traditional italian knife fighting

After several experiences within the martial arts, in 2001 Roberto started training in the traditional Italian knife fencing systems with knife and stick.

Andererseits handelte es sich um tradierte Familiensysteme, aber auch um Fechtschulen der sogenannten „Ehrenwerten Gesellschaften“.

The term Italian school of swordsmanship is used to describe the Italian style of fencing and edged-weapon combat from the time of the first extant Italian swordsmanship treatise (1409) to the days of Classical Fencing (up to 1900). Butera, Matteo, Francesco Lanza, Jherek Swanger, and Reinier van Noort, This page was last edited on 9 July 2020, at 09:52. – all parts of the traditional Italian fencing traditions. It has been suggested that Vadi's style of swordsmanship represents a transitional phase between that of Fiore and the later Bolognese masters.[1]. Im Mittelpunkt dieses zweitägigen Seminars stehen die grundlegenden Prinzipien des italienischen Weges des Messerfechtens – sowohl in der langen Distanz als auch im Nahkampf.

In Italy, the National Academy (Accademia Nazionale) certifies masters in both historical fencing and modern fencing based on careful adherence to the principles of Italian swordsmanship. An zwei Seminartagen gewährt Roberto Laura Einblicke in die Techniken, Prinzipien und Hingergeründe in ein 200 Jahre altes Erbe europäischer Fechttradition: den traditionellen italienischen Messerkampf des 19. Formular der “Alten Kampfkunst” spätestens bei Seminarbeginn vorliegen muss. Maestro Laura founded the TIKF – Traditional Italian Knife fighting. A knife fight is a violent physical confrontation between two or more combatants in which one or more participants is armed with a knife. The Historical European martial arts (HEMA) and the Western Martial Arts (WMA) communities in Europe and the United States have practitioners of Italian masters Revised ed." razor with grip) Traditional Sicilian fig... hting razor, mainly from the city of …

Roberto Laura’s goal is to preserve and pass on the traditional popular Italian fencing systems with knife and stick (TIKF – Traditional Italian Knife Fighting), and to build up a circle of proficient instructors who are willing and able to keep the arts alive. Although the weapons and the reason for their use changed dramatically throughout these five centuries, a few fundamental traits have remained constant in the Italian school. Fiore's treatise describes an advanced martial arts system of grappling, dagger, short sword, longsword, pollaxe, and spear. Another important treatise, De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, was written by Filippo Vadi sometime between 1482 and 1487. TIKF covers both wide and close range, the knife as well as the stick, the duel and self defense (also with coats, kerchiefs etc.) The only changes were the addition of certain techniques suitable for the somewhat lighter blades of the dueling swords typically used in 1800 as compared to the rapiers typical for the end of the 17th century (compare the techniques presented by Bondì di Mazo in his 1696 manual with those in the 1803 manual of Giuseppe Rosaroll-Scorza and Pietro Grisetti). Practitioners include Brian R. Price of the Schola Saint George, Bob Charron of St. Martin's Academy (both studying Fiore dei Liberi), Gregory Mele of the Chicago Swordplay Guild (studying Fiore and Vadi), Matt Easton of London's Schola Gladiatoria, Ken Harding of the St Louis School of Arms, and Guy Windsor, of Finland's School of European Swordsmanship. such as Fiore dei Liberi, Filippo Vadi, Achille Marozzo, Salvator Fabris, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Francesco Alfieri, etc. The swords used in Italian martial arts range from the gladius of the Roman legionaries to swords which were developed during the renaissance, the baroque era and later. Although there is a considerable gap in extant Italian treatises, between 1696 and 1800, we can see from the earliest 19th century treatises that the style had changed very little during that period. The circling knife and shepherd stick from Riposto, Sicily: a typical Italian fencing system that prefers wider and lower stances to minimize the target area and to maxims the reach. 04.10.2014   Some of these are the preference for certain guards, the preoccupation with time (or "tempo") in fencing as well as many of the defensive actions. By the end of the 19th century, the immediate ancestor of modern fencing had developed with its familiar pedagogy and collection of techniques and theory. Rubboli and Cesari (2005) date this work to 1500-1525. Paranza Corta is a method of knife fighting meant for assassins and is still very much alive today.

Date: November 16-20 Bitte melden Sie sich bis zum However, there were other Italian authors not directly associated with the Bolognese school including Camillo Agrippa (who has the distinction of codifying the four guards—prima, seconda, terza and quarta—that survive to this day), Giacomo di Grassi who wrote a manual in 1570 which was translated into English in the 1590s.

Traditional Italian Knife Fighting teaches following traditions: The fencing system from Manfredonia, Apulia with the knife and the shepherd stick: a highly elegant duelling tradition which prefers an upright stance, and looks somewhat like Spanish flamenco. Battistini, A., J. Venni and M. Rubboli, eds.

an. An zwei Seminartagen gewährt Roberto Laura Einblicke in die Techniken, Prinzipien und Hingergeründe in ein 200 Jahre altes Erbe europäischer Fechttradition: den traditionellen italienischen Messerkampf des 19. The systems taught by maestro Roberto Laura are mostly dueling and defense systems from Liguria, Apulia and Sicily, all probably from the 19th century. Die Seminarplätze werden in der Reihenfolge des Eingangs der vollständigen Anmeldungen (d.h. incl. [citation needed] Zahlung) vergeben. Further maestro Roberto Laura is the head of the ASAMIR-Germany, an international recognized association dedicated to the preservation of the Italian and – most of all – the Sicilian fighting traditions. To be recognized as trainer (allenatore) and to run a class it is necessary to have passed the basic “popular duelling knife” course. Diese Seite widmet sich den traditionellen, volkstümlichen Fechtschulen aus Italien im Umgang mit dem Stock und dem Messer. Italian martial arts is the use of weapons (swords, daggers, walking stick and staff). Short blades range from medieval daggers to the liccasapuni Sicilian duelling knife. Rasolu ammanicatu (Engl. Further the candidate must know the history, the culture, and the conventions of our traditions as a whole, as well as each of the different traditions that make up the TIKF. Read more on his site, on Facebook, and check Roberto out on Youtube. Jahrhunderts!

The candidate learns the traditional “form” (scuola) as well as the basic elements of the lessons (insegnamento) with the knife. Even at the beginning of 19th century techniques for coming to grips were still being taught and the use of the dagger as an accompanying weapon was still discussed (although not as a prominent and popular choice). Abroad, the Italian style is cultivated by professional institutions such as the San Jose State fencing program (California, United States), where Maestro William Gaugler ran a program largely based on the Classical style of Parise. He was the first teaching them out of Italy. The TIKF is not a system itself, it is rather a “collecting tank” for the different traditional arts he practices, trains and teaches, as well as the AMICI-Group, a voluntary union of maestri, instructors and groups teaching the traditional Italian arts. Leoni and Reich of the, Flos Duellatorum in armis, sine armis, equester et pedester, Bolognese Swordsmanship: The Dardi School, Fiore Dei Liberi: 14th century Master of Defence,, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sword for Two Hands (also referred to as the Spadone by some masters), William M. Gaugler "The Science of Fencing.


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