trane furnace model number breakdown
Click here for more information on how to know the age of trane from serial number. Mas Broto is also a blogger, who's dedicated to bringing you the best knowledge to get ahead in the game of life. (a description is not listed) C: Downflow Economizer and Oversize Motor C: Minor Design Sequence A: Service Digit (i don’t know exactly what this means), Trane RTU model # SXHEC9040E76AD8D3D01GGNRTX S= Self Contained X= DX cooling,Extended Casing H= Single Zone E= 5th Developement sequence C90= 90 Tons 4= 460/60/3 XL 0= No Heat E= Design Sequence 7= 100% Exhaust w/ statitrac & 15 hp motor 6= Ex fan Drive 600 RPM A= Throw away filters D= Supply Fan HP 40 ( 2-20HP) 8= Supply Fan Drive 800 RPM D= !00% Economizer 3= VAV ( SA temp Control w/ IG Vanes) D= BAYSENS014 O= Standard Ambient Control 1= UL Approval, TTP018—1-1/2ton TTP024—2 ton TTP030—2 1/2 yon TTP036—3 ton TTP042—3 1/2 ton TTP048—4 ton, TWE030C140b0 TW – split component heat pump compatable E – Electric furnace (like they said, heat strips are added in the field, could be anything from 10kw to 25 kw) 0 – Brazed refrigeration connection 30 is 2.5 ton like you mentioned C – Major development sequence C is standard system, E would be VS motor, P would be high eff system 1 – 220-230/1/60 (electric rating) 4 – Accurtron flow control check valve 0 – Standard insulation B – Minor design sequence (means nothing other than to the facotory) 0 – Service digit (they change these as they do “improvements” on thier stuff). In addition to the Trane Residential Furnace Model Number, referencing the product serial number is useful for identifying when the piece of HVAC equipment was manufactured. Zero indicates the system’s connections are brazed or soldered. 53

This guide is intended to assist Commercial/Residential Building Inspectors, HVAC professionals, Facilities Managers, HOA’s, etc.., in determining the date of manufacture and/or age of HVAC equipment to determine the expected useful life (EUL). In determining the capacity of heating and air conditioning system, the term btu (British Thermal Units) is used. 14A For information on how to properly connect the primary side of a low voltage transformer on roof top units, refer to this blog. 3B

Trane® has utilized multiple serial number formats over the years. The remaining characters (sequence) can be any combination of letters or numbers usually starting with a single digit representing day of the fiscal week. The last letter is the unit part’s identifier code. 10,111 10A 13A There is no standard format for how the letters and numbers are used. 103 Trane gas and oil furnaces are uniquely designed with efficiency and precise temperature control in mind. Whether you need a new air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, a Trane system can help you take control of your home's indoor temperature. 101 Having the right HVAC system for your home makes all the difference in how comfortable your home is, how much money you spend on energy bills and how hassle free your system is. Your financial support is greatly appreciated to help us to continue maintaining this site! And for information on what maintenance items that homeowners can do to maintain their HVAC systems operating efficiently, refer to this blog. For a description of what the MERV rating on air filters means, refer to this blog.

81 If you are a homeowner use this app to make sure your system matches the proposal given.

Examples: F23456789 would be manufactured the 23rd week of 1991.

So if the model number is 4TTX4036A1000AA, take 36 and divide by 12, equaling 3 tons. Need to contact me (Charles Cope) for any reason just click the link below to send me an email. How many BTUs the unit produces in thousands. 14A The position eleven, twelve and thirteen. Error in doing AC size analyzing can result in oversized and/or undersized. Get this application to save time and money for only $4.99. Trane model number nomenclature split into several segments. The fourth letter equals the product family. 14A A single number represents the SEER: 0 = 10, 1 = 11, 2 = 12, 3 = 13, 4 = 14, 5 = 15, 6 = 16, 7 = 17, 8 = 18, 9 = 19. 10000 Trane furnaces are reliable, quiet and guaranteed to keep you comfortable and heat your home even on the coldest days. 1S Hope you can help me.

The model number decoder for all major brands. In 1984, American Standard Companies, Inc.® acquired the Trane Company and launched its American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning® brand four years later. This Trane style is very similar to style 3 above, and also began seeing use in the 1970’s. Also helpful is to note the ANSI standard revision year.

2M The seven and eight number indicate tonnage. 6,7,8A 12C Trane XB80 Single Stage Gas Furnace – Upflow/Horizontal. 31

This format was found on some Trane systems manufactured from 1980 – 1982. 5080 736 11,121 The nine letter represents the age. Select the desired type of HVAC equipment.

We have a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau and we do it right. Selecting this will disable this pop up for 30 days if cookies are enabled and not cleared. 12S This means the rate of heat transfer needed to freeze 1 ton of water in 24 hours. The model number starts with a two or four. Choosing the Best HVAC System for Your Home, Ductless Mini-Split vs Central Air Conditioners, Trane XE1000 User Manual Installation Guide – pdf, Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual and Repair Guide, Trane XR80 Furnace Filter – Location, Size and Replacement Guide, Trane XR80 Furnace Overview & Troubleshooting Guide, Best Gas Furnace (Reviews & Buying Guide), Determining Bryant Air Conditioner Age from Serial Number, How to Replace the Trane Air Handler Filter in Your Home, American Standard Silver 14 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews, American Standard Platinum 20 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews, Goodman GSXC16 Air Conditioner Review & Price, American Standard Platinum 18 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews. Each segment will have assigned a number of letters and digits. 15, T First production of these units began in November 2018. TUE1A040A9241A

140 1,2D Find the model number. And for tips on troubleshooting a gas valve failure, refer to this blog. Several styles overlap in certain years as the newly acquired companies transitioned. More information on Trane furnaces and air conditioners beyond the Trane Residential Furnace Model Number can be found on the official Trane website. 15, Short Description – Trane®, Packaged Heat Pump (3 – 10-tons), W As a trusted Omaha furnace repair and a/c repair contractor, call Accurate Heating & Cooling for all your Omaha furnace service, Omaha air conditioner service, Omaha commercial roof top unit service, Omaha mini split service, Omaha geothermal unit service, and Omaha home comfort needs.


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