trek 520 vs 920
This article will outline all of the changes, and I’ll provide my honest thoughts on the implications of this update. All About Touring Bike Brakes On first impressions the Trek 920 seems to have more of a MTB geometry and the 520 has a dailed in touring geometry all the way back to 1983. The 720 is one of Trek’s lightweight touring options. On first impressions the Trek 920 seems to have more of a MTB geometry and the 520 has a dailed in touring geometry all the way back to 1983. 2018 Giant ToughRoad and ToughRoad GX I've indeed decided that the 920 is too bulky for me. To start off the Trek 520 comes in two new models for 2021. 2018 Salsa Fargo Ti Frameset 2016 Giant ToughRoad

The 2016 Trek Crossrip Comp Light Touring Bike. 2018 Fuji Touring Disc I use my kickstand 50 times per day to quickly take photos, pack my bags, organise my bags or park my bike. My question; has anyone toured on a Trek 920? All in all, the 920 seems to be a better deal money-wise. 2020 Cannondale Topstone The bike has been upgraded to the best cable disc brakes in town, that’s the TRP Spyre.

2018 Masi Giramondo Flat-mount is a pretty neat standard, it certainly looks better, but there is one key downside – you cannot use rotors larger than 160mm. While the 920 has 465 mm which is on the long end, making the rear feel more stable. The frame geometry is otherwise essentially the same as previously. 2018 Specialized Sequoia If you are wanting to save money, I really think the 520 Grando is a capable bike. True, but hydraulics are really realiable these days apparently. 2016 Salsa Marrakesh If weight is most important then the Trek 920 is going to be your best best. 2019 Bombtrack Beyond Priced at $1679.99 If you want something that is a bit lighter and you only plan to carry a lightweight touring gear setup then the Trek 520 Grando, might be your cup of tea!

2020 Kona Unit X

If your bike is carrying a 70kg rider (okay, nearer 75kg in my case) and approaching 40kg of kit, and you reach the bottom of a long or/and steep hill, you can never have a bottom gear that’s too low. If you've learned something from him, you can support his mission to create the best bike travel content HERE.

I’ve actually used a Surly Trucker to cycle across dozens of countries, covering in excess of 50,000km – so I am very familiar with the bike. 2016 Bombtrack Beyond

Meaning more weight distribution if you plan to load up the 920 and help you stay upright on some rougher road conditions. 2018 Salsa Marrakesh The 2016 Trek 520 Disc Long Distance Touring Bike.

2018 Co-Op ADV 4.2 2018 Salsa Fargo Ti Frameset 2017 Bombtrack Beyond 2018 Kona Sutra LTD Simon has been cycling for as long as he can remember, and more seriously since his time at university in the Dark Ages (the 1980s). 2017 Diamondback Haanjo EXP Carbon 2017 Specialized AWOL The Wisconsin-based company has been making its steel 520 bike since 1983 — making it a couple of years younger than Specialized’s Allez and a decade or so younger than the Dawes Galaxy, probably the standard bearer for steel touring bikes, at least in Britain — and started out as an all-round road bike. 2017 Fuji Touring 2017 Giant ToughRoad If you want a taste of traditional touring but want to dip your toes in off-road adventure cycling, then the Grando might be your choice.

The LTD comes with Shimano 105 11-spd gearing and TRP Hydro/Cable disc brakes and is priced at US $1679. Not having to move a hand off the brakes to shift makes you feel much more secure on the bike. The gear range is exceptional, spanning from 22 to 118 gear inches. The Grando fits somewhere in the middle between the like of the 520 (traditional touring bike) and the 920 (off adventure bike). I think components are somewhat overrated in how we decide to buy bikes, they can always be replaced. It is definitely something to consider when buying a bike. There are now SEVEN different bikes, including the 2016 Trek 920, which are suited to everything from road touring right through to adventure off-road. But what really is the difference and which one is best for you and your riding goals? With the decent climbing gear and off-road capabilities.

It is definitely something to consider when buying a bike. For a bit less money again, you can get the Comp with Shimano Claris 8-spd gearing at US $1099. 2019 Specialized Sequoia

And a Shimano HG200, 11-36 rear cassette. But all the measurements below are in mm and are for both 54 cm sized bikes.

Alee is a bike and travel addict who has cycled through 100+ countries and doesn't really have any plans of stopping. If you’re tossing up between the CrossRip LTD and 720, go the CrossRip as it has a US $200 price advantage! 2016 Brodie Elan Vital , If I ever invite you for a bike ride... make sure, You will find me on my back wheel (a) when I need. If you plan to ride fully loaded with 20kg or more gear on the bike anything under 20″ for the granny gear is ideal. The 520 turns 36 in 2019, and true believers in the Wisconsin brand’s touring heritage search out vintage editions with as much fervor as they watch for new releases. The 520 is on the edge of feeling predictable and stable with a 65mm trail which is what you want in a touring bike.

The Best Touring Bike Trek 520. 2020 Salsa Marrakesh

It comes with Shimano 105 11-spd gearing, TRP Hydro/Cable disc brakes and some front side-mount racks and dry bags. +1 for 520, 520 has mechanical disc brakes, 920 hydraulic. I also need to get essential equipment before I can leave for a 3-month tour in September: main thing being Ortlieb bags which would set me back another 150-200€ (and quite some hours of internet searching) for a used set of 4.I just found a customized Trek 920 from 2017 (54 cm) for the same prize. If you carry heavy loads you could use Trek’s 520 for tough commuter runs but the 520 is most at home on the wide-open road. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.We have blocked registrations from several countries because of the large quantities of spam that originate there.

The 2016 Trek 920 Adventure Touring Bike. The 2019 incarnation is very much the latter beast, having gained even more touring-friendly features than the 2018 model, and it now has some serious expedition chops to its name. A rear KSA-18 kickstand mount would’ve been a very welcome addition, and a bit more tyre clearance with fenders would’ve been appreciated – just enough to get my favourite slick touring tyre in, the 700c x 50mm Schwalbe Almotion. Like the 720, CrossRips are most at home on a smooth road with a light load but will handle four panniers well. I have a 920 for touring (new model with brifters) and am very happy with the brifters, hydraulic brakes, and general ruggedness. In fact, my Trucker was the first touring bike I purchased as a 19-year-old, eager to start exploring the world!

2019 Specialized Diverge You can unsubscribe at any time.

Also, please note that your login information for the forums is not connected to your Adventure Cycling membership number. 2020 Cannondale Topstone 2020 KOGA WorldTraveller-S This creates a very stable, comfortable, semi-upright riding position, ideal for both touring and commuting.


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