twisted wonderland heights
Into Disney Twisted Wonderland? [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 5-12 Translations. ( Log Out /  From the first step into the venue you know something is different…. I just do some Twisted Wonderland tls here when I have the chance. His speech is a pain to work on, but I do love a little bit of the flamboyant speech~! Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain. Greeted by a half rabbit half prisoner on a leash being led by a crazy Alice is just the begining. Lets take a trip down the rabbit hole where things get really strange !!. really different… really Twisted. Then add a stiltwalking Mad Hatter a fire breathing Queen of Hearts plus our own Twisted DJ and the party really gets started. RUGGIE: Alright, this should be more than enough. This complete venue transformation creates the perfect scene for a awsome night.For more information and available booking dates give us a call. Pardon.ROOK: It has always been an old habit of mine to try and mask my footsteps.ROOK: I am Rook Hunt. **All translations are for personal use only so please don't re-upload or share anywhere else. Apr 2, 2015 - Take your next party, holiday, or company event to new heights with balloon decor!

( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. That annoying Vil is there, too, so no.LEONA: Not in this lifetime.ROOK: Vil who possesses wholesome beauty, and Leona-kun who sports a wild grace!ROOK: Seeing you two perform together would be a wonderful sight!ROOK: Two wildly contrasting beauties…!

!DEUCE: He wasn’t there a while ago! i'm vy and i make art | [about] | please do not redistribute without permission + credits I shall also have a section for OCs, so if you wanna have yours in here, just send me a link to their bio and I’ll add them! !RUGGIE: Dandelions can be used in salads, they can be boiled and turned into tea.RUGGIE: And they grow everywhere, too!RUGGIE: It’s a real blessing for poor people like me.RUGGIE: Well, it’s not like pompous rich people like you will ever understand.RUGGIE: My food allowance is in trouble, so I just had to do something.RUGGIE: That’s the story. I got really bored and it’s the middle of the night where I am. It is another bad habit of mine to get carried away with stories, see?ROOK: You boys are from Heartslabyul—ROOK: Ace Trappola from Class 1-A, seat number 25. Guys, I just– I love Rook so much. Who are you! !ACE: How do you know our heights, too! Twisted Wonderland is the newest show from the Untouched stable. DEUCE: Monsieur Dandelion…?ROOK: Fufufu~ Why, it is none other than our Beastly Gentleman’s one and only confidant Ruggie-kun.GRIM: But why a dandelion? ACE: (gasps)…!

Is it because his hair is yellow and fluffy?ROOK: Non-non, it is much more complex than that.ROOK: Yes, I remember it vividly—It was around the time that the spring was blowing its gentle breath around the school last year. View All Posts. ( Log Out / 

Your voice is wonderful as well.ROOK: I have not seen a lion sing and roar with the sunset as the background, but I can just imagine how intense that would be.LEONA: As if I’d participate in something like that. We decorate the areas surrounding Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. Hubberts BridgeBostonLincolnshireUnited KingdomOffice +44 1205 290 765Mobile +44 7983 290765Email, Oryx World Business CentreEmpire HeightsPodium 3Business BayDubai 123584United Arab EmiratesOffice +971 446 2011WhatsApp +971 50 551 3479. !DEUCE: Oh, yeah! ROOK: And there you have it! LEONA: Tsk… There’s the weirdo…ROOK: Goodness me, if it isn’t the Beastly Gentleman. really different… really Twisted. ** Browse the user profile and get inspired. It is lunch break so pray, where is Monsieur Dandelion?LEONA: He has his own classes to attend. Do not judge things so easily now, Gentleman.GRIM: Are dandelions delicious? Posts; Archive; I honestly wanna apologize to people who followed me for twst translations;;; I’m really just swamped with assignments. The Untouched team will transform your venue into a Twisted Wonderland complete with huge inflatable mushrooms and flowers to lazers and video graphics for the TVs and LED screens. Would you like to audition for the VDC as well?ROOK: Height and looks aside, I am sure that your athletic abilities will translate well into dancing!


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