threadripper 3990x review

With the 3990X though, it’s a much safer purchase, basically if your application can use the cores, the 3990X will deliver the goods. CINEBENCH scales quite well with core count when it comes to nT testing, and it’s clear that AMD’s previous SMT/multi-threading dominance is taken to a new level. Annoyingly, we achieved this in the early hours of the morning, we don’t recall the exact settings used and with very little time to replicate it during the few days we had for testing, we ran out of time. And once that bag has been removed we have our first look at the Talon 20th Anniversary case design (customized with the PC Perspective logo!) First, we have lightmap baking. We finished with 4mm thick aluminum plating. We’re still supporting systems we built a decade ago, and building systems for the next decade. Little needs to be said here. Looking at thermals first, the Asetek 680LS 280mm cooler kept the hottest 3990X core to just over 80 C during our longest test runs, with the highest recorded package temp at 88 C (while the CPU was pulling nearly 300 watts). There have been some suggestions online that only the Windows 10 Pro for Workstations or Windows Server operating systems can properly handle the 3990X’s 128 CPU threads, although other reviewers – and AMD’s own official recommendations – say that Windows 10 Pro is perfectly adequate. Throw in an GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and custom liquid cooling, and the days of a 1,500-watt PSUs just might be back. There’s also a input/output die using GlobalFoundries' 12nm process and combining the transistor count of all those dies lands us at a staggering and frankly incomprehensible 39.5 billion transistors. In this review, we will be taking a look at its current top-of-the-range workstation CPU, the 64-core Threadripper 3990X. In many cases, performance scales almost linearly with core count, providing clock speed and CPU architecture remain constant. The game development studio I work for has a small farm of Xidax systems, used for a variety of build and compute duties, so I was pleased when our main test machine turned out to be a Xidax system. This configuration is a unique hybrid of world-class workstation and gaming rig, built to handle extremely high levels of both CPU and GPU compute, and with a crazy fast storage system to keep data flowing faster than most applications can even make use of. Most of the existing reviews of the Threadripper 3990X say that benchmarking the CPU is difficult, as few applications can make use of that many cores – and for the most part, they are right. Aside from a few select instances (as mentioned, Corona, Blender, NAMD) the 32-core Threadripper for half the price performed on par or with margin. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Test du processeur Threadripper 3990X à 64 cœurs et 128 Threads ! Cutress and Bonshor say the consumer/prosumer chip is stunningly fast in some workloads, but many times it has issues outrunning the 32-core Threadripper 3970X at half its price: “For the first stage, the consumer/prosumer level, our conclusion is that the usefulness of the 3990X is limited. Jason Lewis puts the 3990X through a battery of real-world benchmarks to find out. Before I get to my overall conclusions, let’s talk about cost.

And yet many of you will at least want to know how the CPU behaves in gaming tasks. My only hope now is that these new high-density CPUs will encourage more software developers to start taking a parallel-processing mentality to application development.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How else would you define an $11,000 PC that features (brace yourself) a 64-core AMD Threadripper 3990X processor, dual RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition graphics cards, 128GB of RAM, and an OS drive made up of two 2TB PCIe Gen4 SSDs in RAID-0? By the time they released their next 10-core part all bets were off as AMD had finally got their act together and had begun kicking goals with the Zen architecture. Windows 10’s latest trick? We'll discuss the TRX40 (T-Rex) we've already reviewed in detail the past couple of months. It is both shocking and baffling at the same time, the bounds forward that AMD has made are just astounding. The next benchmark measures the time to package a project, and uses the Mos Eisley scene that I and some of my co-workers created. By Antony Leather. It sports a 256MB L3 cache, supports up to 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and uses 3,200MHz quad-channel DDR4 memory with support for up to 256GB of unbuffered ECC system RAM. Overkill? For example 3D rendering tools such as Isotropix Clarisse are largely single-threaded during the setup process, before the rendering begins, so having a processor that can clock up over 4 GHz during single or lightly threaded workloads is very beneficial here.

Read more », See breakdowns of 10 key movies, TV series and ads created in V-Ray from Chaos Group's 2019 showreel. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. In memory tests we see Intel do better in copy and latency while AMD does slightly better in read and write. Other considerations Next, we have shader compilation. A Blender Classroom CPU cycles render completed in 96 seconds with this system. Anything below MSRP on a new CPU launch is rare for Newegg. Today AMD launched their brand new Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, poised to be the most powerful desktop CPU ever made. How much RAM do you need? Well, AMD’s Threadripper 3990X isn’t your typical enthusiast processor, but if you have software that can take advantage of its 64 cores and 128 threads, it’s unstoppable. Then the mainstream 8th and 9th-gen Intel Core processors were benchmarked on the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra, using the same DDR4-3200 CL14 memory, but they were cooled using the Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum 280mm AIO liquid cooler. And that goes beyond the insane system configuration and staggering performance capabilities, because it was the attention to detail that really impressed me the most, once I had a chance to look at the computer in person. The point we're trying to make is, a mere four years ago the best any high-end desktop platform had to offer was a $1,700 10-core processor that ran all cores at 3.4 GHz out of the box. This is especially important for the 3990X, as four of its eight dies lie towards the edges of the unit, so with a smaller contact plate, the outer dies may not be adequately cooled. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint was like, this is more CPU than I need, enjoy the GPU bottleneck. it in stores and online at the chip’s $3,990 list price,’s Dr. Ian Cutress and Gavin Bonshor, who also showed the Threadripper 3990X outpacing Intel’s dual socket Xeon chips was a bit less on the fence on the 64-core part saying, described Threadripper 3990X as a “beast”, Steven Bassiri of might have had the most fun, noting, Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips shows the CPU is actually capable of running, Puget Systems put the new chip through its Adobe Premiere CC benchmark. Due to a binning process and a reduction in clock speeds/voltages the 3990X doesn’t consume much more power than the 32-core version, pushing total system usage just 3% higher, which is remarkable given we often saw well over a 50% increase in performance when fully utilized. Obviously these cards could be put to good use with various GPU compute tasks, but gaming performance is going to be tremendous, even if the application only takes advantage of one 2080 Ti. At this point you might be wondering where are our usual price vs. performance graphs, but for this one we decided not to bother. Performance. If you’re just looking for a workstation to do 3D modelling and texturing, or Photoshop and After Effects work, a 64-core processor is far more than you need: there are much less costly CPUs that will do the job just as well, and in a few cases, probably a little better. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Review.

The Killer Intelligence Engine introduces powerful AI capabilities to deliver the strongest Wi-Fi connections. Some of these applications are pure CPU renderers; the others were run in CPU-only mode. HOWEVER, look below to see what happens when we enable PBOC; hint, the system power went over 1000W.”.

Newegg priced the Threadripper 3990X below its list of $3,990. Verdict. In fact, with its AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor this Falcon Northwest Talon system was doing the 64-core workstation thing before the Lenovo P620 (which AMD and Lenovo recently announced along with Threadripper Pro). A build as close to perfection as you will see. We review the all-new AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, the behemoth of processors has actually made it to the home office and pro-consumer market at prices that will baffle Intel. CPU cooler: Cooler Master 240mm AIO liquid cooler “While there may be some niche uses for the AMD Threadripper 3990X 64 Core within the greater video editing industry, the 3990X is underwhelming for Premiere Pro.

The ecosystem for the CPU is strong, but we should warn you that motherboard choice is going to be very important for getting DRAM speeds above 3200MHz, especially with dual-rank kits.

REVIEW: AMD Threadripper 3990X. And I know this has been said before, but it really is built like a tank. “We’ve been building elite PCs for power-users and gamers since 1992. Content creation, CAD and engineering work, scientific modelling and data mining are all well-funded industries, in which spending $6,000 to $8,000 on a workstation is fairly standard, at least at larger facilities. This long tenure has given us a uniquely long-term perspective in an industry known only for fast-paced, throw-away technology. An interesting feature of the 3990X is that, unlike high-core-count server CPUs, it can be overclocked rather easily by changing your BIOS settings or by using AMD’s free Ryzen Master utility. Am I a little preoccupied with the enclosure? The power draw test is for the entire system, not just the CPU, but the numbers show the 3990X in a reasonably favourable light.

This is extremely valuable for a number of industries as it ensures maximum efficiency on all levels. The first reviews of AMD's insane 64-core Threadripper 3990X show a CPU that's in a performance class by itself, but it's not for everyone, and it has some distinct limitations as well. Disk I/O for a 64-core, 128-thread CPU can be unusually high, so for storage, AMD recommends NVMe drives with high I/O performance rather than raw throughput. I have reviewed cases for years, and very little surprises me anymore. (We will not attempt to argue for/against the use of ECC memory in workstations in this review!). Learn how your comment data is processed. No, this is a processor that needs to sink its teeth into matching workloads, like a home virtual server platform, a transcode marvel, a product for video editing and streaming at the same time. While it can still play games, the CPU isn’t designed for that purpose, and I don’t think most people would spend almost $4,000 for a CPU to play games when CPUs under $1,000 can do better. Here is where things for interesting and we almost popped a fuse (literally). If you read my review of BOXX’s APEXX T3 workstation last year, you will remember that rendering is where the Threadripper CPUs really shine, as CPU renderers are designed to use many cores.


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