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And Mr. G. and everybody else is asking, "Why are we spending all these resources, our time, our energy, our patience, our money, our space to try to make a way for you to be successful?"

So the next few months are crucial for her. LAWERANCE: You don't know nothing in my life.

Obviously, this scenario is not one that could be done for tons of kids.

It would be so much less expensive if we were less shortsighted and started saying, "What can we do with our public schools to truly make that investment now and really make more of our children successful?". RANA BOONE: The idea is that if we show them what is attainable and how to get it, then, hopefully, they'll stay in school and pursue those dreams.

BRANDI BREVARD: Have you thought about what happens if it's yes? It shows. I feel like a complete [expletive deleted]. How did the woman once heralded as "the next Steve Jobs" find herself facing criminal charges -- to which she pleaded not guilty -- and up to 20 years in jail? It took me, like, 100 and something days. Hey, I'm on my way!

I know I can help them. One of the things that I noticed when I started here at Sharpstown was that there were a lot of girls that were pregnant and/or that had kids. And he's a smart kid. I mean, really a lot of drama.

RANA BOONE: How many of you, have been able to find information about your college costs, tuition and fees, so far? MARCO: I can't believe it. That's fine. I got to work on school.

And I was, like, "Yes, Mom." We have continually reached out, provided, provided and provided for her to try to accommodate her needs. Go ahead and walk. Just because I'm in the Army, doesn't mean I'm going to change, so"— I guess it's my year now.

The classes I'm here, A's and B's. So this school and this district do not have to allow you to be on this campus. We’ll never sell your personal information. No excuses.

And if you can't do that, then you can't be here." MARCUS: Because sometimes I could be feeling like, "Forget all the other bull crap, I'm coming to school and doing my work every day. So they'll designate things like children that have left for home school, children that have left the country, children that have left for private school— which seem reasonable, right? He cares deeply about all kids. I just saw the sign that said Sharpstown High School. SPARKLE: I love school. You know, I brought every one of my grades up, came to school every day on time, basically following the plan. From Wondery, the makers of "Dirty John" and "The Shrink Next Door," and hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings, "Bunga Bunga" is an eight-part series on the incredible true story of the rise and fall of Silvio Berlusconi, told with Whitney's signature wit and style.Listen today at

And I want you to go to college.

And in the process of him getting handcuffed and going to the police office after the melee, Marcus was found to have marijuana on him. I don't know, Miss. BRANDI BREVARD: OK. And I'm disrespectful to you? And it's been controversial because we decided we would reconstitute the school and replace the principals, all the assistant principals. INTERVIEWER: But as far as the state of Texas is concerned, that kid's not a dropout. If that's the only thing you see, then I don't know that you'd get up and come to work the next day. They withdrew one day. BRANDI BREVARD: What happens if you are sent to CEP for three months? She called one night, like, at 10:00 o'clock and didn't have anywhere to stay. But it's, like, everybody around you, they know, too. Why? I want you to tell me what time you're going to be here. But it's hard, though. I can't say that I'm going to finish school because, really, football is my life, you know?

ROB GASPARELLO: Marco's no angel. NICK WILKINSON: Why do you want to drop out? INTERVIEWER: So you were never going to go to Mexico? Somewhere along the way, they've gotten lost and they have to catch up.

The fact that she smells very strongly of marijuana, I'm going to follow up with that. The kids are the reason we're here. If we sent Marcus to CEP, I'm 90 percent sure that would be the end for him. I feel like that's why I'm doing this, to make a difference. FEMALE CUSTOMER: Yes, can I get some of the spicy jerk turkey? And it's hard trying to become that. How did the woman once heralded as "the next Steve Jobs" find herself facing criminal charges -- to which she pleaded not guilty -- and up to 20 years in jail? And then you start to have the conversation over breakfast because they haven't eaten and then they say, "Well, I don't have a place to stay." The record-keeping part of it is— it really shouldn't be this difficult. How was your dad and your mom last night? It's all about money.

[on the phone] Hello? TEACHER: If you increase the pressure, what happens to the solubility of the gas?

I wanted to look at something a little different. Lawerance, you're telling me that—. Football is one of the most important to me.

Elizabeth Holmes on Theranos devices not working: 'I know that we made mistakes': 'The Dropout' episode 3 This is episode 3 of "The Dropout," a podcast about the fall of Theranos. But they just slow attritioned, and it happens— and I think it happens at every school.

He's been here early, checks in, like he's supposed to. And I'm hoping that— more than saying those things, he's got to want to do it, to make that change, because he wants something better. ROB GASPARELLO: And are you on track to do that? But there's so many things that just jump in the way of it, like these streets.

I mean, those numbers don't lie.

Somehow, they fell off being involved and learning in school. BRANDI BREVARD: Come here.

And so we started making a program called Apollo 20. I've been at school all day. INTERVIEWER: It's Friday. MARCUS: Give me one more chance just to come to school every day on time, you know, no trouble, you know, none of that. So I'm going to go get a pregnancy test, and she's going to come down and we're going to find out. How you going to do well?

Find Podcasts to Be a Guest On - and Learn Who’s Who Before You’re Booked. LAWERANCE: I'm not going to sit in your office. YOSEF WORKENH: That means her phone has disconnected since last night. And I'm very happy for him. BRANDI BREVARD: It's not even five minutes! And that's got to be understood, that you've got to reciprocate.

ROB GASPARELLO: Marcus says the right things. Due to budget cuts, the position had been eliminated the night before.]. But like I said, the window's closing and you have to open it back up. PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. I put, "I made it," and I actually put my name on it for when I throw it in the air. If kids are expelled or suspended, or when kids do something, CEP is where they go. You see the signs— erratic behavior. So for me, clearly, I'm thinking of a kid my first year of teaching who was a nightmare.

BREVARD: But he just said— you've got to calm down! SPARKLE: Oh. BRANDI BREVARD: As we start to write the goals for next week, the first one, what should it be?

I asked my brother, my older brother, because he's a dropout, and I asked him, "Are you going to come see me?" SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR: I am pleased to announce your 2012 prom king and queen!

We ought to be figuring out how to find the money in our budget. I want you to promise me that you'll come to school from now on. OK.

And you know, I hate to say it, but I felt like I really wasn't needed. She is.

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MARCO: I'm proud to be born in the U.S. My parents wasn't. I can't figure out all the stuff that she does with data. Deception. So when Daniela came, she supplied the private school that she was at—. Thirty-four were said to be going to other states, 18 going back to home country. ADMINISTRATOR: You will practice the way you perform for Sunday. SPARKLE: Probably. BRANDI BREVARD: Don't take today and make it the way your life is permanently. What's going to be the breaking point is his anger. I don't know if there's a typical week here.

It's just too much. It's like a big amusement park. I'm not going to school." OK, so do you want to withdraw? I want to graduate so I get my diploma. I think he just needed someone to provide a little bit more structure and get him there.

I might as well take it. Her name is Kianna Jenkins—. Yes. ROB GASPARELLO: Even if you play football, you got to deal with the rest of your life. I'm going to do my part. It doesn't seem like he's taking it seriously.

But I know I need to. She didn't deserve me going off on her like that. And you know, I got to take care of him, basically, when he drunk.


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