topwar battle game
2. Support only offer change, but nothing in the game have a very good points for spending.

Cross-Server Battle Optimization: When you transfer to other server, you will get a 1-minute shield.4. Top War: Battle Game is the very first strategy merge game ever! The one semi-unique factor is the building and unit merging in your base. Making it so I can’t any of the benefits of inviting that person to the game. Announcement of version

Other bug fixes and optimizations. If you have no where to put you're money this is the game 4u! Siege or defend strongholds! The Tyrant rules the world! So as I promised in my last message to them I’m telling my story of how they stole everything I have worked for.

I have never seen a game copy a casino so much without being a casino game. When the rage reaches 7 points, our land force will release an extra powerful single attack during the next round.2. It’s a bit of a drag and makes the return for checking the game not really worth it. A new wave of World Boss shows up at UTC 20:00 every day! 1.

You may search Warhammers of certain level now!2. The app page says “strategic battles!” but there’s nothing strategic about any of this. Other bug-fixing and optimization.

Adjustments on Hero Exclusive Skills (ongoing plan)4. Micro transactions feel less like a feature and more like a central part of the gameplay. I also like how you can see different stats of heroes that help you in your battles. Approx 8 hrs later I got my response sign in through your Facebook. Alliance Help is now at the top of the list4.Other bug fixes and optimization. Wars continue and people are homeless. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Other bug-fixing and optimization. Other bug fixes and optimizations.

Imagine working hard to get as far as you can in a game for 10+ months, only to log in one day and have it all gone.

If you like the style of games where you upgrade a village and troops then slowly gather resources to just upgrade it some more then you’ll probably like this game. It will do this until around lever 52 or so. 452. 3/5/7; Ganso - increase the Gathering Speed; Bradley - increase the "Army damage increase".4. 4 stars from me, could be 5 but like I said it asks for real money to do a lot of things but there’s ways around it. Gtfo with your stupid ux design filled with convoluted garbage trying to trick you into paying money. many people have complain about the unfair price between country but developer do not care because they already made millions off of players from europe and USA.

Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly! Offline! One of these problems are playing with friends. Which isn't right. Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. Other bug fixes and optimizations. New Feature: Search Warhammer. Top War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Get ready for Halloween events!2. The prices are insane , and talking to some people from other countries , they pay a lot more than I do and I thought I paid a lot. Combat is completely automated besides just choosing which units to put in the fight. Once they have been completed you will be free to choose whatever activity you want. Other bug-fixing and optimization. Top War is an innovative strategy game featuring merge to upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waiting times, just merge two together and the upgrade will finish instantly! You can’t deploy more than one army without premium, you can’t mine resources without premium, there’s even daily crates you earn by spending money. Thanks! Build an Idyllic Island BaseStarting with a deserted island, build a base to train armies and then make the base more stylish with variety of buildings and decorations. That is what Top war offered me and you can be apart of it. Interface optimization: World Treasure event, Hero Star-up, Alliance info.2. Warfare game. I am talking hours now of waiting and waiting! Update Announcement1. Stay tuned!2. Update Announcement1. Feedback or Complaints? 1. I logged in yesterday to what was a lvl 71 of a possible lvl 80 game that I have played for almost a year and it continued to send me to my little account. Commanders may build a Dimensional Mine and explore the mine for rewards.Optimization:1. UI change: on the Tech research screen, "Current Level" will be displayed instead of "Next Level".2. Tap the Captain hat to open the hero menu -> tap hero recruitment button -> you can recruit heroes or their shards for free – x5 a day.


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