total vanishing legend of dragoon
It always works, 100% effective. The higher level your characters are, the less Dragoons will impact this battle.

The Repeatable Item Magic Stone of Signet blocks the enemy's attacks for three turns; it is found in the Marshlands, between Hoax and Volcano Villude. It is during this time that you need to be especially careful of your various healths. Guard, use defensive magic, use Healing Potions. In the past, I have found it useful to focus the high attacks on Fruegel, while having lower attacks whittle down the wardens. However, with those powerful (and numerous) magic attacks, you will need to watch his health as well as Dart's. As always, the Psychedelic Bomb X will be very useful, but even more so. If you've been training Haschel, his attack should be decently high by now. Her attack should deal some damage, but nothing to cry over if you need to use a Healing Breeze. And again, be careful because of Zackwell's Can't Combat instant-kill attack. Just when you thought it was almost over... Caterpillar. This technique goes back to Danton in the Hero Competition back in Chapter 1. The main concern in this battle is Kubila because he knows a Can't Combat instant-kill move that he'll use after either of his companions dies, and he uses it when he dies. Indora doesn't use any magic attacks against Kongol, which is very fortunate. While Albert is your primary attacker and Miranda your primary healer, use Dart as you in-between. Be careful with this guy because he can cause your characters to become Confused. Lenus has some incredibly powerful magic attacks, and likes to use Dark Mists and Black Rains. If you have any Talismans equipped to your characters, this will not be as much of a problem. For the duration of the battle that you cannot deal damage, be sure to watch Dart's health. This means that one character will be spared damage unless the attack is directed at Dart.

Damia is like Meru in that she has a high magic defense, but she is unlike Meru in that her physical attack matches her magic attack. In addition, her Star Children attack will do decent damage. If you have well trained either Rose or Dart and have their final Additions, it may very well take only one completed attack to defeat Michael after this point. After this, though, be sure to use up those other two turns that the character is powered up to deal some extra damage. If this happens, use a Depetrifier to cure it, or use the Dragoon special if it's available. If you throw magic attacks, be sure to use your character with the highest Magic Attack (in the recommended party, Rose) to do so. This is the most difficult battle in the game for most players I've talked to (including myself). If you're having trouble, consider having Meru throw some Fire-Based Attack Items, or having Dart use Final Burst or Flameshot. There is also no definite strategy that works better than others, except to work hard to complete Double Slash, as this will make the battle go by faster. It's very possible that if you don't heal when you have the chance, all your characters could be down in the next round. This part of the Divine Dragon shoots out a powerful mass of magical energy that does even more damage than the Divine Dragon Ball. If you run out of MP, use his D-Attack. This is not an exact science.

As a result, we recommend waiting until this time to use Blossom Storm to maximize the effectiveness of Lavitz's MP. Rose should be fine with her Dark DS Armor equipped. This is the time to break out your most powerful attacks, like the Psychedelic Bomb X, maybe a Power Down or Power Up, and of course your Dragoon powers. So who am I to judge? However, the other parts, the Divine Dragon Ball and Divine Dragon Cannon, use formidable attacks that make this battle much more difficult. Also, the Divine Dragon usually does not use this attack at the beginning stages of battle (or at least hasn't ever for me). In addition, if you fail to complete any Addition, Kongol interrupts and attacks you, dealing even more damage. This Virage, as all Virage, has high magical abilities. The recommendations are mostly for those players who need extra help in getting past a certain enemy. You will neither do damage nor be able to defeat him until you find the real one. No matter which way you go, Dart's new Dragoon magic is something to use often. It is aimed at one person, doing full damage to that character and half to the characters on either side. Lavitz's Wing Blaster will do some damage, but (in my opinion) is not worth pursuing. If you attack using a normal Addition during this defensive phase, Melbu will immediately interrupt and attack that character, ending the defensive posture. Note: I picked Haschel for this battle mostly because he is Thunder-based. The main struggle with the Windigo is his vast health reserves. This is why you (hopefully) boosted his magic defense. As long as you don't, it should go away after 4 rounds or so. Your one saving grace in this battle is that his physical defense is about as bad as Kongol's magic defense. One is a relatively weak attack that hits one character. However, magic attacks, as always, will make Lavitz kind of vulnerable in this battle. Can Anyone List All Of The Dragoon Spirits, And Where To Get Them?

The thing that makes this battle so difficult is that, unfortunately, the Divine Dragon's spirit does not have a physical form so that you can destroy the Divine Dragon Ball and the Divine Dragon Cannon. This is unlikely, but possible. Along these lines, remember to avoid using any Fire-Based Attack Items, as they will also do less damage.

Hopefully you have at least one fast character, because Lenus attacks often and has no mercy. Meru makes an excellent defensive player for this battle because of her Blue Sea DS Armor negating the Water-type damage. This means that it's possible for Rose to get hit by three of them while Dart gets hit by one. The usefulness of Dragoons in this battle varies greatly depending on your level of training. Bosses are in alphabetical order to aid searches. So whenever a character gains at least 200 SP, I usually give up on using that person's Dragoon form altogether. If you didn't start using your powerful attacks in the last phase, this is a good time to break them out. Simply attack each round and perhaps use a Healing Fog. His speed helps in this battle, as does Meru's. After Kubila is dead, move on to Vector, who is much less of a problem. (The Magic Shield is why I chose Rose for this battle. You can either focus on attacking with Dart and Lavitz, using Shana as support, or you can just go all-out attack and use your (probably) numerous Attack Items with Shana and her incredibly high magic attack. Kamuy has a strong magic defense, and uses few magic attacks. This battle is a little tricky.

If you use Rose Storm, it is wise to wait to use it until he is on his last turn as a Dragoon to maximize its effectiveness. - IceMage20, Heyo, "noob" (the next word is a SPOILER) Soul Eater post. This battle happens in four phases, as described below. If you have no Attack Items and have trouble successfully completing Additions, this battle may be difficult for you. After a time, the Urobulus slithers up into the rock where it cannot be hit with melee attacks. Use Dart to finish off those sad enemies still clinging to life after Miranda is done with all her carnage, and use Rose to support the team.


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