plus FW (Freshwater)"],"price":36622,"weight":18000,"compare_at_price":38622,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31632416604269,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180055-1","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 20","No Cabinet","No Lighting"],"price":19999,"weight":18000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752678509,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"+Plus HD (Saltwater)","sku":"180006P","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","options":["CUBE 20","No Cabinet","+Plus HD (Saltwater)"],"price":41622,"weight":18000,"compare_at_price":43622,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752711277,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"+Plus FW (Freshwater)","sku":"180006PF","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ No Cabinet \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","options":["CUBE 20","No Cabinet","+Plus FW (Freshwater)"],"price":41622,"weight":18000,"compare_at_price":43622,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31632416702573,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"White","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180010","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ White \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 20","White","No Lighting"],"price":52899,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752744045,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"White","option3":"+Plus HD (Saltwater)","sku":"180010P","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","options":["CUBE 20","White","+Plus HD (Saltwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752776813,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"White","option3":"+Plus FW (Freshwater)","sku":"180010PF","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ White \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","options":["CUBE 20","White","+Plus FW (Freshwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31632416800877,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Black","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180015","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 20","Black","No Lighting"],"price":52899,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752809581,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Black","option3":"+Plus HD (Saltwater)","sku":"180015P","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","options":["CUBE 20","Black","+Plus HD (Saltwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752842349,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Black","option3":"+Plus FW (Freshwater)","sku":"180015PF","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Black \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","options":["CUBE 20","Black","+Plus FW (Freshwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31632416931949,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Oak","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180020","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 20","Oak","No Lighting"],"price":52899,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752875117,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Oak","option3":"+Plus HD (Saltwater)","sku":"180020P","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus HD (Saltwater)","options":["CUBE 20","Oak","+Plus HD (Saltwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""},{"id":31713752907885,"title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","option1":"CUBE 20","option2":"Oak","option3":"+Plus FW (Freshwater)","sku":"180020PF","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","public_title":"CUBE 20 \/ Oak \/ +Plus FW (Freshwater)","options":["CUBE 20","Oak","+Plus FW (Freshwater)"],"price":74522,"weight":40000,"compare_at_price":76522,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""}], {"id":31632416505965,"title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","option1":"CUBE 10","option2":"No Cabinet","option3":"No Lighting","sku":"180035-1","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"CUBE - CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","public_title":"CUBE 10 \/ No Cabinet \/ No Lighting","options":["CUBE 10","No Cabinet","No Lighting"],"price":14999,"weight":14000,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""}, Filtration Media: Carbon, Bio-Balls, Sponge, Filter Sock, +Plus HD Edition Includes AI Prime™ 16HD Lighting & Flex Arm(s).


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