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The main purpose of this forum is to discuss how to properly index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Characters who can destroy a large town, or those who can easily harm characters with large town level durability.

1-A | Outerverse level: Characters who can significantly affect, create and/or destroy realms or states that fully transcend infinitely-layered hierarchies and/or dimensional levels on a conceptual or existential level, normally being portrayed as entirely external abstractions that lie outside of the applications of spatiotemporal dimensionality as a constant defined by physics on any level, even compared to infinite or uncountably infinite dimensions, usually by perceiving them as akin to fiction or something similarly insignificant. Classic editor History Talk (0) Beings that are boundlessly above absolutely everything, including existence and nonexistence, possiblity, causality, dualism and nondualism, the concepts of life and death, and their analogues at any level. Characters who can create/destroy a planet. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, when not accounting for any higher dimensions or time, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tiering_System?oldid=6931838. Due to the fact that the distance between any given number of universes embedded in higher-dimensional / higher-order spaces is currently unknowable, it is impossible to quantify the numerical gap between each one of the subtiers in Tier 2. Register Start a Wiki. Tier 0 has no end, so would just be a stronger tier 0 i assume. Characters who stand at the threshold of human strength and capabilities, represented by Olympic level athletes or rigorously trained martial artists, as well as larger animals.

Characters who demonstrate power equivalent to destroying/creating existentially inferior 2-D level constructs of any size, or 1 level of infinity/degree of reality/fiction transcendence or similar beneath a 3-D reality.

For instance, harming a character with a certain level of Durability also allows another character to qualify for the corresponding tier. Category:Tier 0 | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In terms of "dimensional" scale, this can be equated to 7 and 9-dimensional real coordinate spaces (R ^ 7 to R ^ 9), High 1-C | High Complex Multiverse level: Characters who can universally affect, create and/or destroy spaces whose size corresponds to six to seven higher levels of infinity greater than a standard universal model. In terms of "dimensional" scale, this can be equated to 10 and 11-dimensional real coordinate spaces (R ^ 10 to R ^ 11), 1-B | Hyperverse level: Characters who can universally affect, create and/or destroy spaces whose size corresponds from 8 to any higher finite number of levels of infinity above a standard universal model.

It basically involves the Old Amaranth being superseded by the New, reborn into a new form, pretty much. We used to think he created the Omniverse, but now beleive since he has no control over the other universes, he can't be tier 0, only 1-A, although arguably High 1-A.

Edit. Characters who can create/destroy a solar system. I've read the description, but I'm not still quite comprehending that definition for a tier 0. Furthermore, it should be noted that characters from a higher tier are not necessarily invincible to entities of lower tiers, as certain powers and abilities can potentially bypass the difference in strength entirely, allowing the latter to contend with, or overpower such characters. This is because the minimum requirements for these tiers are arbitrary values. It is important to note that, despite being named "Street level", this tier has nothing to do with actually affecting an entire street, with the name being more of a reference to street fighters as portrayed in martial arts movies and the like. See this page for more information. We use far different interpretations than they allow. You are using an out of date browser. Characters capable of exerting force comparable to that of more athletic humans, such as trained fighters or generally physically fit individuals. What happens if an author knows how to power scale? Characters who can destroy a moon, or an astrological object of similar proportion. LOL. As such, it is not allowed to upgrade such a character based solely on multipliers. Characters who stand an infinite number of steps above "Baseline" Outerversal realms and structures are to have a + modifier in their Attack Potency section (Outerverse level+). For example, someone twice as strong as a Low 2-C character would still be Low 2-C, and someone infinitely more powerful than a 2-C would not be 2-A. 0 | Boundless: Characters who demonstrate an equivalence to, or can create/destroy/affect, transcendental abstract levels of existence which conceptually stand superior to even High 1-A levels. Characters who can significantly affect[1], create and/ or destroy a universe at least the size of our own, but not infinitely bigger.

Characters capable of creating and/or destroy multiple galaxies when the space between celestial objects is taken into account as well. Those were just examples of what verses that Gan could possibly exist in (since its stated that he exists in every fictional universe, it never says which verses though), What happens if you get two tiered 0 entities who have similar claims of existing in every reality? "Significantly affect" is used as an umbrella term for feats that don't involve direct creation or destruction but are comparable to them in power, such as warping and distorting the entirety of the structure in question, sustaining its existence with one's own, merging the structure with another one, etc. Characters/Weapons who can destroy a city, or those who can easily harm characters with city level durability. Its never mentioned that Gan exists in Warhammer or Lovecraft's books. I no almost nothing about Tenchi Muyo, but the page isn't helping. JavaScript is disabled. This tier has no true endpoint, and can be extended unto any higher level, spiraling infinitely upwards. Characters who can destroy urban city blocks or equivalent areas of space. Hence, they must either be placed at Unknown or simply reasonably scale relative to their best feats, provided they are not outliers or something of the sort, of course. This page is extremely important.The following is an overview of our Tiering System.It should however be noted that sometimes having overall destructive capacity is not enough to defeat others that have \"broken\" or \"hax\" abilities.Similarly, two characters in the same tier need not necessarily be equivalent in terms of power.

Good question. Please note that existing as a drawing or being made of data/information is not to be ranked at this tier, as such beings are still 3-dimensional, but on an incredibly small scale.

Characters/Weapons who can destroy a mountain, or those who can easily harm characters with mountain level durability. Sera is planning to eventually revise Tenchi Muyo.

Characters capable of exerting force comparable to that of regular humans, such as teenagers or unathletic adults. Even powerful verses like Warhammer and all of H.P. Wikis.

Furthermore, the higher bounds of the system make use of infinite cardinal numbers as a metric to accurately quantify and categorize meta-hierarchies beyond even infinitely-layered ones.

Low 1-A | Low Outerverse level: Characters who can universally affect, create and/or destroy structures and expanses of uncountably infinite dimensions, or which have a size roughly analogous to them, such as uncountably infinite sets of hierarchical layers or planes of existence, most specifically ones whose amount of layers is comparable to the set of all real numbers, and are thus equated to the first uncountably infinite cardinal, ℵ1, for simplicity's sake. It should, on the other hand, be kept in mind that merely existing "beyond the concepts of space and time" and similar feats do not necessarily qualify one to bypass into this tier unless the work of fiction in question leaves it very clear that a character also exists beyond all extensions of the concepts which they transcend.

Lovecraft's books. Characters who functionally transcend the rest of the Tiering System, and stand outside of any extensions of infinite hierarchies and sizes, to varying degrees and magnitudes. Characters who demonstrate an infinite amount of energy on a 3-D scale, or those who can affect an infinite 3-D area or an infinite number of finite or infinite universes when not accounting for any higher dimensions or time, or more generally any realm of comparable size. Beyond any and all boundaries, logic, dimensions, forms of reality, existence, nonexistence and causality Meaning that Gan exists in every fictional universe. See this page for more information. Alternatively, this tier can also be assigned to characters who transcend High 1-B structures when no further context regarding the nature of such transcendence is given.


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