wasp short film analysis

Rhodry, I think this short film is amazing. Short film analysis: The Wasp (Andrea Arnold, 2003) This short film follows a young mother of 4 whom evident by her actions, has little to provide for her children as well as her priorities being slightly diverted. From the get-go, Arnold was fascinated by the careless, seemingly simple choices people make in their day-to-day lives that lead to unintended, complicated consequences. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Zoë is a single mother who lives with her four children in Dartford.

An example of this is when we see Zoe in the kitchen, when she reaches for the sugar out of the cupboard it is from a low angle shot.

This will be her first date in years. (2003). no, although there are cuts between different short spaces of time it is still in chronoliogical order over a day or two period so I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is episodic. This brief showing of excitement and hope over something so basic as bread which is an item people always expect to and are used to seeing shows how deprived the family is.

I really feel for the character of Zoe. Whilst in the pub we once again see the struggle that Zoe is in when she is asked to buy Dave a pint but clearly has little money, for tea she buys the kids crisps and coke to share between the 4 of them and then makes them wait outside, we see time go on and it become dark where the children are getting tired and hungry. One day her ex-boyfriend drives by and asks her to go on a date with him. One day her ex-boyfriend drives by and asks her to go on a date with him. no, the narrative does end in a different place from the beginning however it could sort of be seen as circular as they both end up being focused on the topic of focusing on the kids despite her efforts to ignore it. One day her ex-boyfriend drives by and asks her to go on a date with him.

not really as it is expected to what will happen before  the scene properly gets into full swing that Dave will eventually find out that she has children its just the anticipation of how Arnold is going to make that reveal happen. she obviously appears to be a a desperate and lonely person with only the company of her children. Captures three occurrences in a young girl's life that leave her with a heavy heart. Olivier and James' romantic break in the South of France is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Caroline. She is poor and can't afford to buy food. done well by Natalie Press, Zoe and Danny Dyer, Dave. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mostly diegetic sound apart from the very end where it transitions into non-diegetic. Was this review helpful to you? There is however a bitter sweet ending as we see the children eating chips from a take-away which dave has learly bought and then took them home and they agree to talk, this is sweet as original thought would assume he wouldnt stick around if he knew. Posted on July 6, 2017 August 1, 2017 by amyreidasmedia *this film could not be embedded, however you can find it on facebook if you type in the title* Storyline: This Oscar winning short film is a touching representation of what it’s like to have a severe stutter. This twenty-three minute, Academy-Award winning short film directed by Andrea Arnold is also featured on the Cinema 16 European Short Film Collection. not in the aspect of actual actions but some themes are re-explored like that of the family being poor. Not really apart from the initial conflict between Zoe and Bullet-head which just acts as a catalyst for some of her questionable actions like making the kids hide within a dark, pub car park whilst she meets a bloke inside. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Zoe also arcs in the sense that she starts with the kids in her presense then arcs up whilst shes denying there connections to her and her actions whilst shes out, she is then brought back down to reality when Dave finds out the truth and she is reunited with her kids. Textual Analysis of Stutterer by Benjamin Cleary. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A teenage girl gets ready to go out to meet her boyfriend, despite her mother's loud verbal disapproval of her clothes. Wasp is a short film written and directed by Andrea Arnold. Sinead – Molly Griffiths – the second eldest child who is often quiet.

We see Dave and Zoe head to his car where things start to get intimate however parallel to this we see the young children picking food up from the floor which makes the audience cringe at the neglect. ( Log Out /  some small jump cuts to cut out irrelevant content and to make the plot to remain interesting. The film was directed by Brian Percival and written by Julie Rutterford. Change ), Short film analysis: High maintenance (Phillip Van, 2006). One day her ex-boyfriend drives by and asks her to go on a date with him. Very realistic to 90’s London and the chavvy part that isnt often perceived. Zoe looks angry as she bangs on a door and then starts wrestli8ng with the woman who answers it, her responsiblities as a mother are undermined and then justified when she comands all the very young kids to swear at her enemy. Kata befriends teenage schoolgirl Anna, ... See full summary ». We then see the kids marching again but this time to the pub they look slighly more presentable but they all still complain about how hungry they are. An example of this is at the start of the film when they are marching down the stairs. Zoë is a single mother who lives with her four children in Dartford. Andrea Arnold uses close up shots of the characters faces when they are talking to make the audience feel even more uncomfortable, especially when Zoe is flirting with Dave and when she’s arguing with the woman at the bar about how much a drink costs. Scared that he doesn't want to go out with her, she lies and tells him that she is just babysitting the kids.

The Atomist Theory Of Aristotle's Hylomorphism. She is poor and can't afford to buy food. But also at the beginning where a fight is shown between Zoë and another mum about Kelly taking the other child’s, The Importance Of Government Control On Food. I feel like almost everyone can feel empathy towards a strugglng character easier than making a whole entire audience laugh from a specific type of comedy.

It is clear through her constant urge of needing the male attention as well as her denial of having any children. It opens with them all marching through a council estate whilst looking rather rough themselves, most barefoot and mucky faces. the film form is probably most effective with the performance and the mise-en-scene as I believe the way in which the film is set out is more effective than the fancy shots and complicated editing.

A poor boy of unknown origins is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy. View production, box office, & company info. 15 Short Films Now Streaming From Great Directors: Nolan, Waititi, and More, Big Little Lies Is Officially Renewed for a 2nd season on HBO, Sundance Films That Went On to Win Oscars, Best Oscar Winning Live Action Short Film Since 2000. However, the more I watched it made these aspects seem fit. We see a lot of comotion between the family and then a confused Dave stood above them, realising she is there mother. Add the first question.

( Log Out /  They all appear in the same frame of mind of starting a fight whilst looking messy and poor.


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