usagi tsukino age

They also have cousins too, but the only ones that come around are Ryoko and Yoh Kajimotou, the children of Diane’s twin sister Dana, who are twins themselves.

Usagi's room, whenever it is shown, displays many bunnies all around, from figurines to her bed sheets. "Usagi" is Japanese for "rabbit", while "tsuki-" means "moon", and "-no" as a suffix means "of". Usagi was unable to participate in the final battle because of the simple fact that she wasn't able to evolve into her final Senshi form. She needed to work on some things, grow up and act like an adult.

However, she has a major flaw of always trusting others too easily, believing that everyone has a good nature about themselves no matter who they are or where they came from. But as much as she liked karaoke singing with Minako, she loved eating and sleeping all the time whenever she wanted to be lazy. It was then, she came to terms with this notion, finally figuring out that Mamoru didn't love her but tolerated her because she was Sailor Moon and Princess Usagi of the Moon Kingdom. Endymion appears before her in a desert and she rushes to him, upset because she was unable to keep her promise not to destroy the world. Zoisite gives Sailor Venus a music box in exchange for Venus protecting Endymion since Beryl had a tight grip on them both. It was then the lives of Usagi, Jasmine, Yuugi, and Ami took a downward turn. With a few more attempts, she was able to do so and use a one-time power in an attempt to heal Queen Ria in hopes of turning her into a good person, which she believed her to be. Daichi is the eldest of the six that pretty much had to step up to help his mother when their father wasn’t around. Together with the Sailor Scouts, she battles the evil Queen Beryl.

Practically anything she came into contact with, be an in object or a person, it was knocked over broken, she’d be tripping all over herself. Usagi Tsukino is not only Princess Sailor Moon, the proclaimed leader of the Sailor Senshi, but she’s also one of the shortest out of them all, with her twin sister Jasmine Tsukino whom is Princess Sailor Star Moon, being taller than her by a few inches while also being more fully developed in the bust area than Usagi as well, causing her to often be the target of perverted guys.

Unbeknownst to them were each others identities, hers as Sailor Moon and Mamoru’s as Tuxedo Kamen. Serenity's only concern was Endymion, her forbidden love, and that is what made her dangerous to the planet. As for her clothing, she'd always wear something more casual and non-revealing unlike most girls would that are her age. She originated from the far future and is a descendant of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon. She agrees, even though it might cost her life. Minako had a habit of dragging them all to karaoke bars and sick them to join in and sing for hours on in. Because of everything that'd happened in Domino City, making Usagi feel responsible for not being able to stop the events from happening, she sunk into a deep depression and while her friends knew it, she still masked her pain behind a fake smile. When you combine all this together, you get "rabbit of the moon". She had been managed to graduate from high school thanks to the intensive classes that she took that helped pull her grades up a bit enough to pass and she was able to enter into a local junior college instead of in Todai University with her friends. Tsukino's Lemonade. They doubted the bond of friendship that they had with one another and for a while they bickered with one another instead of banding and working together to save their friend from the dark side. Serenity was the major cause for destroying the planet in the past, and her powers increased Metalia's strength in the present.

If anything, her other siblings Adachi, Daichi, Shingo and Jasmine would all rather eat what they fix for themselves, starve or eat whatever their mother Diane or Jasmine cooks over anything Usagi attempts to make that never comes out tasting right but appearing normal. Rather, she was in love with the idea of being in love.


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