unusual rabbit names

So, it makes sense that you'd want to know how to tell if a rabbit is wild or domestic. Alternatively, you may wish to be silly and give your rabbit a fun name. Unusual Rabbit Names… Ababaster- meaning someone who provided armed service with a crossbow; Aquabella- meaning an attractive young woman in a bathing suit Then why not pick a name that is not only cute but compliments your furball perfectly? Do fish attack humans? There’s so much you can pull from in nature that subcategories are needed for this category. You’ve come to the right place!. If standing out is what you seek for your pet, then keep scrolling to see our list of unusual rabbit names!

You can also opt to add an actual title like Prince, Princess, Queen or King.

As cute as a bunny can be, they need a lot more care than a goldfish does. Should I Get Another Cat?

Or what about a rabbit name that is just made up? The answer is simple “TOYS”. That is why we bring you the list of the most cute and funny rabbit names (female and male): PacoPepsiHarryNemoPeanutChicoTigerBooMaxOliverSimbaGeorgieIggyRoryLeoCharlieMiloBearApolloPrinceTheoThomasLeonard (Leo)RockyGizmoGusJoeyJuliusFelixSam, SmokeyOreoFluffyHamRamboShadowCandyPandaSylvesterJusticeJjJuniorScooterSebastianMagicMangoMiloTeddyMonkeyThorBentleyBlueBooCookieAshOscarLuckyPumpkinPepperDusty​, MaggieCallieChloeSophieMollyFionaArielPrincessBellaEllieNoraLeonieEvaStellaLilyAbbyLunaHannahIvyKiraDaisyEllaEmilyEmmaLillyLizzyMiaMayaTinkerbel, FluffyMistyPandaMissyJusticePrincessPeanutQueeniePumpkinPearlKit KatMochaStrawberryMollyGypsyMoxieHeidiMuffinHoneyLadyMamaPandoraParisNutellaSnickersSwettieWinnieLuluSugar. What Makes a Good Male Pet Rabbit Name? These bunny names are creative and CUTE! Best of luck on you bunny adventure! Anna– A solid, normal name is always a good choice. so check this list of male female and unisex names to find one for your furry

Although they look very shy and sly, their habits can amaze you. friend. One of the most common is rubbing their chin on objects. Bunny needs a lot more care. Nov 12, 2019 - Explore Christy Mays's board "rabbit names" on Pinterest. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based Ads Chewy Careers, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc. Why not take a similar approach with naming your rabbit? You no doubt have a favorite singer, actor, or athlete. Below are some of our favorites: You could name your rabbit after his favorite food (make sure you only, feed your rabbit food that is safe to eat, New Pet Rabbit: Here’s How to Care for a Bunny.

So you’ll want to select a name for your new pet that you’ll be happy with for its entire lifespan. A pair of rabbits is more happy and comfortable than a single rabbit. Is it safe to keep a rabbit at home?

Rabbits don’t belong to the rodent class and are mostly herbivores. HELP, Your email address will not be published. A rabbit’s fur sheds crazily and they easily get bored if left alone. Here is a list of cute names for your fluffy bunny.

There is no shortage of adorable female rabbit names. Beautiful mine will be: Cottontail, Dash, Flash, Hoppy, Midnight, Speedy, Oreo, Ozzy, Buttercream, Cookie or Hoppity.

What's a good name for her that matches her fur? Do fish bite humans? Use a name with hard sounds, like a K, an S and a Ch. They’re also frequently adorable, with is a bonus.

We polled more than 9,000 small animal pet owners, more than 2,000 of which were rabbit owners. If you keep a pair of rabbits, they’ll need distinctive names. You have so many options to choose from and it gets very confusing. You could come up with a fun, punning name based on these personalities. Do you want a rabbit name that fits in with a theme?

Coco, Co-Co or Cocoa. With quality care, many rabbits can live up to 10 years or even longer in captivity. Here are some choices below: You could name your rabbit after his favorite food (make sure you only feed your rabbit food that is safe to eat). Bun, Bunn, Bunnie or Bunny. You can consider the following names for your pet rabbit if it has a shy and calm nature.

They will bond with other rabbits and cats .If you keep your heart and mind open to meet bunnies of all ages,breeds, sizes and types you’ll have the most fun and guaranteed to have the best chance of finding true love! Just don’t let your pet confuse her name with an instruction. Rabbits travel in pairs and large groups, protecting each other from predators. Rabbits have scent glands…, Every trait a rabbit has, from its hearing to its instincts, has evolved in response to predators. A new rabbit is generally shy as it settles down in a new house. Inspired by the Disney classic Bambi. Her fur color, in particular, will provide lots of ideas: Sometimes rabbit fur changes color, so these names may end up confusing. This is perfect if you have a white rabbit. Most pet rabbits do learn to respond to their own names, so you probably won't want to change the name in the middle of their life. Newly born rabbits are called “kittens” or “kit”. Here is some inspiration: Remember, if you have two rabbits, their names must sound different. The customer choice adventure has developed from the beginning of brand building. Um, have you read your username recently?! Thanks.

Archer; Bing; Birch; Blush; Bullet; Captain; Cash; Casino; Chilli; Draft; Drama; Echo; Fidget; Galaxy; Genie; Hopper; Hunter; Jumper; Mango; Monkey; Moss; Nova; Pirate; Puzzles; Riddle; River; Talon; Treacle; Zen; Zima Moreover, you can pick names that are completely weird and make no sense.

Giving your pet rabbit a name based on nature sounds very cute. All the names written below are well known by people of this age. Mini Lop Rabbit Names U: Unity Unicorn Uno Ursala. So the team here at Pet Central wants to help you get started on finding a name for that cute new bunny!

See more ideas about Names, Unique baby names, Baby girl names. They will bond with other rabbits and cats.

Sterling or Ace I used to have grey and white buny named Zeus. I didn’t see that! A few extra are in there, as some names were a tie. A moniker named after a behavior is easy to remember. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some people enjoy creating especially long names for their pet. They are rated very high on the list of most favorite pets, especially among children. These are rich sources of pet name inspiration: Digging deep into faith and mythology can be a great way to name your pet. People usually call me by the nickname “Joy” because they think that I am …keep reading, Fluffyplanet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com We do not provide veterinary suggestion. Many people keep rabbits in their house. If you don’t want to name your rabbit after someone you know or someone famous, but you do want to use a name traditionally used by people, here (in alphabetical order) are some of the more common people names used for rabbits. The best boy Rabbit names are based on the traits of your individual Bunny, such as the way he eats, moves and sounds! Unique Bunny Names. This makes the title more personal and unique to your pet! Thinking of two names is twice as tricky as one.

And kids should never have the sole responsibility of caring for rabbits . Rabbits are great as pets. Your pet will have the same name for up to ten years, so you’ll need to ensure that both you and your…, If you see a rabbit in the wild, it’s unlikely to be alone. You can help but sigh in awe whenever you see a little fluffy bunny being its adorable self. Ebony and ivory. When it comes to your adorable little fluffy bunny, picking a name is the first task that you often get stuck on. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. Below are names inspired by such categories: Every rabbit is unique in its own way but there are a number of things which make a rabbit different from other animals. Giving your pet rabbit a simple and common name can get boring.

Rabbit Food List: What Fruits and Vegetables Are Safe for Rabbits? Who can help, I thought of Jackie but I feel it's a female name for a black feminine. The following are the top names for all rabbits. ), Coco/Cocoa/Co-Co and Daisy/Daisy Mae/Daisy May (tie), Baby, Bella, Bugs/Bugz/Buggs/Buggz/Bugsy/Bugzy, Marshmallow/Marshmellow and Lillie/Lilly/Lily (tie), Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby’s name). Or what if you want something completely different?

Do fish have ears?

is a participant in several other affiliate programs, held by other merchants. That’s a horrible name! One of the most famous rabbits of course is Peter Rabbit, the cheeky rabbit from the children’s book series by Beatrix Potters. Or, you can just name him after yourfavorite food. You can select a name of your rabbit on the food that it eats. They require daily food, weekly cage cleaning, and lots of love. They will bond with other rabbits and cats. They require daily food, weekly cage cleaning and lots of love. Luckily, we have a list of 100 rabbit names for your male or female rabbit. 5 Key Things to Know When Adopting A Rabbit. You may think they both…. Lilly, Lillie, Lily. Our pets will be here for a long, long time and if you just brought a new rabbit at your home, then this will be the start of a long and beautiful friendship. This means that you can create a nonsensical, but fun, name for your rabbit. Below you will find 100 possible girl bunny names, divided into sub-categories. These are great Pamela. Apart from toys, you can leave your pet rabbit in your backyard to promote active metabolism and increased activity. Keeping a Single Rabbit (Is It OK to Have One Rabbit? Just like people, each rabbit is unique. Rabbits are mammals and widely recognized due to their large ears. It’s hard to find any flower name that does not suit a female rabbit.

Famous rabbit names. Once you bring a rabbit (or two) home, along with all of the necessary bunny supplies to house your new indoor rabbit, the next step is to name your new pet. Finding that perfect rabbit name for your new pet can take mere seconds when inspiration strikes, while other times it can be agonizing. We’ve put together this extensive list of funny rabbit names, including clever, cute, and unique options for boys and girls.Would you rather have a bunny …

I have a slate-colored female rabbit. Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First, 900,000 Loving Homes for Pets! Other pets, like rabbits, are much harder to read and understand. This may inspire you to choose a name from a particular language. Even if you do not follow a faith, you could take a cue from mythology. To top it all, toys can prove to incorporate exercise in your rabbit’s routine and promote healthy chewing habits. You need to make it a source of pleasure. Caitlin UltimoApril 29, 2019Pet Lovers / Pet Parenting. You can use this human name in training. Bunny needs a lot more care. Just like people, each rabbit is unique. There is nothing wrong with unusual names for boy rabbits. Shyness wears down after a few days but when your rabbit is sad, it shows symptoms. This includes anything from movies to books, like the “The Velveteen Rabbit,”  to television shows to cartoons to songs and more.


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