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Your starter kit with roof system arrives ready to be installed on your foundation. Privacy Policy.

Add Your Sunroom on a South Facing Elevation to Make the Most of the Sun You'll be delighted at how easy it is to build your own sunroom with our kits. This includes the conservatory Kit to Scotland and all counties. Whilst maintaining the looks and the appeal of the Victorian conservatory it also gives the practicality of a lean to. Although its style is similar, gulling conservatories have a cropped front corner on both sides. ; Drawings show the patio door on the left wall but you can place your patio or storm door on any wall. When considering a conservatory for a bungalow most people immediately think of a lean to design. Copyright ©2017 by DIY Conservatory Kits. This classic design gives you all the benefits of a panoramic view on the front of the Victorian conservatory whilst the roof hips back towards the house. It was developed for the side panel and door glass of a conservatory. The advantage that it has over K glass when used in the roof of a conservatory is that it has an easy clean coating that lets the dirt just slide off, similar in a way to a non-stick frying pan. Exterior siding and shingles should be purchased locally to match your existing home. Site against house wall or over existing door/French windows on a level base of your choice. Once inside this style of Victorian design you can see how the four roof panels interlock with the box gutter allowing you to project onto height restricted buildings.

We can also do this with a lean to conservatory and a hipped back Victorian style conservatory.

If a contemporary design is what you are looking for, this is the style for you. You'll be delighted at how easy it is to build your own sunroom with our kits. Our kits take the guesswork out of building your own sunroom while saving you much of the labor cost! The Edwardian is one of the most popular styles available on the market. Our delivery paperwork is clear and concise and you are not expected to unload any of the conservatory.

Our lock together assembly process requires no screws or drilling, and all of the panels come pre-glazed. The Sunroom features a hinged lockable door which can be fitted to the front, or on either side. When it comes to Self-Build conservatories, we never compromise on quality. Send a sketch to [email protected], call us at (800) 668-6430 or fill out our contact form. All we expect is that you have cleared a space for the driver and his mate to place your building and are available to check off the number of packs. DIY Conservatory Kits Building Your Own Conservatory has Never Been Easier. If you want to be selfish and keep those bills as low as possible this is eco way to do it. Sunroom Living: Sunrooms & DIY Kits 1-800-833-2300.

Your kit will include all top quality components, as well as pre-assembled sections. With its clever roof design the P shaped offers the best of both worlds. These look especially good on the front of barn conversions as the entrance foyer.

Our lock together assembly process requires no screws or drilling, and all of the panels come pre-glazed. Questions? This is the classic looking conservatory adding style and value to any home. This is the most popular of all of the conservatory Kit. This gives it a sleeker looking footprint design that quite often fits into spaces that have an obstacle or are an uneven shape, but you don't want to lose the projection. All we need are a few simple measurements and then we can instantly design your roof to fit onto the barge board and for the frames to go under the soffit. Roofing materials will be need to purchased separately. Your complete room arrives ready to be installed on your foundation. Click here to find out how the savings are calculated ». Edwardian Conservatory or Georgian Conservatory, Conservatories for Bungalows or hipped back conservatory with a box gutter, Gable Front conservatory or Pavilion Conservatory. The P shape designs are often overlooked as they look a lot more expensive than they truly are.

Whether you are a DIY savvy homeowner or just a sensible person that has by now realised that you can project manage your own build very easily and save a small fortune. With clever double door positioning you can ensure that you get the best use of space within your design to make sure that walk ways do not cause corridors in your building blocking the position of furniture. This design lends itself nicely to go on to the back of most two storey houses sometimes with a full height wall on one side or both sides to make sure that you are not looking at your neighbours fence.

It is a big favourite with the traditional builder as it is highly practical and versatile in height restricted situations. Our Self build conservatory Kit are easy to assemble using Konnect Technology and are manufactured with top quality materials making them built to last.

It has the same non-stick easy clean surface as Celsius one but not the reflective properties of the roof glass so you can see into the conservatory. Exterior siding and shingles should be purchased locally to match your existing home. When most people see an ad for conservatories with a '50% Off Sale' they just assume its a marketing tactic with an over-inflated RRP to make it look like there is a massive sale on, however we pride ourselves on really being able to save our customers 75% off the cost of their conservatory build compared to leading national installer's prices. Very similar to the Edwardian or Georgian due to its square or rectangular footprint, the Gable front conservatory is a stylish addition to any home. Firstly with its lean to style roof and hipped ends it is sometimes mistakenly called a hipped lean to. With 10 designs incorporating numerous colour options you can design your own bespoke conservatory making it perfect for your home. With its large shaped frame on the front and its cathedral like interior a real sense of space can be created very quickly with this design. We offer a combination of an Economy self build conservatory kit, a Standard self build conservatory kit as well as made to measure self build conservatories which will meet your requirements. The hipped backed Edwardian style offers the height of an Edwardian conservatory whilst still allowing the roof to slant back towards the bungalow. Wood beams plus all the hardware and fixtures to attach them to the wall and foundation, Insulated glass panels and glazing system, Side walls - prebuilt in easy assembled sections, Roof system - includes 2x6 tongue and groove and insulation.

We take care of … This allows the rain to run from your bungalow roof and into to a joint structural box gutter and away. Great for single storey buildings such as out-houses or garages, the Victorian double hipped mixes classic design with flexibility and practicality. Enter your email address to download our free conservatory Kit Survey Guide: Finally got my conservatory built see attached picture.

Our kits take the guesswork out of building your own sunroom while saving you much of the labor cost!

This style gives a multitude of advantages in different situations. With a long ridge and a spoke roof, this design fits well into most surroundings without looking out of place. This sunroom from Totali Timber features a knee-wall brick design, with the bricks matched to the existing house (Image credit: Totali Timber) Pre-fab Sunrooms.

Unlike some of our competitors in the market, we only sell conservatory kit using the best quality materials available and never cut any corners such as not glazing our frames that risks you breaking expensive glass when putting up the structure. Easy To Assemble Self Build Conservatories Kit. Our conservatory kits are the most comprehensive diy conservatory on the market. You can then finish your room  to your personal tastes with standard materials and components from your local home-improvement store. Our sunroom packages are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. I got a little help but still saved a fortune! Sometimes called a sun lounge, the leanto can be a great dining room. Celsius glass is another high specification glass similar to Celsius one. Our buildings are durable and come in a variety of stylish designs at a price to suit almost any budget. All sunroom kits are custom made. This type of low emission glass allows the sun's warming rays to pass through whilst reflecting any radiant heat back into the room from radiators etc. Side walls will be need to be constructed. Whether you are looking for an Edwardian, Victorian or Lean To  Conservatory we have the complete package to enhance your home.

All instructions and architectural drawings are provided. Our delivery policy means that we can deliver to the United Kingdom mainland for free. It also has the best U value of any performance glass on the market. The conservatory just fitted together beautifully, no missing or damaged parts, as I said earlier fantastic product backed up with brilliant support.Cheers. This maybe down to price but is also down to the ease and speed of construction. With clean lines and simple design, a great living space is easy to create. Or if you prefer you can collect and load at your own discretion. Each vehicle has two men in the cab so if you are out at work or your builder is not available you can still take delivery of conservatory. This style looks its best on taller buildings. Building my own conservatory was so much easier than I expected. Why not create your own online quotation and start saving now. With its three bay front designs, great panoramic views can be enjoyed from every aspect.


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