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You have entered an incorrect email address! The following graph shows the real, available power and torque coming from the crankshaft of the UL520iS engine corrected to the International Standard Atmosphere conditions at sea level. However, “I’ve really been putting the motor through its paces, and it’s been a good experience so far,” he said. Get in touch: t: 07502 593 671 More power from a smaller package that weighs less; what’s not to like? I recently swapped out my UL 350iS for a Rotax 912 ULS because of the way UL attaches the prop flange to the end of the crankshaft. The question that’s unanswered today is will these engines achieve the “bulletproof” status of Lycoming’s 4-cylinder aero engines. The redline (maximum) cylinder head temperature (CHT) for ULPower engines is surprisingly low at 356 F (180 C), especially for pilots and technicians familiar with the 460 F (238 C) and 500 F (260 C) CHT red lines for Continental and Lycoming engines, respectively. This permits valve and guide work without disturbing the ring-to-cylinder wall fit. He lists why he likes ULPower over the original engine: less expensive, instant start, instant throttle response, air-cooled, light weight, and simple installation. Every part of the engine, as well as every part of the alternator, is shown in the parts manual. £51.00. He also reports that the crew at Just has been sending in oil samples, and to date “they’ve been clean.” So far, so good.

Note: Pictures may not always represent the exact colour or shape.

According to Robert Helms, general manager of ULPower North America in Lake Ozark, Missouri, approximately 150 ULPower engines have been shipped to users here. A spokesman told me that there have been some problems and some changes have been incorporated to increase quality. The only part of the engine that is not fully illustrated in an exploded view is the engine control unit (ECU), the ignition coils, and the starter motor. Have a question? [1], The engine is a six-cylinder four-stroke, horizontally-opposed, 5,254 cc (320.6 cu in) displacement, air-cooled, direct-drive, gasoline engine design. It costs 8,000 euros (about $9,000) for an overhaul that includes all new reciprocating parts. Airmaster make a number of propeller models for this engine. Helms also told me that ULPower North America has agreements to supply ULPower engines to many airplane original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including Arion Aircraft, Kitfox, Hatz Bantam, Bede Corp, Just Aircraft, RANS, Sport Performance Aircraft (Panther), and others.

All ULPower engines are multi-fuel engines. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ron Wanttaja looks at the accident data to determine whether its safer to buy than build an Experimental, and he identifies the key factors to ensuring a successful outcome. UL260i UL260iS UL260iSA UL260iF UL350i UL350iS UL350iSA UL350iHPS UL390i UL390iS UL390iSA UL520i UL520iS UL520iSA UL520iSRR. All of these files are available for download in pdf format. Zenith offers full firewall-forward installation kits for ULPower engines for the STOL CH750, the CH750 Cruzer and the Zenith CH650. ULPower solved the problem by quickly delivering a flop tube that automatically adjusts for steep deck angle operations. 2016-01 bis: Fuel lines from fuel connection kit K020001 / K020007 / K020008, 2016-01: Fuel lines from fuel connection kit K020001 / K020007 / K020008, 2016-02: Bolts valve cover plate + bolts inlet manifold, 2018-02: Updated maintenance manuals - alternator flange bolt torque check - CANCELLED, 2019-01: Update on SB2016-02 Bolts/washers securing the valve cover/rocker cover, 2020-01: SPRINGS INSIDE THE OIL THERMOSTAT.

A 95 RON octane engine requires mogas from your local U.S. gas station that has an antiknock index (AKI) of at least 91. That’s the reason it’s critical to ensure there’s a sufficient pressure drop across each oil cooler installation. Pressure oil also squirts at the underside of each piston and cylinder wall. We love them! Note that local pricing may differ from ULPower's published price as it may include crate, shipping, customs declaration, taxes, exchange rate fluctuations or other services our local dealer provides.

92 Likes, 13 Comments - DarkAero, Inc. (@darkaeroinc) on Instagram: “The engine for the DarkAero 1 is the 200hp UL520iS made by UL Power in Belgium. UL520iS Break-in run - 6/12/2019 by Gregory A. Installed weight is 172 pounds. In an effort to round out this story, I called the ULPower factory in Belgium. Due to the large roller-type thrust bearing, all ULPower engines can be installed in tractor (prop in front) or pusher (prop in back) configurations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Need a return or exchange? Installed weight is 220 pounds. ULPower engines have been slow to cross the Atlantic—they’re manufactured in Belgium—but are rapidly gaining favor as satisfied users spread the word through online chat rooms and owners groups. Each ULPower engine is delivered with a complete exhaust system, a wiring harness, an ECU, the ignition coil pack, an alternator rectifier, a voltage regulator, the left and right ram-air housings (not shown) and an air/oil separator. Since maintaining this pressure is critical for safe engine operation, the ULPower operating manual requires a full-power engine run of at least 5 seconds prior to takeoff to determine if the fuel pump(s) is/are functioning correctly. The company builds a total of eight different engines with power ratings from 97 to 200 horsepower. Aircraft powered with ULPower engines.

Each ULPower engine is shipped with a straight (not Dynafocal) four-lug mounting plate bolted to the back of the engine. “You turn the key and it starts. The design of these boxes is not left up to the airframe manufacturers; ULPower designs them. “Since the oil pan is simple to remove and replace, we had the new pickup installed in less than four hours,” said Harrison Smith, Just Aircraft’s test and instructor pilot. So there it is. After installing the engine, Just discovered that, due to the extremely high deck angles achieved during maximum-performance takeoffs, the oil pickup tube in the engine sump would unport momentarily. Avid Flyer mark iv . Contact . UL Power Triebwerk: auf Anfrage: Anhänger, Ausführung in weiß : 11.900,-€ Einmann Aufbauhilfe und diverse Vorrichtungen zur sicheren Lagerung der Flugzeugteile im Anhänger: 1.800,-€ Zusammenbau in Litauen incl. 6:17. These include the UL520i (180 hp) and the UL520iS (200 hp). UL Power 260 / 390 service pack. Octane numbers are provided in three formats: RON, MON, and AKI. ULPower Aero Engines are direct drive, air and oil cooled FADEC engines. These include the Titan XIO340 180hp, legacy piston engines O200-O320, 115 hp to 160 hp, UL Power UL520is 180 to 200 hp engines. The UL520iS is a 200HP aircraft engine manufactured by UL Power in Belgium. Rick McGarity replaced the engine in his Searey with a UL350iS and has never looked back. Latest news ULPower manuals have been updated. Copyright © 2020 Airmaster Propellers. Squish design utilizes a very narrow gap of less than 1 mm between a portion of the piston and the cylinder head.

Each 98 RON octane engine requires mogas with an octane rating of at least 93. He’s logged over 250 hours.

The third reason, although it’s one not touted by ULPower, is the transfer of cylinder head heat due to the continuous flow of lubricating oil flowing to the valve mechanism in the head and being sprayed on the bottom of the aluminum pistons. There are three reasons for these surprisingly low numbers. All rights reserved worldwide. Posted on 23 July 2020 in pressrelease. The AKI is derived by adding the research octane number (RON) and the motor octane number (MON) and dividing the total by 2. According to a spokesman from the factory, a ULPower engine in France has logged over 1,100 hours. UL Power Engines have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft and are manufactured to the highest standards with fully electronic ignition and multi-point fuel injection (FADEC) system as standard equipment. Each design includes five crankshaft main bearings, a large roller-type thrust bearing, positive-pressure oil lubrication to the cylinder valve operating mechanisms, solid-valve lifters with diamond-coated faces, and other user- and maintenance-friendly features. Skip to navigation. Accessories . Click here to send us a message, Modern Technology four-stroke, air cooled, four-cylinder opposed engine, Dual (redundant) electronic spark ignition (variable timing), Multi-point electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation, Wet sump forced lubrication with integrated pressure regulator, 5 bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing, Ram air cooled cylinders and cylinder heads. The squish area generates turbulence to increase atomization and mixing of the fuel-air mixture. The UL520iS is a 200HP aircraft engine manufactured by UL Power in Belgium. This feature makes valve and head work much easier and less intrusive to the engine since the ring-to-barrel seal is maintained throughout the process. Crankshafts in the four-cylinder engines are supported in five main bearings. They are so adaptable that they fit almost any application, and they incorporate subtle, but proven, features gleaned from decades of developing automotive racing engines.

Lionel D’ Hondt, owner of DL Racing and designer of the ULPower line of engines at the ULPower display at Sun ‘n Fun in 2015. 20 Haszard Rd, Massey. Read more. It is a direct drive, flat six boxer layout, featuring modern fuel injection and engine management ECU. Propellers are available from companies such as Sensenich, WhirlWind, Catto, Prince and Airmaster. Helms recently announced that Wicks Aircraft and Motorsports of Highland, Illinois, has been named the exclusive parts supplier for ULPower North America. Conversion to 18.4 foot-pounds is easy by using any of the online conversion sites. He also told me that the engine is very smooth in all conditions and that it hardly uses any oil. U.S. owners will need to buy a set of metric-sized internal wrenching sockets, as well as a conversion chart for converting European torque specifications to U.S. torque specs, since all specs in the manuals are in Newton/meters. There are other metric notations such as thread sizes (M12 x 1.5) and wire sizes (2.5 mm), but these are relatively easy to convert.


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