ubc honours thesis

– Completion of first draft of thesis (submit to supervisors) Todd S. Woodward toddswoodward@gmail.com Detection of – Completion of experiments and/or data collection Note

in medical imaging.

Important Notices

': The Role of Film and Digital Media in the Historical Construction of American Deaf Identity”, Cocking, Olivia "'Under Two Flags': Women's Philanthropy in the American Committee for Devastated France", Deschamps, Nathan "In Pursuit of Spiritual Harmony: Weimar Classicism and Kleinstaaterei Germany, 1773–1832", Kahn, Hannah "Lady Margaret Beaufort: The Power of the King’s Mother and the Emergence of the Early Modern State in England", Louie, Naomi "The 'Death Ship' Normannia, Federal Power in 1892, and Immigration to America in a Time of Cholera", Macleod, Emma "Between Worlds, Between Times: The Moon Goddess in the Interwar American Mind", Rigby-Thompson, Mina "Turkey, Diminishing American Power, and the Cyprus Crises of the Cold War: The Ultimate Assertion of Power", Silver, Rebecca "Do Not Divide the Dead": The Limits of Representations of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union, 1960-1968", Simpson, Megan "The Right to Participate, The Right to the Truth: Public Inquiries into Indigenous Policy, 1946–1996", Wilford, Aaron "Practical Pan-Africanism in the Lagos Weekly Record, Nigeria, 1912", Bennett, Peter"A Contextual Reassessment of Kwame Nkrumah", Benoy, Elizabeth"Hearts and Mines: Women and Emerging National Identify in Wales during the 1984-85 Miners' Strike", Cooper, Duncan "The Nature of Banff: Constructing Settler Colonialism along Company and Country Lines, 1880-1940", Dara, Sabah"Hip-Hop and Resistance: The United States, South Africa, and African Identity", Evans, Gwyneth"The Historical (Mis)Perceptions of the Thirteenth-Century Beguines", Forrest, Andrew"1960s Student Radicalism and the Problem of Poverty: Off-Campus Activism to Organize the Unemployed", Forsyth, Genevieve "In the Contemplation of Ideal Beauty": Fashion, British Femininity and Representations of India, 1789-1820", Lim, Sheryl"Re-emerging on the International Stage: China's Role in the Creation of the United Nations, c. 1945", Penner, Cassidy "The Cultural Politics of Edwardian Socialism and The New Age under A.R.

Also include some statement of agreement between you and the

should be as close to 20 minutes as possible. Yeah, as far as I know you do need to do 30 credits a year - unless you're in your last year and will graduate with the required credits/courses. presentation. reports are described here. Honours Theses. Complete the Honour’s application form (see, Once the Contract has been signed, the student will be registered by emailing the signed contract (both supervisor and student) to the School Assistant (. Ang, Kevin "Externally Internal: Soviet Nationalities Policy and Uyghur Uprisings in Sinkiang (Chinese Turkestan) 1920s-1940s", Cassinelli, Caroline "'Do You See Me Now? (Honours ENSC and Honours ATSC students should enroll in ENVR 449 or ATSC 449, respectively, but all BSc thesis courses in the Department are run together as one course, EOSC 449.) Students must undertake substantial pieces of independent research on topics of their choice and will receive individual direction from faculty members. the following LATEX input file and  corresponding pdf Thus, all Honours students should be prepared to 1) submit a well written thesis in the proper scientific format, 2) present a well delivered research talk, and 3) answer questions of both a general and specific nature pertaining to their research project. Office: ARTS 341, Go to the Disability Resource Centre Website, Go to the DRC Booking Accommodation Portal, Go to the Inclusive Technology Lab Website, UBC Exercise, Kinesiology and Health Seminar Program, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology, Sensorimotor Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Physiology, Integrative STEM Team Advancing Networks of Diversity (iSTAND). Hasinoff hasinoff@physics.ubc.ca The Hui Brothers' 1970s Films and What It Meant to Be a Man in Hong Kong, 1974–1978” (*), Warner, Valerie “The Rise of Written Proof in Land Disputes in England under Henry II” (*), Wray, Anthony “British Investment in Western Canada, 1890–1914” (*), Bailey, Ardith “Revolutionizing Africa, Africanizing Cuba: The Idea of Africa in Cuban Discourse, 1959–1976” (*), Burt, Justin “Mao Zedong and Sino-Soviet Relations, 1935–1960” (*), Fujimoto, Sohko “The Human Body, Architecture and Urbanism in Fascist Italy” (*), Gates, Rebecca “Their Finest Hour: Britain 1940. least 10 other student presentations. Tel: 250.807.9569 are a few example written proposals. Press J to jump to the feed. Credits: 6 So 2 written pieces and 3 oral presentations overall. For Biology 449, “Directed Biological Research,” students are expected to complete original research under supervision.

So the biggest difficulty will probably be writing the thesis itself. Please 4. 13. Make sure you can compile the template look carefully at this evaluation form as you prepare your first before filling it in. The senior thesis is the main challenge and reward of your final year in the History Honours program.

3. “"The protection of the strong from degeneration": Eugenics and Sexuality in Early Twentieth-Century Britain” (*), Inaba, Ayumi “Conflict in Prewar Japanese Education: Distances of Straying”, Matheson, D. Spencer “Dirt, Disease, Demoralization and Death: Edwin Chadwick and the Ideology of British Public Health, 1839–1854” (*), McHardy, Paul Gregor “Images of Canadian Imperialism: Figures and Symbols in the Idology of Nation” (*), Robinson, R. Ken “The Development of Canals in England to 1790”, Rusk, Bruce A. (Last updated Nov 13, 2019) 2. Archived. In regard to the thesis. I would say it's more sustained work because a lot of the course is like passing checkpoints to help you reach your final goal of finishing your thesis. The proposal involves coming up with a schedule for when and what you will do, and the course does a decent job helping you stay on track thanks to the progress report. Guidelines for the Introduction of an Honours Thesis, Guidelines for Materials and Methods Section of an Honours Thesis, Emergency Procedures | Accessibility | Contact UBC  | © Copyright The University of British Columbia, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), Bio News (Teaching and Learning Newsletter), © Copyright The University of British Columbia. UBC graduate students began submitting their theses online via cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository, in fall 2007, a practice that both simplified the submission process and also ensured the availability of this research to a global audience in a timely manner. “Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School and Child Welfare in British Columbia, 1935–1951” (*), Geddes, Graham “Agreement and Agitation: The Movement for Comprehensive Workmen's Compensation Legislation in British Columbia, 1897–1917”, Gibson, Lynn H. “The Manipulation of Marriage as a Political Tool in the Elizabethan Élite” (*), Gumpp, Ruth “The Germans in British Columbia, 1930–1945: Perception and Reality of a Minority Group” (*), Hicken, Mark “The Constable Revisited: The Foundations of Adam Smith's Thought and Eighteenth-Century Society”, Jones, Towser “Humphrey Gilbert: A Self-Seeking Nationalist” (*), Nelson, Blair “Purpose in an Atomic Universe: Ralph Cudworth's Alternative Science” (*), Stewart, Douglas “Flexible Response and the Arms Race: The Strategic Doctrine of the Kennedy Administration, 1961–1963”, Vlessing, Etan “Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Begin: Continuity or Change?” (*), Yeager, Robert Gordon “Bureaucracy and Economic Nationalism in Japan” (*), Gingell, John F. “Attitudes to Death in Late Medieval England”, Gloat, Marianne “Denmark Faces the Third Reich”, Mlodzik, Barbara Ann “Canadian Members of Parliament Assess the Soviet Union, 1939–45” (*), Tweedy, Mark Lee “The 1880 and 1881 Strikes by the Miners of the Vancouver Coal Company”, Banning, Lynn Ellen “The Leipzig Trials: Allied Policy on the War Crimes Issue, 1914–1922” (*), Brookwell, Sherene H. “Immigration Policy and the Quiet Revolution in Quebec”, Brookwell, Sherene; Green, Anna; Lougheed, Judith “Ladies Don't Drink: An Examination of Social, Legal and Medical Attitudes towards Women and Alcohol in British Columbia since 1900” (*), Checov, Martin Samuel “The Progressive Old South: Reform and Vindication of the Slave States” (*), Kilpatrick, RG “A Political History of the Praetorian Guard, 31 BC to 69 AD” (*), Lougheed, Judith H. “Canadian-American Relations during the Korean War” (*), Peters, Herbert James “Toleration and Perception: Anabaptists and Society, 1525–1650” (*), Boldt, John Robson “Japanese Activities in the Phillipines, World War II to the 1970s” (*), Cooke, Stephen “The Royal Entry in Sixteenth-Century France” (*), Leeson, Patricia “British Anarchists and the Woman's Question, 1885–1914”, Nilsen, Deborah “The 'Social Evil': Prostitution in Vancouver, 1900–1920” (*), Saba, Steven J.


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