vastu for child health
Your child’s bed must be placed in the west, or the northwest corner of the house for good health & success and the bed must be made of wood. If a child is suffering from Marasmus apply paste of Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth) on the whole body of the child. Position of the bed - The bed must be placed in the South-West area of the room and children must sleep with their head in the South or East direction so that they get a peaceful sleep. Here are some simple Vastu tips for your children’s room:.

Lighting of the children room - The most apt position for putting the lights is the Southeast direction. If the leaves turn yellow at night, replace the radish with a fresh one. Here is the list of Vastu guidelines that must be followed while designing the room of the children: By following the Vastu tips for children room, you can brighten up the lives of your children and enhance their learning by letting them indulge in recreational activities. This is the very reason that they must design the room of their children in accordance with Vastu Shastra as it would make their children cheerful and hard-working individuals.

East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.

No parent would ever want their children to become an unruly and obstinate person. Also, it must be kept clean at all times in order to enhance the concentration levels of the children. Colors for children room - The colors that must be used for children’s room are the various shades of blue and green. These are simple, useful and effective tips for good health of your child: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Are Vastu Doshas The Reason For Your Property Disputes ? If a child urinates in the bed, while sleeping, apply a paste of saffron around the navel. In today’s world, parents are highly concerned about the welfare of their children and make every possible effort to make them a better person in life. If a child is frightened while sleeping, take a piece of alum, pronounce “Shree Ram Bhakt Hanuman ki Jai” and put is below the head of the child. If a child is suffering from Marasmus apply paste of Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth) on the whole body of the child. Vastu tips to help you redesign your kid's favourite room.

Location and structure of bedroom (Bhoomi) Vayu, the god of wind and air, is situated in the Northwest corner. These could include problems like miscarriages, delay in childbirth or children being born with physical deformities. © Netway India Pvt. They tend to absorb all the negativity around them and this often turns them into stubborn and badly behaved children. These colors are the most preferred ones as they bring freshness, peace, and positivity to the room of the children. These are simple, useful and effective tips for good health of your child: If a child is suffering from hiccups, make the child lick honey (2 drops). take a piece of alum, move it around the child from head to toe, seven times and burn it in the fire Or Take some salt, move it from head to toe of the child seven times, and flow it in running water. By applying the correct Vastu for the children room, you can ensure that your child evolves as a successful and dignified individual. Avoid mirrors - It is said that mirrors attract negativity and create problems in the upbringing of the children. Location of the children room - The most appropriate direction to construct the children bedroom is the West direction of the house as this will help the children develop the essential traits of punctuality and compliance. It will help the child.

Ltd. 2001-2019. Some factors which affect the progeny/ childbirth in a family or in a house:,,, West Facing House Vastu : Complete Guidelines, Vastu Colors For Kitchen:The Ultimate Guide, 5 Vastu Reasons Your Career is stuck and your business not growing, 7 Modern Vastu Doshas That Can Be Incredibly Bad For Your House, The Unknown Vastu Secrets Of Tirupati Balaji Temple, Study Room Vastu: Tips To Create A Perfect Haven For Studies, Vastu for Toilets & Bathrooms: Placements, Effects & Tips, Vastu for Flat: All Your Questions Answered, Septic Tank Vastu Tips: Mistakes You Must Never Make, Staircase Vastu : Must Know Do’s & Don’ts, Main Door Vastu: Invite Wealth & Health with Vastu, North Facing House Vastu: Create A Money Magnet with Vastu, Money Plant Vastu:The Tell All Guide On Money Plant Placement, Vastu for Mirror Position and Placement : Everything You Ever Wanted To Know, Best Sleeping Directions As Per Vastu Shastra. Placement of study table - To make a child intelligent and wise, the study table must be placed in such a way that it faces the North, East or North-East direction. If a child suffers from the bad effects of an evil eye.

An adult person is mature enough to deal with negative situations and even learn to ignore things that are beyond their control. Vastu defects have a very powerful impact on the development of children since they are the ones who are most affected by the negativity of their surroundings. Vastu has laid down some important guidelines to be followed by people, for keeping a good health and remain in the best of spirits. Continue it for 11 days. Therefore, you must not place any mirror in the children room. Vastu & Ayurveda: The Incredible Connection Between Your House & Health. But in this world of technological advancement, it is no longer possible to keep children away from these gadgets. By applying the correct Vastu for the children room, you can ensure that your child evolves as a successful and dignified individual. Entrance of the children room - The entry door of the room brings with it negative energies of the outside world and this may hamper the innocence of children, Therefore, it must never face the bed of children so as to protect them from the evil eyes.


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