top manhua list

The characters in the manga are colorful, the world-building is done well, the humor is wacky and there’s enough feels to keep readers riveted till the end.

In my opinion, barring any other reading preferences, this is the best manga to give someone to get them hooked on the medium. Find the top manga, novels, one-shots and more! That all changes when he meets Rinko, who—to everyone’s surprise—falls in love with Takeo. You can’t make a list of manga without including a Japanese take on the zombie survival story. At its heart, the manga details the conflict between biker gang leader Kaneda and his unstable telekinetic friend, Tetsuo.

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As is with almost all shounen adventure stories, our protagonist starts out as an awkward young man who makes quirky friends along his journey. But all in all, the listed manga are worth the read. There was a total of 160,000 votes with 47,000 participants. It’s kind of impossible to not know of the existence of the Fullmetal series. Press Room But then he hears of the recent suicide of a childhood friend, and he soon realizes that a deadly cult led by a figure named Friend may be involved. But it’s so much more than that. The premise sounds stereotypical, but you will fall in love with Haruna’s earnest, straightforward charm. This is one of the most influential manga in history and once you read enough of it, you’ll see references to it in countless manga and anime series. This leads her classmates to ostracize her and spread rumors. It contains a collection manhua magazines, pictorial collections as well as newspapers. Punpun is a strange one. Even though that’s irritating, the two put aside their differences to help each other win their respective love interests. Or maybe you’re curious about the just-released best new manga? A lot of obstacles stand in his way, such as uncooperative classmates, a frazzled principal, his own past demons, and his general ineptitude with teaching. Although Inoue is well-known for his sports manga, Vagabond is his foray into the historical samurai genre. Even if an anime fan hasn’t watched or read Jojo, they’re definitely aware of all the Jojo memes that are always floating on the internet. But she may have a way out: her gender-ambiguous appearance allows her to pass for a boy. But when we talk about Junji Ito, Uzumaki inevitably comes up.

High school can be a stressful time, especially if you deviate from social norms in any way. This long-running series follows the strange lives of the Joestar family. He's soon dragged into a wild and comical world of drunken party boys, and while he joins in the fun, he hopes to make something of himself, too. Read manga comics online free on ManhwaTop and request faster update for you. An entire generation of manga fans cut their teeth on this series about an orphaned boy who dreams of becoming the best ninja in his village. A deceptively quiet manga, this one will draw you in with its powerful, human-focused storytelling. However, people around him start getting murdered and all fingers point to the little boy.


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