terrebonne parish city marshal

Eric J. Duplantis 1990-1997  All of these oaths were for Assistant City Marshal.

Mr. Boudreaux served 15 years until his death in November 1987. It is mandated by State Statute that every city court shall have a Marshal. George Leslie Broussard 1953-1954 I worked for the Houma Police as a beat cop and I …

Webmasters.com - Reliable Solutions Since 1994. The drop in the number of crimes was probably due to the start of World War II, when many men were drafted into the service and those who stayed behind were busy with their daily routine as well as patriotic and charitable obligations. I have had experience in managing funds in every organization I ever belonged to and have never been accused of any misrepresentation. 232-7019, vcallahan926@hotmail.com. It is supposed that the Chief of Police of the city of Houma assumed the position of City Marshal and these men were his Deputy Marshals. He served until his death in 1960. Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government provides complete local government services. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google

Jude T. Fanguy 1979-2014, Matthew Hill Hagen 2015-present Ephraim A. Aitkens 1936-1939

I worked for the Houma Police as a beat cop and I retired from the force as the Chief of Police. LAST VERIFIED:-- Phone: UNVERIFIED Payment Method: UNVERIFIED. Houma, LA 70360-5650Map (985) 873-6371. City Court was not officially founded until 1916, but there are minutes and a document signed by E. A. Aitkens, City Judge as early as 1913. In one month during1941, 98 cases were heard by City Court, that number dropped by 45 to 53 in the comparable month of 1942. Upon Carl Kimble's retirement, Brian LeBlanc was elected City Marshal. Previous public offices (appointed or elected) and years served: City Marshal (2015-2020). Orville Callahan was elected City Marshal in 2014. Some names appeared more than one time for violating the oyster laws and others were charged with violating the dipping ordinance. Current occupation and employer: City Marshal, Terrebonne Parish.

Charles Amedee Celestin, the former Clerk of Court, was the first man elected to the office of City Judge.

Cooks received 50 percent of the vote while Lirette received 26 percent.

Current occupation and employer: Security Office, Chabert Medical Center. Together, we have five children and six grandchildren. Terrebonne Parish Courts City Marshalls Offic specializes in Courts.

Work history: I have worked in Law Enforcement my entire life. Candidate Total Votes % Votes; David "D.L." I began in Uniform Patrol in 1978 and was promoted as Shift Lieutenant.

Charles Amedee Celestin, Jr. 1919-1920

"My 32 years with the sheriff's office provided me with a very diversified range of experience, having worked in patrol, corrections, narcotics, investigations, arson investigations, human resources, and internal affairs.".

With 33 years in law enforcement, I have been through many trainings and schools conducted to enhance my professional abilities as well as work through societal and political attempts to law enforcement.

How can voters contact you? No other candidate has a fraction of the training and experience I have acquired over those 33 years. Previous public offices (appointed or elected) and years served: Member of Fire District Board, 1 year; Member of Consolidated Water District Board, 12 years; Previous attempts at public office (office sought and year election was held): Justice of the Peace, 2008; Terrebonne City Marshal, 2014; Education (list school, year graduated and degrees, if any): 1977 graduate of H.L. Louisiana allows for the formation of a City Court when the population of the city reaches 5,000. Vote Pijor for Terrebonne Parish City Marshal He served for 3 years, from 1939 to 1942. Webmasters.com - Reliable Solutions Since 1994.

1. Houma Fire Department The Houma Fire Department operates within the city limits but will go outside the city limits as a secondary response when requested. See live election results for Terrebonne Parish on November 3, 2020 from Houma Today. In the execution there of, and in making arrest and preserving the peace, he has the same powers and authority as a sheriff. 122 Roussell St. Houma, LA 70360-4492Map (985) 868-8914. Callahan, who became a patrol officer with the Houma Police Department in 1974 and rose through the ranks to become police chief from 1998 to 2001, said his experience sets him apart.

Edgar J. Caillouet 1936-1953 Both rededication propositions failed in Terrebonne Parish.

Edgar H. Caillouet was elected to the office in 1924.

The Parish President and Terrebonne Parish Council appointed his widow to serve until March 1988, when a special election was called. I am a resident of Terrebonne Parish and am married to Monique Pijor. If this data is unavailable or inaccurate and you own or represent this business, TERREBONNE PARISH COURTS CITY MARSHALLS OFFIC. How can voters contact you?

Supervising, leading and working with a group of security professionals, who maintain that professionalism and courtesy in their work, not only providing security and assistance for Hospital staff and patients, but also for clinic patients, outpatients, visitors and vendors.

VERIFIED Status: UNVERIFIED. Select from over 115 networks below to view available data about this business. His widow, Mrs. Edgar J. Caillouet, was appointed to fill his unexpired term. Former chief of the Houma Police Department, Republican Orville Callahan, is the incumbent who will face Republican Herbert Fitch, Democrat David Mosely and Republican Randy Pijor Tuesday. Sometime prior to the 1936 election the terms of office for City Judge and City Marshal were changed from a four-year term to a six-year term.

The Marshal is the executive officer of the court and shall execute the orders and mandates of the court. In an April runoff election, Carl E. Kimble was elected to the office.

Mosely- … Upon Carl Kimble's retirement, Brian LeBlanc was elected City Marshal. When the city of Houma grew until the population reached 5,000, a City Court was officially recognized. The monies in the Marshal's fund are received from fees charged by the Marshal (set by state statute) for the serving of civil papers, commissions from seizures and Marshal's sales of property, court costs in criminal matters as set by the court and from the general fund for the operation and maintenance of the City Marshal's Office. Parishwide Proposition No. Get Directions. city marshalls in Terrebonne Parish, LA | 24 results Sort: Best Match; A to Z; Rating; Distance 1; 2 » City Marshal's Office. in 50 words or less, what special skills, schooling or experiences best qualify you for this elective office? Eugene V. Routier was appointed by Governor Leche to fill the vacancy left by the death of “Ephie” A. Aitkens. He was later transferred to New Orleans by U.S. Sheriff’s Office and the United States Marshals Service.

Douglas Holloway 2003-present.

Mosely, a former Lafourche and Terrebonne sheriff’s deputy, is a lifelong resident of Terrebonne and currently works as a self-employed contractor in Houma. He was generally known as the "Little Judge" and served from January 1, 1943 until December 31, 1978. My supervisory experience, being able not only to delegate authority, but to lead from the front, handling situations as they may arise.

In 50 words or less, what special skills, schooling or experiences best qualify you for this elective office? He was the first attorney elected Judge of City Court of Houma. E. A. Aitkens was the first City Judge elected to a six-year term.

The third candidate, Chet Caillouet, received 24 percent of the vote.

It is my desire to modernize and streamline the department’s functions through establishing better relationships with both law enforcement agencies and the judicial system, and improving upon, and creating, meaningful policies and procedures. by Drew Miller .

Our webmaster is Webmasters.com - Reliable Solutions Since 1994! If you are seeking Accountability and Positive Change, please vote Pijor for City Marshal. Send Email City marshalls. My 32 years of on-the-job training, with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriffs’ Office, my ability to work with people, treating everyone fairly.


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