thiem backhand grip
After you complete the grip change just slide your non-dominant hand down to the handle. To clarify, this is not the semi-western grip. What about strength of grip during the shot?

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Only hitting million balls. I hope I am clear and look forward to your reply. These cookies do not store any personal information. The World No. It’s probably difficult to see, but have you observed the pros switching between the Eastern and Semi-Western grips back and forth depending on the height of the ball? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Pat Cash said: "I was in the locker room and I asked Dominic Thiem, Were you the guy who asked to … After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

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We also initiate our backhand (whether one-handed or two-handed) by turning our shoulders. Dominic Thiem will open the Generali Austrian Pro Series against David Pichler. The way the grip is structured, he may not feel as comfortable holding ground against heavy balls with that weak grip.

Players like Zverev and Thiem play with an aggressive baseline …

I have heard one interview 10 years ago when one of the pros said that in the clay court season his grip unconsciously slips more towards western because he spins and loops the balls much more and then slips back to semi-western when he plays hard court tennis.

No, I hold my forehand grip in the ready position.

And what do you think about that? Would you be interested in emulating his forehand? Then simply slide down your non-dominant hand in a very comfortable way to the handle, and you’ll very likely hold an Eastern forehand grip. He had more variation, he was a bit loose, in the end he got nervous but he had more chances, he is playing better than he did last year, maybe not today but Djokovic, although he was not playing at his best, he was not going anywhere. For a right-handed player, the backhand swing starts on the left side of the body and it ends on the right side of the body (opposite for lefties). Hi Tomaz: I see many recreational tennis players making their grip changes with only the dominant hand, and this leads to all kinds of problems, including arm problems. more like a “pistol” eastern forehand (extended index finger) for non dominant and not so strong continental for the dominant hand. The process is very similar if you’re changing from a forehand grip to a two-handed backhand grip except that now you turn the racquet handle a bit less and your non-dominant hand eventually slides down the throat and grips the handle in an Eastern forehand grip. You do not have an extra day to think about facing Nadal, he may go for more. Dominic Thiem has a BIG forehand, one of the biggest on the Men's Tour. Could you comment on non-traditional grip changes such as that of Jack Sock, whose grip change from an extreme western forehand grip to a two hand backhand grip (or even a one-hand eastern backhand grip) is in the opposite or clockwise direction (rather than anti-clockwise). I think the return is easier with a two-handed backhand.

Hold the racquet with the correct grip many times at home for example. Many years of holding the racket in a certain way ingrains a certain feel in the hand so strongly that once you change the grip you feel totally lost.

If you don’t think recreational players should change their grips in play, what grip should they use? Then you need to constantly “walk on the edge” of losing control and having control – and of course you can do that only in free hitting sessions with no pressure when you can afford to miss. Your grip tension should be as low as possible. And after two years or something, results were coming back. Nadal has check mate with this tactic.

Somehow you don’t feel the right grip in your hand when you change it so you need to get used to it. He makes that outdated grip possible—but that doesn’t mean it’s an ideal grip structure. He has confidence because he beat Nadal on his best surface and Federer. . 914-462-2912 I mean is the sequence continental-forehand or backhand- continental, and repeat.

", Rafael Nadal: 'I'm not shouting in the locker room', Rafael Nadal on his tics: "I'm not slave of my routine! Would be a pretty easy change for Thiem to try with his team. But in general it was a right decision. Just pick up the racquet, find the right grip and do a few shadow swings.

The method for finding the right grip for your two-handed backhand is very similar, and your objective is to eventually hold the racquet with an Eastern forehand grip with your non-dominant hand and with a Continental grip with your dominant hand. At least they happen to me. Like Dominic Thiem, Zverev has also reportedly been working on his physical strength.

I can get a 90 deg turn when I hold the throat. So yes, I hold my forehand grip all the time until I need to switch to the backhand grip.

Having played for 50 + years with that position with a traditional backhand grip, I find that as I move that grip over more and work on bending the thumb, I feel like I don’t have control over the swing. I don’t consciously change a grip, it just changes instantly as my brain suggests a different grip for the current situation.

Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem, Stan Wawrinka, Richard Gasquet, and Grigor Dimitrov are a few tour veterans that are well-known for their one-handed backhand and up-and-comers like Stefanos Tsitsipas and Denis Shapovalov also make use of it. This shot can be performed with one arm or both arms. Apologies if you already have instruction for this. I’ve heard you mention for the serve grip to extend forefinger and also others have suggested gripping near the butt of the handle for the serve. There is nothing bad about it.

If you play points you’ll never release the grip enough to lose to control therefore you’ll never learn how much you can let go. I was surprise to find that a hitting partner of mine used the same unorthodox but efficient grip change to switch from his semi-western forehand to his single hand eastern backhand but this seemed to limit his ability to slice and impacted his ability to play sound defense.

The process of changing your grip from a forehand to a backhand grip should eventually be completely unconscious and automatic.

Actually, to be completely accurate, most professional players use a slightly modified semi-western grip, where the heel of their palm is actually between the 3rd and 4th bevel, not directly on the 4th bevel.

I was wondering if you had any comment on subtle changes on two handed backhand grips: My normal backhand has some similarity to the grip structure to agassi in the sense that my index fingers on both handsare not spaced out (as on my forehand). But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. At the same time, Wolfgang is aware that the likes of NextGen star Alexander Zverev could use the break to build on their stamina and power. On the upcoming final between Thiem and Nadal, Wilander concluded: "He has to look at the situation and find what's positive in playing for four days in a row. Nadal plays heavy spin to the backhand and Thiem is not able to handle it well. Then extend your dominant hand towards the handle and grip it in a very natural comfortable way without twisting your wrist. You will then very likely hold the racquet with the Semi-Western forehand grip. Would give him more RPM, more ability to open up sharp angles, and more strength and spin handling high balls. Extend your non-dominant arm away from your body and keep the handle again just in front of your right arm.

", Rafael Nadal: 'I'm not shouting in the locker room', Rafael Nadal on his tics: "I'm not slave of my routine! It does hold the handle differently, after all. Follow Chris at these websites and social media links: Website: www.chrislewit.comBlog: www.ProdigyMaker.comFacebook:, New York, New York, USA


You surely get more whip action if you hold it really at the end but yes, you lose racquet head control through the shot – meaning you’re not able to guide the racquet head straight through the ball when you need to (faster balls, down the line shots, …).

The strong eastern is between bevel 1 and bevel 8 (between bevel 1 and bevel 2 for lefties) This grip is often referred to the semi-western grip. Maybe during offseason. I can’t imagine one grip working across the board. I recommend the Eastern & Continental grip combination for a two-handed backhand.

If you sit in the Formula 1 car and step on the gas you’ll crash.

And especially on clay, for me, it's better to have a one-handed, but it was a difficult process. Hope it…, Hi Niko, I don’t know of a store selling Slinger Bag in Slovenia but follow the link below and you…. Eastern Forehand. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you’re not changing the grip with your non-dominant hand or you’re still struggling with finding the right grip, then I suggest you practice that at home. By the way…, Thank you Tomaz for you review. . I’d be interested in your feedback. Speaking on Eurosport the seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander commented on the Dominic Thiem's five-set win over Novak Djokovic. The continental grip is the most conservative backhand grip. On the 14, I was only -- I don't know -- 15 or something. And, I mean, I was prepared for that, so that was no problem. Thanks for another great lesson on grips .


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