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In the second story of the fourth day, our story teller Pampinea is more inclined to delight rather than dispirit her audience. The word “faith” in reference to religion emphasizes the uncertain nature of religion. She cleverly throws a rock down the well. Monna Nonna, therefore, displays the woman who is not afraid to speak out upon being wronged, and in doing so avoids further embarrassment or abuse. In this story, justice is served, and the Friar is punished for his deception. In fact, her vanity and devotion provided her great motivation to believe the impossible idea that an angel had fallen for her. Even though the tales deal with a range, The theme of lying and deception reoccur frequently throughout Dante's, The Inferno and Boccaccio's, The Decameron. He does not tell his wife what has happened, dismissing the maid as the guilty one, and forcing his friend to remain silent. He is described as a “mighty blasphemer of god and his saints”, specifically “cheerfully assaulting or kill people with his own hands” and “losing his temper on the tiniest pretext” (71). Selfless acts like these are usually performed by women in most of Boccaccio’s stories. It is important to note, though, that his punishment, although administered by an “honest” man, was dependent upon deception. This story can be interpreted to give a countless number of lessons, and perhaps the true poetic justice for Boccaccio is that scholarly readers will spend hours trying to find them all.

She told him about…country sounds and country smells and of how fresh and clean everything in the country is. The countryside is the only place that can be perfect and the only place where humans can possibly hope to achieve perfection, because it is there that they can be with God’s creation and away from the negative influence of others. He first claims the instances of obscenity are slight and do not make the work immoral.

Though they often end with at least one lover’s death, those left behind who originally imposed the lovers’ separation are nearly always repentant and see the error of their ways in upholding a socially constructed code over God’s natural moral order. Two of the women Boccaccio portrays are Elissa and Pampinea. Boccaccio’s tales deal with themes such as adultery, love, premarital sex, devotion, trickery, and manipulation, among others. He spends his savings unsuccessfully courting her, until after he has given up and is living in the country, she seeks as a favor his beloved falcon for her ailing son.

Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron Essay 1817 Words 8 Pages Giovanni Boccaccio's the Decameron, written in the Early Renaissance, is a sharp social commentary that reflected the ideas and themes of the Renaissance and of Renaissance Humanism. Therefore, by doing this, women are able to turn the tide and act much in the same way that men were depicted in literature before “The Decameron.” Women are shown to be illustrious, aggressive, and empowered; their rebellious spirit stemming from the oppressive lives they previously lived or were expected to live. The cheating wife is undermining the power of the husband by using her wit to get achieve her desired outcome. But in the end, addressing morality is not the central issue of the work.

Roman husbands generally did greatly appreciate the institution of marriage and their wives. People were so excited about Saint Ciappelletto that “everyone thronged round the body”(80) at the church of the friar. A jealous husband disguises himself as a priest in order to hear his wife’s confessions and confirm his suspicions of adultery. It would be easy to dismiss these tales entirely from the historical record, but, even though they may be fiction, these tales were fabricated from the world that Boccaccio knew.

Yet this work is historically significant as a result of its brutal and unprecedented courage to show what was occurring behind the closed doors of medieval society. Elena also questions her lover in this style that Dante questions the sinners in hell while her companion (in Dante’s case, Virgil) keeps watch: “You keep quiet while I talk to him, and we’ll hear what he has to say.

Though Boccaccio appears to have made great strides in rejecting the dominant ideology and affirming transgressions of conventional love in favour of class equality, these affirmations ultimately serve only to benefit men.

Marylin Migiel argues in her book, A rhetoric of the Decameron, “It seems hardly coincidental that violence against women emerges when the very possibility of women’s empowerment does. June 27, 2019 by Essay Writer At the beginning of Boccaccio’s Decameron, both the male and female narrators hesitate to discuss the seemingly lewd topic of sexual relations.

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Historical Literary Context Giovanni Boccaccio wrote “The Decameron” following the Black Plague and essentially dedicated the book to women.

Most medieval authors cloaked their sexual references with euphemisms and double-entendres.

Lastly, this story fulfills the criteria created regarding a wealthy or powerful woman seeking to court a young, socially downcast male.

Vii 19)) Only away from the sins of other humans will Augustine be able to make any spiritual breakthrough. He says his work was not written seriously nor intended to be (ironically) part of scholarly study, rather “’twas to none but leisured ladies that I made proffer of my pains” (021).

During the marriage she is unaware of that his intention is to test her patience and devotion to the marriage. His main argument cites his masculine affinity for women, and declares that he wrote the book to delight the women who bring him happiness.

Shocked and ashamed, the two men ride away and do not bother her any further.

Though men obviously recognize the difficulty of remaining chaste in arranged marriages and have no intention of doing so themselves, the women are punished far more harshly, and their adultery is attributed to their sinful female nature rather than to the oppressive system. In light of this, the story ultimately, “like its heroine…fails to accomplish what it sets out to do. Though the audience is not meant to perceive the lady Lisetta in the most positive light, she is introduced as “frivolous and scatterbrained” (344), we also must remember that she is a religious woman.

So these stories are not only intended to be entertaining and humorous to the audience, but also to the nine others listening to the tale within the context of the work. Intro). This manipulation of the Church system indicates that Boccaccio views the Church as superficial and more importantly that reverence in the Church does not necessarily mean actual morality.

In both the thousand and one nights and the Decameron, women are seen as not worthy of much and are seen as being downgraded in many situations.

Rinieri’s lust for revenge overpowers his lust for Elena, and like the souls in the Inferno with the frozen tears, he “turns inward” and thus “increases [his] agony” (33.96). After the majority of the stories discuss illicit sex in Day III, only Dioneo is left, and since he was the one that began these sexual stories, he must take his one step further to show his leadership in the matter. He requests to tell his stories last to prove his aptitude as a storyteller. Ciappelletto’s trick quickly becomes clear as the friar believes his every word, praising “how nobly you have lived!” (74). Unlike him, she pays more attention to the negative effects this has on women in particular. -Nathanael West, Miss Lonelyhearts (1933).

She recognizes the double standard men and women have for defining honour and the problems this poses for women who transgress conventional morality in favour of Nature’s moral code.The men throughout the Heptameron who attempt to seduce female lovers see honour as simply an appearance of chastity. Gender disparities are very common in Boccaccio’s writing, but often times women are portrayed as selfless and fearless, caring not about consequence they may face from a man.

This turn towards humanism, and therefore secularism, became crucial in the history of literature and academics. Rather, one must believe regardless of shaky or nonexistent evidence. It is quite interesting that he states his work has no intellectual purpose and is only intended to be read by ladies to pass time.

The young lady, much like Ghismonda, explained that she would rather slay herself than be accused improperly, thus keeping her dignity.

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Gender is one of the main themes notable in The... read full [Essay Sample] for free Boccaccio’s portrayal of the outcome of courting a man outside of a specific social realm is often times morbid and blatantly obnoxious. With this in mind, it becomes clear why it is easy and common to lie by preying on religious beliefs. His wife berates him until his is reduced to guilt and shame. After a series of events, a man described exclusively as “honest” (351) tricks the Friar into walking through the town square on a leash covered in honey and feathers (352).

The Seventh tale of the Sixth day features Madonna Filippa, a wife who gets caught by her husband with a lover. Even though certain social norms and behaviors are portrayed in the thousand and one nights and the Decameron, there, Reaction paper: The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Yet this work... Giovanni Boccaccio’s medieval work of art The Decameron highlights both the righteous and sinful ways of humans, through the telling of short stories. This forces us to examine the specific stories for indications that Boccaccio did have a regard for not only morality but also had a purpose for his work other than a trivial pastime.


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