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That energy is what people will see in the video, along with what we think is the best skateboarding out there. At the end of the day, business is business, but we don’t forget where we came from and definitely keep skateboarding first in the mix. My friend John Puca was like, “Yeah. I found him on YouTube.

We got a new dude. [10] [11] Following the 13-minute promotional video, Kayo then released It's Official in 2006, in which the four key brands of the company were introduced in video form: DGK, Organika, Expedition and Gold. He embodies everything DGK is about, too, and came under the supervision of Kalis, so you already know how that is. Lenny Rivas:The OG baby gangster of the team. Pusher Bearings' European squad hit the South of Spain and came back with th ... By Alex van Zwietering featuring Jair Gravenberch and Billy Hoogendijk. The Rise of the Streetwear Cotton Face Mask, How To Start Your Own Clothing Line and Streetwear Brand, The Most Incredible Article About Streetwear You’ll Ever Read.

He was on flow then got off to get on Kalis’ flow. Skateboarding has always made the outsiders shine. See agents for this cast & crew Directed by . The problem with most videos these days is that they just show how challenging skateboarding is, rather than showing how fun it is. [1], In September 2009, the recruitment of Williams' close friend and skateboarding partner Josh Kalis was announced. | But he’s one of the illest skaters in the world to me. When did you decide to make it happen? So that was the first time DGK appeared on a skateboard. It’s more about what I believed in. Williams explained the ethos of both himself and DGK in a 2013 interview with the European skateboard publication, Kingpin—the importance of fun, friendship, and community is highlighted: I like reminiscing about the things that made me psyched on skating as a kid, it helps me go out there and keep doing it. With DLX is like Jim Thiebaud - boom, everybody knows who he is, he's an ex-pro, he's accessible, etc. For Justin Bieber or Lil’ Wayne, or any of these high-profile megastars to show support for DGK really means a lot to me. But I think the newer consumers to DGK might come from other places too. DGK is just what we got called. He’s the skater’s skater. From the dark and bold blacks to the bright reds and the calming blues, the DGK collection is one in a million. Well, it started off just being the homeys, but people started saying like, “Oh DGK, they don’t skate.

If he wasn’t down with Ricky and them, then he was down with DGK [laughs]. | It’s more about what Chocolate meant to me. You dig? Is someone asks you why Gustav is your favorite skater right now, just direct the ... Geoff Rowley, Harold Hunter, Bobby Puleo, the Philly Metrospective, and more! La marque est distribuée par The Kayo Corp, un partenariat établi par l'intermédiaire de Stevie Williams et Troy Morgan de The Kayo Corp

I look at it like, “It’s done and over with.” I don’t think so much about me and my video part, I’m more thinking about what I want to see from my ams. But I always made sure that he was taken care of. I think it’s still growing every day. What are the future plans for DGK? They already know I know how to do my job. We’ve done collaborations with Pusha T, Bun B, Meek Mill, Travis Barker, Beanie Sigel, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith. Dwayne is my homey from Brazil. Simply from the hood, and at a time when the whole industry had their backs turned on me, Rick Howard and Mike Carroll took a chance and brought me into the industry under their wing. It’s about brotherhood. We was like anti Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, and all those dudes. thats him huh?

He’s the team captain. When did Josh Kalis get involved? So, is DGK marketed to people outside skating?

We the dirty ghetto kids.

The collaboration was the result of an airplane conversation between Kalis and Thomas in early 2011. Lenny Rivas, Henry Sanchez, and Jeremy Holmes joined us next, and that became the first squad. He was 13, he’s 23 now. Are the people that turned away from you back with you now? You had the last part in the Chocolate video.” I was like, “Oh yeah. I think that’s why the DGK video was so successful. Don't relinquish the good timing to grab this amazing deal - CUP NOODLES X DGK from $3 before it's missing. wow, I have to say I'm quite intrigued by the guy.

Thank you for signing up. It ties back to the motivation to lift yourself out of it. It’s not that easy to get on the team. Except we’re a little bit older and are lucky enough to be able to put this stuff on boards and shirts. He doesn't skate at all. Subscribe to Rest in peace to his mom—we definitely are his extended family, and he fits like a glove in the circle. You said it started to take off after that. If I’m gonna be the shit, I’m gonna be the shit on and off the f—king skateboard. Salvador Lleo De La Fe Brad Rosado Film Editing by . segment on the Berrics website, Williams revealed in 2012 that the idea of DGK "really came out of nowhere", further explaining that the company was built upon the Gold skateboard wheels brand that he co-owned with his good friend Eli Soto.


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