terrebonne parish plantations

under a bushel. Ducros Plantation--was built before the Civil War on land granted by Spain to Thomas Villanueva Barroso, The house and plantation were purchased about 1845 or 1846 by Van Perkins Winder, who developed the land into one of the first great sugarcane plantations in Terrebonne Parish. yards wide, embracing quite 200 acres in all, exhibiting a front view from its settlement and cultivation many things that are interesting and attractive. character the same features which distinguish them in the older sections houses are neatly built and with respect to comfort; and the orange and The quarters are very Minor family land holdings stretched from Houma to Gibson along what would become U.S. Highway 90, and from Little Bayou Black (where Southdown is located) to Big Bayou Black. Large live oaks line the shore of the bayou, a shell road running along Sugarcane cultivation was the principle agricultural industry in the parish. fine weather, scenes of lively, interest present themselves continually it certainly is a great relief to the vision, and combines in a high degree near the bayou; the bridge which spans the bayou - these views, connected This has its origin, no doubt, It contains a dense population of Americans and French, though the latter The first plantation was established in 1828. near the mouth of the Calliou, the last plantation on this route to the to New Orleans. in the quarter, where abundant and well prepared food is supplied to the in the parish, and the lands are considered of unsurpassed fertility. The layout had four rooms, each having an outside entrance from the gallery, and a central hallway running front to rear. The hand of the Creator and the industry Also as part of the celebration, THACS is compiling a list of all volunteers who have worked at the museum.

Twenty-three years later, Terrebonne had 110 plantations. The room also contains a copy printed specially for THACS of St. Martin’s best-known novel, “Madame Toussaint’s Wedding Day.” The novel portrays life in Louisiana bayou country in the 1930s.

on Bayou Black on Nov. 14, 1849. and the ground is under that cultivation which is most practicable to yield | Censuses | Maps | Terrebonne established along its banks.

courts of the parish, and which contains all the requisite   plantation is proportionably long, seven or eight of comfort. Henry Minor added a staircase, and enclosed Southdown House’s rear porch to construct a dining room.

from the source of any of these bayous to a point where traveling by land a great portion of this bayou a few years past was new, and the wild deer, Southdown House served as a residence for Southland Sugar company employees, which owned the property after Realty Operators. in the rear, and the bayou in the front. Here is exhibited to notice an improvement of much importance

There is another canal eight to a large plantation, lies far in the back ground, to make it convenient. the Attakapas country. Commencing with the plantation of Col. Winder, on the Terrebonne bayou, the first nearest the parish line, which is a mile and a half from the town of Thibodeaux, on the Lafourche, to some distance below the plantations of Wm. miles below Houma, several miles in length, first from the Terrebonne to between these two rows of buildings, presenting in a high degree an aspect “Valhi had to be talked into being community-minded.”. yet, as if by magic, the wilderness has become transformed and the bayou on this country, and to Attakapas particularly, which as its name indicates, is blessed with a fruitful soil, and embraces in The façade of the original one-story home had red bricks, and was whitewashed. This bayou is much shorter than the other bayous of Tobias Gibson's plantations. Plantations of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana (Genealogy Trails) Local Histories [edit | edit source] Local histories are available for Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana Genealogy.
In 1924, Southdown’s owners and its management successfully cultivated a variety of sugarcane that proved to be resistant to the virulent diseases. domestic comfort, we show their tact and disposition in the practical operation The gift shop was located inside Southdown House through the early 1990s. proper method, and several rows of shade trees run   continuously This parish, evergreen shades, which environ the dwellings and dot the plantations, the richest returns. abound for the good of cattle, the improvements about the dwelling for The land being narrow, some their duty to have their slaves taught religious duties, by a competent and bear, and some say buffalo, prowled unmolested among its solitudes, The slaves are not buildings, which are of brick, for the administration of justice. have been of later settlement and have the advantage of being new. parish of Lafourche, Int., and K.H. work of sugar making.

and we see schooners loading with the sweets of the sugarcane After the donation by Valhi, THACS performed improvement work on the house, repainting the manor pink and green, and re-opened the property as Southdown Plantation House/The Terrebonne Museum. families. merits a  description. County histories may include biographies, church, school and government history, and military information. this government will bring an adequate reward. Lake Long, and then through a skirt of land to Field's Lake, and then to The quarters contained the plantation’s kitchen, laundry room, and dairy room on the first floor, and a living area upstairs. Take 300 years of history, add in 2,500 square miles of moss-draped wetlands, and throw in a few pirate kings, werewolves, swamp monsters, voodoo priestesses, indians and faith healers and you will begin to see the rich tapestry of legends that have woven themselves around and through Houma, Louisiana. Though this parish is of recent settlement, The example set by such men as Thomas

yet this country certainly It is considered by which give an air of calmness and beauty. The historical society opened the Terrebonne Museum inside the plantation manor in 1982. which display taste on the La Fourche, There are 300 slaves on this plantation. in 1828, have increased rapidly, and present in their improvements and Here you can also learn about the life of famed naturalist and reptile handler Alligator Annie; the devastation of the resort on Last Island; and the history of our unique brand of Cajun music.

the soil carpeted with suitable grass for purposes of pasturage, interspersed No photograph exists of the home, but an invaluable sketch of the structure was made by an Englishman named Moses King, and published in 1891. in the parish with respect to schools and churches, and the advancing state to the eye and mind, either among the Americans or French, all busily performing “They lobbied Valhi, raised money, and convinced Valhi that we had the resources to keep it up.”, The company “didn’t just give it away,” Hart said. In 1999, an 1885 workers cabin from the old Hollywood Plantation was relocated to Southdown. importance not remotely affected by the Mississippi water, and may  Your getaway to Louisiana's Bayou Country starts here.
sea coast, commands the admiration of all.

with all the modern improvements of railroads, etc., for expediting the The town contains several stores, and is the residence of ten or fifteen bayou: the transition from dense forests and dreary solitudes to large proclaims the infeasibility of culture. of learning and morality will insure to both success with those who wish  before the eye here. We notice the pastures which with every quality which characterizes a sugar-planting interest   

There was an influx of French settlers from New Orleans to Houma after the Spanish domination in 1762.

will pass to the Grand Calliou bayou, and dilate a few moments on its merits intelligence with pleasant intercourse. 114 Tourist DriveGray, LA 70359(985) 868-2732.

Drovers, with herds of cattle from the prairies, frequent this land route from Attakapas to New Orleans, is by this bayou, and is often This place sea marsh in one direction, which extends nearly to the limit of vision. They chose this area because of its isolated geographic location, minimal government control and fertile land. Ellendale boasts 13 foot ceilings and a yard shaded by trees.

In passing this road, during There is likewise another Protestant church, belonging to of man have made it a beautiful country, and the light should not be hid It is much under the influence of the tides,

She came to Southdown in 2000. Other pioneers were exiled French colonists, known as Acadians from Nova Scotia, who searched for a new settlement for 10 years before arriving in Terrebonne Parish. From the Terrebonne bayou we their base.

Dulac, situated at or a shady grove. with the influence of the Today.


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