usc supplemental essays 2020
While it’s fully okay to not have an extensive background—that is the point of the essay, after all—you should be able to explain at least how you came to be interested in the subject. The point is, don’t just explain why the subject is worth studying in general. The more you learn about different majors, the clearer your intended major may become, so spend a couple of hours clicking deep into the website: Consider ways in which you will grow and flourish academically and programs to which you might contribute as a student at USC. When have you been forced to admit that you were wrong?

Tip: This prompt is a great opportunity to share your sense of humor. Every student must write four essays, but choose from eight prompts. What could I do every day and not get tired of? Here, it would be best if you kept it short, concise, genuine, and above all — engaging. Secondly, spend time reflecting on the qualities forged by your experience. Which well-known person or fictional character would be your ideal roommate: Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings, 13. So, take a look at this guide that will guarantee that your university application gets accepted. If your answer is “I don’t know,” take some time to think about it or move on to the next idea on your list. What TV show will you binge watch next? The USC application has quite a few essay prompts, especially short answer questions. Tip: Have fun and be creative! Describe something outside your major, but related to what USC can offer you. Does Biomedical Engineering sound interesting to you? Tens of thousands of students use Prompt’s web application to help them write more compelling college essays and stay on task with Prompt’s college application to-do lists based on every application requirement for every school. Closing out the USC supplemental essays are a bunch of fun short-answer prompts. You could talk about how your struggles with precalculus and the extra time spent working with a teacher sparked a blooming interest in mathematics, or how your experience watching the nightly TV news with your family sparked your interest in interning for a political campaign and learning historically about international relations just as easily. USC supplemental essay prompts; 2019-2020 examples; 2019-2020 answers; Short Answers; The University of Southern California receives thousands of applications every year. The fear that once possessed me completely vanished. Evaluators want to see a response that makes it seem like you are attracted to their school because you have thought deeply about the particular ways that USC would help you realize your academic goals. Stay on track and ease your anxiety with our second-to-none college application assistance. Check out our College Application Boot Camp. This is USC’s take on the classic Why essay. Then, look at the type of knowledge that will be required to get those jobs. If there’s a quality that you … USC is a great school, located in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, with unparalleled academics and renowned instructors. At USC, I intend to take advantage of the focus on interdisciplinary studies and enroll in elective courses at the Marshall School of Business to complement my skills developed at USC’s LavaLab. This is your shot to show USC that you’re well-rounded! When you’re able to identify what you would like to write about, frame it within a story. Passion gradually outweighed my fear as I became more comfortable with the challenging choreography. August 1 is the official opening of the Common App along with our USC Writing Supplement. While the topic itself could be anything from how your experience on a safari led to an unexpected interest in endangered species preservation to finding meaning in a collection of poetry you were required to read (or something more mundane than both), your essay should construct a narrative demonstrating genuine intellectual curiosity in an area that is separate from your prospective academic focus. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, USC is home to a large student body, incredible research advancements and a large football stadium and culture. You can also use this space to tie the interest back to how you hope to pursue it at USC. Favorite snack? So you want to be an English major? By relating your two prospective majors to one another, you conserve space by avoiding the need to separately delve into an explanation of each.

Think about how different people in your life would describe you, and then think about order. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections.

Enroll in our, “What is something about yourself that is essential to understanding you?”, Why Oberlin? For example, if you are a Harry Potter fan, consider using traits that describe your favorite Hogwarts house. You also don’t exactly have to think of this as filling in the blanks, but more as filling in any blanks in your application. If you find a quality, like humor or levity, immediately comes to mind in that it affects the lens through which you approach the world, of course include such a quality. On top of perfecting your mechanical skills, work to condense and hone your writing so that every word adds to your main point. After months of practices, I led my hallmates into the gym, exuding hall spirit and assuming our formation.

Perhaps you’re interested in the themes of privacy versus security, or the film made you interested in the law or political science. Tip: Just as with the best movie prompt, you may want to avoid mainstream selections and instead put forward a title that says something about you. Language doesn’t just communicate information. Hashtag to describe yourself (100 characters). Or, maybe you are a STEM major, but you’ve also been learning ASL. Tell us about a time you were exposed to a new idea or when your beliefs were challenged by another point of view. Before I could shift his views, I had to understand his perspective.”, “Though I don’t plan to enter politics myself, I want to participate in American democracy as an informed citizen. If you can paint a funny picture or display a knack for wit, take this chance, but don’t force it. We went on to give an unforgettable show. While college will offer you a wealth of social and professional opportunities, its primary function is academic — and your primary role is as a student.

The key is to answer the question concisely (within the 250 word count maximum) and genuinely. USC’s short answer supplement is a chance to have some fun and be creative.


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