top 50 hardest languages to learn

i am planning to learn japanese some time in the future, Yes, I can speak Chinese and I tried Martian but its waaaayyy to hard! Custom Cobra Bag Boxing, I think anyway, saying you go to the Friseur sounds better. The Creative Lady® | All Rights Reserved. haha Cantonese is harder because it uses more tones and traditional Chinese characters are, well, much harder than the simplified Mandarin Chinese! Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice.

I’ve never tried to learn one of the so-called “hard languages” such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean and so on. “It was really easy to learn their alphabet in order to read where the bus was going etc.”

Your language goals will be different depending on whether you want to travel and speak with locals, converse in depth with a native friend, or read literature in that language. © 2020 Galvanized Media. I also agree Mandarin is a hard language even though it is my mother tongue. It’s not called the Germanic language family for nothing. Georgian has its own writing system that no other language uses. Well, 14 is easier than 58…all else being equal. If . Faktikst jag lärä mig nu svenska. Though it is one of the toughest languages in the world for English speakers, Hindi shares words with Arabic, so those who already speak Arabic will have a leg up in terms of vocabulary! I can’t even say I spend less time learning French, because I had it in school 5 years, and learnt nothing, but I think I attribute this to the teaching style of the teachers, which didn’t match with me.

Are you mixing it up with Japanese? More importantly, because of such significant differences between languages, you have to keep in mind that while a method for learning a particular language may have worked very well for you in the past, it doesn’t mean that it’ll work just as well with a different language.

If you want to create the passive tense, just add -s. And if you want to create possessive, pop on -s too (just like English). you guys dont know about malayalam language its the toughest language in the world. Big West Basketball Tournament 2020, Does the language use tones (i.e. © 2017 Lingholic - All about languages. Afrikaans was then infused with indigenous languages and other linguist influences.

Your email address will not be published. Words can also be very long, and deciphering how to pronounce them can defy intuition. With combinations like, , Gaelic has some unusual sound combinations, too. Sounds like polyglossia = wonderful life! It fairly similar to English, and you don’t have to remember a lot compared to Japnes,where you’re required to remember the hiragana table, katagana and kanji. Chinese is my mother tongue, however I can comfirm it is difficult (I grew up in Australia, but I learned chinese). You don’t need to start learning grammar in isolation, it will most likely be a waste of time. Riverdogs Beer, One favorite Finnish word is. I mean simple according to Polish, Finnish or Hungarian grammar and pronunciation.

There are only two new sounds, tx and tz, and the alphabet uses Latin script. While it doesn’t use the Cyrillic alphabet, Czech is part of the Slavic language family and takes complexity to the next level. The Arabic Language is the named as the traditional language of the 6th century which is widely spoken all over the world which includes the Arab countries, North Africa and the Middle East. Afrikaans was then infused with indigenous languages and other linguist influences. Boxing Equipment Near Me, Don’t spend hours studying that rare past perfect tense, if you aren’t going to use it. I’d really love to hear what you think about this, so please leave your comments below and join in the discussion. In addition, you’ll have to watch what you say when addressing your superiors. There are few words which are considered as hard to learn by the people and much difficult to be a master in those. Shanghai version of Wu is tonally hairy as well. Erased Anime Rating, There are different languages expressed all over the world which comes from their cultures and the environment there. Thank you. The alphabet is made of very elaborate characters; the language is tonal; there are lots of idioms, and the ability to speak the language doesn't help you read it. Polish has, objectively, some of the most complex phonotactics and sounds in general. , Right! Little stuff like that. If you never listen to how it’s spoken, you may think it’s “gamsahabnida”, but the Koreans say it “kamsamnida” (where ㅎ is considered a weak consonant and ㅂ becomes M instead of B when meeting ㄴ).

But they can be pain in the ass too when put together into words/phrases. I have been learning German by myself for a few months, my native language is Portuguese and learning English as a second language was very intuitive because I was living in the US and I read a lot so I don’t even say it was hard.

And with 35 different cases, we can see why! Vietnamese is the national and official language of Vietnam, as well as a first or second language for many of its ethnic minorities. With 7 cases across 4 genders, nouns can be extremely tricky to properly decline. So, what’s the deal? If you’re ready to take on Mandarin – or Japanese, Arabic, or any one of the other nine languages we offer (tough or otherwise), start learning with us for free today. Swahili is widely spoken throughout East Africa, including officially in Tanzania and Kenya. The pronunciation and vocabulary was super accessible to me.

Japanese uses many written Chinese characters (Kanji). Take for example the word star, written as setareh in Persian. And I’m even more convinced the whole existing “establishment” of language studies (arbitrary levels especially) are complete BS in the real world. Besides that, however, Hindi has some challenging differences in terms of grammar, pronunciation and writing. you cant learn even your trying almost 4 years. Most of the people have heard about the Thai cuisine which is very famous among the people. The first zinger? While ultimately one may disagree about grading languages on perceived difficulty, it can be an exercise with practical implications as, for example, governments and company need to estimate the time that learning a particular language will take for their employees to become proficient in it. Kanji can be notoriously difficult to master because it’s a character-based system, so you have to memorize how words are written. Other tenses use only one ending as well! Congratulations for your blog! I have had two major immersion experiences, in Taiwan and Java. With four cases and three genders assigned to their words, as well as many letters unfamiliar to English speakers, Icelandic is no walk in the park to learn. It can be one of the easiest languages to learn for native English speakers. With Indonesian, while it’s true that the language is well known for its simplicity (and it uses Roman characters), you still have to start from a blank slate. English and German overlap quite a bit, especially in nouns. Europeans go as far as considering someone a different “ethnic” group, even if they have the same DNA, but speak a different language. The language I’m currently learning is Hungarian. For example, the word galore in English comes from the Gaelic go leór.

Regarding the question of tones, I googled it and here’s what I found: Wujiang dialect of Wu-Chinese with 10 – 12 tones. From this graph, I would like to learn 3 easy languages – Rumanian, Dutch and Afrikaans; among the second category 6 languages – Greek, Hindi, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew and Finnish; and all of the hardest languages giving here, but mostly Chinese and Arabic. Luckily, there is some overlap with English, since Ireland and Scotland are neighbors to England. Almost 27% of the total population of Basque territories speaks the language. Thank you for sharing. In fact, its significant lack of loanwords from other languages and its grammatical structure make it so tough to crack that the allies had Navajo speakers speak their language to send coded communications during World War II. It’s inevitable. Top 10 Hardest Languages For Translators to Learn. I have found Chinese quite a challenge, but not impossible. Probably a good first-step for people is to use something like TV shows or movies as a level-markers, instead of the standard [B.S]: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Oh, and it’s definitely got similar sounding words to English. More popularly known as Siamese or Central Thai, the Thai language is the official national language of Thailand. Hebrew is a West Semitic language that belongs to the Afroasiatic language family. Native speakers sometimes cannot be objective about their own language. However, other features make it one of the hardest languages to learn. In addition, their verbs have three persons, two numbers, two tenses and two moods. It’s a member of the Tai-Kadai language family. Yes, I’ve heard that Icelandic is indeed a very challenging language to learn. to 238 possible forms. I’m planning on getting back to seriously studying Chinese this summer. A lot of the sounds in the language are difficult for English speakers to master, and the grammar is packed with irregular verbs. Japanese Culture In Finland, Yet babies learn it easily! It’s small potatoes, in the grand scheme of things.

Its redeeming factor? Japanese is not that hard. Not to mention that compound words are likely to freak you once in a while. Malayalam? Exactly! Does the language belong to the same family? An Austronesian language, Tagalog is the language spoken by almost a quarter of the total population of the Philippines. Then there’s the grammar. At least you won’t get lost. Albanian is an Indio-European language spoken by the people of Kosovo, Alabania, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Macedonia. It’s not so ridiculous. Thanks, Mr. Ph.D. You clearly haven’t learned tactfullness that well. German has a case system and an ever-changing word order that make it challenging to learn for anyone not native to that system. Practice makes practice! ince it’s a Romance language, you can expect lots of cognates to boost your vocabulary too. The most obvious impediment to learning Greek is the alphabet. Just kidding! Some English speakers complain about their articles, , which have to be memorized for every case, as well as the extra vowels. In the end, though, it’s very hard to talk about the “hardest” language in the world because it all depends on the perspective of the native speaker, and on a whole host of different factors such as motivation and culture. More commonly known as the Modern Standard Urdu, this language is normally associated with Muslims in Hindustan. Just what are the most difficult languages to learn? Today, we’ll go through the 28 easiest and hardest languages to learn – and why – for a native English speaker. Everywhere where i heard about russian it was considering as one of the most difficult. It is the language which has received 195 votes to be included in this list. This script system is quite distinct from the English alphabet because it doesn’t uses letter case (so no caps here!). Eyjafjallajökull was so difficult for them to pronounce that most shortened it to E13. Korean is one of the hardest languages to learn for native English speakers because of some key grammatical and pronunciation rules.


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