vw 1 9 tdi problem
Our 09 plate VW Golf Estate had the same problem last Monday evening, again no warning at all, just died, without the lovely lights on the dashboard showing any error. I had sticky vanes in my Seat Leon 1.9 TDI when I bought it 2 years ago and used this guide here : www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/un-sticking-your-tdi.../ to free them off. 126k. A lot of cars use them now days, it just makes the wholeaccessory drive run so much smoother. Plugging into VCDS and going for a drive whilst monitoring live data will confirm an overboost problem. This may be a basic physics study about mechanical and electrical energy, and how to manage that peak power stroke. All other 8v PD's are pretty much bomb proof. I've been on to VW myself and i'm awaiting a call back.

Before anyone panics about buying a VW TDI PD engined car, this problem only affects the last of the 8v 1.9 engines BLS & BKE engine codes. (inside joke?). Other owners report the same on a Golf and a Passat and routinely carry out the switch off/ on to correct the issue over the past three years running.

As we think about this, we will likely consider the mass of the gen rotor, the potential to add to that mass, and also the load on the generator, all variables that might have an effect on the actual percentage above the preceding pulses we find our ‘spike’ to be. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. will the sprag clutch add to the overall efficiency of a small diesel power plant? Before anyone panics about buying a VW TDI PD engined car, this problem only affects the last of the 8v 1.9 engines BLS & BKE engine codes. Gassing Station | Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff.

Do it sooner rather than later, as I overheated my injectors and that cost me £3000 in total..... audi a4 -2001 -pd130 - 168k -ORIGINAL CLUTCH, few timing belts-regularly serviced. If you look at the price the Indians want for ring gear conventional starter options, and consider the problems you have if the starter itself develops problems, the junk yard starter looks mighty attractive, especially after we DIY it with the sprag clutch pulley.

Why wouldn’t you want to get vcds? It was rumoured they had fitted the wrong rods (from the normally aspirated version) to a batch of engines. We tell you how. This pulley allows the alternator to automatically de-clutch from the drivebelt and freewheel on its own… preventing the alternator from applying reverse torque to the crankshaft pulley when the engine decelerates. I have been studying an interesting problem  that VW had in their Turbo Diesel, and what they did to fix it. Maybe the dealer put it in I don’t know. i ve about played out my knowledge on what you have.

Added NOTE : This post was written with the ‘flicker’ electrical problem we see in the sine wave of a diesel powered generator, how to mitigate that peak power pulse? I'm on 155k on my bxe. If the car has been sitting for a couple of days, the air con makes a grinding sound when it's first turned on. I have had the EGR replaced the Air mass meter also the ECR control valve. So what’s happening here? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It’s generally accepted that a large contributing factor to this problem was that the alternator has a small pulley and a lot of angular momentum; during deceleration it tends to want to overdrive the engine, putting large stresses on the crankshaft drive pulley (and the keyway) therein in a direction opposite to normal. The small pulley on the alternator exacerbates the problem (over previous designs) by increasing the alternator RPM and giving it a mechanical advantage when overdriving the larger crankshaft pulley.

you should change a fuel filter about every 2years. There is a possibility of a sticky/seized vacuum actuator or holed diaphragm or split vac hose ? I have intermittent power loss which strangely is corrected by switching the ignition off then on again. 1.9 tdi engine problems need help please VW MKIV-A4 TDIs (VE and PD) www.tdiclub.com. I have had the EGR replaced the Air mass meter also the ECR control valve. We know there’s less penalty if we over engineer something VS leave a system like this in place for Owners to risk the loss of an engine, and since the recommended belt change is at 60K miles, it’s possible that the dealer or VW itself could >EAT< the loss. - The-Mechanic. Also do you know what engine you have? What is it? i did check for turbo problem and believe waste gate might be the problem and coming to emissions, i cannot see or detect any leak on vacuum pipes. i found out what was up with the engine..... i am replacing the engine and having the turbo reconditioned......... Based on what you've said about the engine condition, I'd go through the remainder of the necessities like brakes with a fine tooth comb. Clearly not good customers, i'm onto my second Polo, son had a Lupo and this Golf, they certainly won't be getting any more of my hard earned money. Brad said he had a similar problem in some industrial equipment, and he considered two solutions, one being a mechanical accumulator, the other being an over run clutch, the clutch was tried first and worked beautifully, and breakage was eliminated in the equipment completely. The older 130 pd engines and their turbos are a lot stronger and reliable than the newer generation 105 pd hands down. (eg. The reason for not helping is the mileage (just about 16k per year) and that it hasn't been fully serviced by VW. How this differs from a normal case study is that we do not have a customer complaint. Coronavirus: DVSA refuses to rule out second MoT extension, Over 21,000 dash camera videos uploaded to safety portal since 2018. I bought a new Qashqai 1.6 diesel here in Cyprus in May 2014. Njegove su veće vibracije i ‘udaranja’, posebno u nižem režimu, razlog kratkog vijeka dvomasenog zamašnjaka. Best get it on a diag computer to check what code(s) are stored and take the appropriate action. VW said nothing to do with us we are happy to wash our hands of a 5.5yr old car with 86k on the clock.

Here’s a thread with some discussion and pictures I took doing a retrofit that may help. Our guide will save you money, NEW: Child seat chooser - Don't buy a car seat until you've used this. Do you mean BXE? I have a good friend/customer who has been offered a cheap Passat with the BXE engine in. The other way is it freezes solid and no longer free wheels in either direction.. That’s what happen to mine. You’re looking for 12.3-12.7.

See if you can check for any DTC's, digital trouble codes. Volkswagen Golf IV (1998 - 2004) - 01 1.6 SE Cuts out when idle/coast- Runs Rough. The car has done 145kmiles. A special thanks to Vince in Canada for his excellent ‘hands on knowledge’ and explanation, and to VW for creating both a problem and solution we could study and learn from. I think the 150 bhp pd models can/do have issues on certain engine codes - something to do with the cams being soft but could be wrong?

The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, which is on the wrong side of the backs of the inlet valves for 'cleaning' purposes. My first one ate two turbos at 35-40k intervals then had a non standard Garrett fitted which went the distance. Could be anything- take a video with sound and post it on youtube. The car still has problems starting on cold morning. >ever heard deployed anywhere to solve a problem like this. Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it? Previous car went to 193k before an accident wrote it off. The Caddy was purchased at auction during the summer with the knowledge that the vehicle was not running at its best, but was "running"! Lately, when temperature in the morning is below 0°C its sometime impossible to start - It is cranking but doesnt start. That seems to be the one most on here and elsewhere have mentioned. been advised by my local mechanic to replace the engine and that it is not worth throwing money at due to it's mileage (158k). Otherwise you might not be taken serious... i will sort out a youtube video for posting and from past history and the previous owner it has been ragged and not well looked after engine wise, ok thanks for the advise i was going to get 14's but now ill get 15's i appreciate all the help on here as i am totally new to cars and a tdi i managed to get the price of the engine down to 350 inc carriage and i have not got an engine jack unfortunately so i am sending it to my local garage to be fitted. I have taken it back to the dealer three times now due to 'System failure' message appearing in regards to the Start/stop' system. would be a 'plus'. i always thought them engine,s were bullet proof i,ve got the 130 engine one all its had is a cambelt twice a water pump and the wires in the head to the injectors after it started jumping its on 205000 miles and going strong have a look at a bmw mini engine and it looks like a toy inside the garage i was at we never saw them we did see an 11 plate audi tfs and it had no compression on three cylinders . maintenence on engine, etc), ............... can someone tell me what to do to keep the car tip top when it's done? But it stars after like 60 seconds cranking or even more. Happy to discuss further if that’s helpful. Here’s a link to give you some idea as to where this one way pulley is being deployed.. not only is this an interesting problem and fix, but it is an interesting part that we can migh use got the picture yet?? © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved.

the engine i have is a 1.9 tdi ALH and i have been advised by my local mechanic to replace the engine and that it is not worth throwing money at due to it's mileage (158k).

I think there’s a chance we can measure the difference in fuel/KWH figures with it’s addition >when< we deploy slow speed prime movers in generator applications. You may have a flakey cam shaft sensor if so equipped.

i have finally found an engine but it isnt cheap it would cost me 595 and 300 to fit.

Do you have any ideas? suspect turbo failure? Never let us down in 5 years and 60k. How we see the future may have everything to do with what the future is. Pulled it apart for parts, it ended up mid engined! Coronavirus: Can I buy a car during the Covid-19 lockdown? Ok, the only way you can test this your self, Charge it up 100% slowly over night. The 1.9-liter TDI engine with the new pump injection system meets the stringent demands for improved performance and cleaner emissions. I have used the electric clutch off a common AC automotive unit and grafted it onto the mopar starter and it spins the 6/1 ST gen set up like it was running at full speed! When this problem became all too apparent, VW and Associates were likely in the middle of developing the new TDI engine, this used the same block and crank as the 1.9 … maybe we allow one of Canada’s diesel motor heads to explain it in his terms.. Hi George… happy to clarify further if I can… some thoughts below: >The one way, or sprag clutch alternator pulley is the very first I’ve. Others pointed out that the torque setting is about 111 ft pounds, and many who changed out these cam belts probably did not have a proper torque wrench to apply this amount of force, AND unlike the better mechanics, didn’t understand that you don’t need take this sprocket off to change the belt, in many if not all cases. While visiting Jack Belk’s place, I noted he had an old two wheel tractor that made use of a sprag clutch between starter and crank shaft. sorry, maybe another reader will post same..


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